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Biden Does a Puppy Right

Written by PETA | December 20, 2008

We recently reported that Vice President-elect Joe Biden and his wife bought a dog from a breeder instead of adopting one from an animal shelter. Fortunately, the moaning was loud enough for the Bidens to get the message, and our VP-elect says that he’s getting a second dog, this one from an animal shelter.

PETA is sending the Biden pups free certificates to our Simon Cowell-decked mobile “Spay and Neuter Immediately, Please” (SNIP) clinic.

PETA is sending Biden and his pups praise and presents in honor of this good news. We’re delivering a basket containing soy pig ears; spay certificates, including free transportation to PETA’s own mobile spay-and-neuter clinic; plastic popsicle pull toys; coupons that he can give the pup that are good for tummy rubs and long walks; and maybe even doggie beer. PETA is also promising to send a $500 gift bag of supplies and treats to the animal shelter that helps the Bidens save a homeless pooch.

PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk said the following about this good news: “Thanks go out to VP-elect Biden for raising the issue of the companion animal overpopulation crisis in this country, which is as bleak as our economy. Animal homelessness also requires urgent attention by cutting animal breeders off at the pass and bailing out animal shelters.”

Written by Joel Bartlett

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  • Ed says:

    If Biden wants a purebred dog he should be able to buy it if he can afford to. The only thing he should be expected to do is be a caring responsible lifelong owner to the dog no matter where it came from.

  • melanie says:

    ” Enough is enough!! People are allowed to get a dog from a breeder. I have 2 German Shepherd’s from the same breeder. Our dogs have had NO health problems. Our female is 8 and our other is a male age 3. Both beautiful strong healthy dogs. I wouldn’t go anywhere else to get a dog. She is a wonderful breeder. The place was great the other Shepherds there were just beautiful!! I have always owned Shepherds…The 2 we have now from this breeder are excellent family dogs. Our son is 14 our daughter is 8..the dogs are super with them. I could not ask for anything better. I would not have it any other way. Excellent Breeding in my eyes! Will not go anywhere else…next time I want a family dog I am going right back to this breeder for my German Shepherd’s.

  • AG says:

    biden won’t be going anywhere near the peta spayneuter truck. that would be political suicide.

  • lynda downie says:

    I’ve no doubt Biden felt the pressure to do the right thing. But at least he will give a shelter dog a home and hopefully influence others to adopt. Thanks Peta for your work in this and for acknowledging his decision.

  • Christine says:

    I have to agree with KD that it really isn’t necessary to give rich folks free stuff though I also agree with KD that PETA is just trying to reward good behavior of the prodigal son. Still my sweetheart neighbor has saved so many animals spends her little money on spaying animals that others don’tshe is one of many unsung heroes and heroines for animals.

  • Tom says:

    That’s how PETA rolls Deep. Shelter dogs and cats at their side showing every day folk what is up and telling even the new vice president that they WON’T be ignored. Go PETA!

  • Theresa McKinley says:

    Mr. Biden too little too late. You were well aware of the controversy surrounding Mr. Obama’s choice for a pet for his children yet you went ahead and did exactly what you wanted with no thought for the animals in shelters. I’m sure that you are not ignorant of the facts therefore I believe you are just ignorant! How will you be positive towards peoples problems when you couldn’t even choose a pound puppy. I’m sure somewhere in the U.S. you could have found one to your liking.

  • KD says:

    It’s nice to see that Biden will adopt a second dog but I have a problem with PETA giving away the goodies to someone who can obviously afford puppy starters themselves. So many want to adopt a dog but lack the funds to totally spoil a new addition. Maybe the basket could be donated to an animal rescue group. The people who foster animals rarely have enough money after paying to vet the animals and feed them to provide such yummy treats as soy ears. The basket would do more good that way then to give it to the Bidens. They can afford to buy a dog then they can afford to pay for all the goodies that the puppy can have. Please don’t misunderstand me I know that PETA is rewarding “acceptable” behavior by giving the Bidens a basket for the adopted puppy. It just seems wasted on people who can afford things when the money and gifts could be used for those who can’t.

  • Susan says:

    Not that my comments ever show up but I am glad the Biden turned things around and saved a puppy’s life! It is great to know he is listening.

  • Niranjan says:

    Way to go PETA YOU ROCK!

  • Amber Falobas says:

    Thank you Mr. Biden!! Even though I don’t like you I want to thank you for changing a shelter pet. SemiConservative Republican

  • Kelley says:

    He was on This Week with George Stephanopoulis this morning talking about his past shelter dogs and mentioned he has a shelter cat. Nice try on the backpeddling Joe but you still totally screwed up.

  • David says:

    It’s a good start but let’s see what the next four years holds….

  • Honest Abe says:

    You can clearly see that it’s only a political manuver. The only reason he got another dog was because enough people complained that he possibly felt it would hurt him politically. Why support him for “getting it right” the second time? He’s just another politician they’re only in it for themselves.

  • Susan Pew says:

    Yes I was very disappointed to see Joe Biden buy a puppy when he could have adopted the same kind of dog from a shelter or rescue group. Thanks for putting the word out there about puppymills we have a long way to go!

  • Elinor says:

    Shame on Joe. I voted for his ticket because I felt he would be good for humans. I assumed he would be good to animals too.

  • Michael Essi says:

    Whew! I am so glad to hear this news! I was very worried that we would next hear that the Obamas changed their tune. Although I have two dogs that I bought from breeders eight years ago I have vowed to never support breeders ever again. I have encouraged so many people to choose a shelter dog over dog from a breeder or pet store. This is especially important in our economic crisis because shelters are being overwhelmed with people who are leaving their dogs behind when their homes are foreclosed upon. Their is no natural disaster economic crisis or any other thing that would ever cause me to leave my dogs behind. That notion is incomprehensible to me.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Biden is a great person who loves children and animals. However Kucinich is still the only animal loving vegan in our Nation’s capital.