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Dog Theft Crime Wave

Written by PETA | August 18, 2011

Dogs are disappearing from people’s yards and cars, and dognappers are likely to blame. Reports of abductions are up a whopping 32 percent from last year. People sometimes kidnap animals in order to collect reward money or, worse, to use them in dogfights, to sell them to laboratories for experiments, or even to torture and kill them for pleasure or in rituals. We’ve seen and heard it all.

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We can make sure dognappers never have a chance to get their hands on our dogs and cats by never letting them out of our sight when they are outdoors, even for a minute. This will also ensure that they’re safe from other hazards that lurk outdoors, such as traffic, poison, cruel people, aggressive animals, and more.

It’s also critical to make sure that your animal companions can be identified easily, in case they should become lost. Have them microchipped and ensure that they wear collars with up-to-date identification tags bearing your cell phone number, just in case.

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post

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    Someone needs to post this to Craigs List Lost & found so people are aware of what can happen.

  • Aimee says:

    This has become an epidemic in the city my family is from.In the area of town I live in someone is taking cats out of their yards there are lost posters everywhere it’s soo sad. Mine are not allowed outside unattened or off leash!

  • Claudine Erlandson says:

    Responsible parents know where their kids are at all times! Thank you PETA, you are the best!

  • Caelia27 says:

    THANK YOU! I have been telling people all the time that your dog is like your child. You keep an eye on them at all times!