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Beyonce Answers Abandonment Rumors

Written by PETA | January 16, 2009
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When we got calls about rumors that Beyoncé supposedly abandoned her dog Munchie at the offices of her record company, we suspected that the rumor mill wasn’t quite getting the story straight. So, we contacted Beyoncé’s people.

We’ve had an up and down relationship with the Dreamgirl over her past fur-wearing, but lately it’s been on the ups, as she hasn’t been seen in fur the past two winters. Today, we were happy to learn from Beyoncé’s rep that—as we expected—the Munchie tale is far from the truth and that the dog hasn’t even been to the record company’s offices in months.

The rep calls Munchie a pampered pooch whom everyone adores and says that Beyoncé and her cousin (the pup’s main caretaker) are still crazy in love with him. Because they travel quite a bit, Munchie is usually left with family or friends—never at the record company.

We are glad to hear that Beyoncé isn’t leaving her “baby boy” behind, and we’re certainly happy to hear that Munchie is “irreplaceable” to his guardians.

Written by Lianne Turner

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  • angel says:

    i love you beyonce and u look beautiful in everything u wear…..Keep up the work

  • megan says:

    beyonce’ is beautiful fur makes her look ugly. keep it off girl and help us out!

  • LOL says:

    Of course her rep is going to deny these rumors!! Now all of a sudden the pooch is pampered!!! “investigation” what investigation?

  • Elysa says:

    And people wonder why PETA gets such a bad rap. To “Beyonce is a hoe” and “Biotchonce” have some class. She’s made progress and you don’t know her to judge her. If you want people to be interested in PETA and contribute to the cause you can’t be rude and horrible for no reason.

  • Shannon says:

    Someone needs to get on Kim Kardashian now. I have seen her in fur several times. Her boyfriend is antifur.

  • Biotchonce says:

    Biotchonce might not be WEARING the fur of helpless animals but the MENTALITY hasn’t changed. It’s only a matter of time isn’t it BIOTCH.

  • Beyonce is a hoe says:

    Beyonce is a hoe and my parrot can sing better than her.

  • ciara says:

    Good job beyonce! Please don’t wear anymore fur coats and to anyone who wears fur coats BOOOO!

  • kelly says:

    Please have a kind heart Beyonce and keep fur out of your life You are way too beautiful to have that ugly stuff around you