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11 of the Very Best ‘People Shaming’

Written by Michelle Kretzer | September 10, 2012

Dogs give us all their love and affection, but what are some people giving them in return? Dog shaming. Dogs don’t deserve that, but we can’t say the same for some guardians:












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  • BexAdcox says:

    These actually brought tears to my eyes because it implies that people are learning to be better to their animal companions and that behaviors that were once standard are being recognized as substandard. It’s a cute way to express the regret for former behavior while celebrating the upgrades! And some are hilarious: “I let the biscuit jar run out,” and “I made him wear cute outfits.” There’s no abuse happening, here! These are beloved pets.

  • Amy says:

    Im not a dog owner, but reading all these made me think about my first cat. I used to spank him when he bit me instead of understanding what he was really trying to say to me with those bites! I know better now with my current cat. I have never and will never raise my hand to my dear cat. I understand what boundaries not to cross and what those bites mean if I do.

  • Tyler Tucker says:

    lol to hungover

  • Chellc11 says:

    My huskies actually love their crates, they will go in them and lay down even when they don’t need to be in there, it’s “den” mentality, they feel safe. When I leave them out of their crates if I go somewhere it makes them nervous. Knowing my dogs, I think a crate can be an okay thing. If your dog absolutely and obviously hates it then yes, then it should be looked at as negatively impacting your dog. Not mine though, they love theirs.

  • G says:

    These things wouldn’t have happened initially if the dogs had been loved – too sad to be funny 🙁

  • Meghan says:

    I think this is really great. The dog shaming is meant to be funny. This is funny as well, but I think in a much more positive way. Some people seem to forget the role they play in their animal’s behavior.

  • Ana says:

    I agree with DogLover. I mean, the lady who kept the dog in a crate all day broke my heart, but I didn’t know dog treats were a requirement in order to be a good pet owner. I don’t even have a “biscuit jar” because I hardly ever give my pets treats (it tends to upset their digestion) so I must be ultra-cruel? You can’t always take your pets with you where ever you go. I hope no one changes their minds about adopting a homeless pet because of these. Pet need love, not perfection.

  • ambrande says:

    these pics arent serious…i looked at them as a satire to the “bad dog ” pics….lighten up people

  • Bonnae says:

    I love these people 🙂 and their critters 🙂

  • Dog Lover says:

    There are so many pets that don’t have homes. Don’t make the requirements for being a good owner unatainable. Many vets, myself included, advocate crate training. Running out of cookies isn’t a crime – to humans or dogs. After the 720th time my dog stops to pee on a walk, i give her a tug. I love animals, but according to your standards, I am cruel. This is silly.

  • rsnoots33 says:

    really… i’m sorry but the people actually abusing their dogs are not posting things on peta

  • Phil K says:

    This is much better than people just saying how good they treat their animals, need more change.

  • aisling says:

    i admire them so much for admitting they did something wrong and changing their ways (more importantly….the dogs were cute:)

  • andrew says:

    the hung over one cracked me up. but seriously dogs are so freaking awesome

  • Abraham says:

    Malditos bastardos

  • Dea says:

    I’m glad a “people” version was done. I’ve seen the dog shaming site, some are funny but a lot of them are nasty and mean. A lot of those owners don’t seem to understand that dogs don’t magically train themselves and they don’t speak English so if there’s certain behavior you don’t want your dog doing, you need to train them not to do it.

  • FrancesBean says:

    The biscuit one was BS. People who over-feed their pets with treats are the real abusers. My sister works with animals and she sees dogs and cats die everyday who were overfed and paid the price. I call shenangians.

  • Manel says:

    All of you people have done some mistakes in the past. However now you all realized that it should not have happened that way and telling others as well NOT to do the same. This is great. You all deserve compliments in that respect and from now on the bond between you and your loving pet must be focused on due respect to one another. Show the love towards the one who loves you “UNCONDITIONALLY” I am pretty sure all these PETS will forgive youall for your mistakes what you all have done to hurt their feelings in the past.

  • chander kumar soni says:


  • Ria Cohen says:

    I am so pleased to see these people have changed their ways Our animals deserve love, respect and a great quality of life.

  • Huai Bao says:

    I have never, ever done any of these things to my dear toy poodle Bow Bow.

  • Liz says:

    Bravo to all of the people in the photos who were brave enough to admit to their mistakes publicly in the hopes of educating others. It takes a lot of courage to do that and to change your behavior. There are all things that we can do better.

  • ldrboyle says:

    Glad to hear you have changed in making things better for your loyal friend.Animals don’t deserve to be neglected.They are a responsibilty as long as they alive. Please don’t betray your best friend!

  • Kate says:

    I had years when I was a mess. Something happened which I will not go into but it was bad. I used to leave my dogs for too long and did not pay enough attention to them and ignored their needs, one in particular as he was with me longer). I can not tell you how bad it makes me feel even tough it was over 20 years ago. I wasn’t that way on purpose and did care about them but I was going through too much. I did not search for either dog, they came to me. I did not beat them, I was negligent though. I became like a convert, doing all i could.can for my dogs. They go in the car, walk in different places, have many beds and treats to name of few ways they live. I should have such a life. I am not proud of I am and it brings tears to my eyes knowing how I was. Sadly sometimes people do not realize that the healing they need is right in front of them in the form of a dog, cat, bird, or some other being who is thankfully not human.

  • judith tuck says:

    Unfortunately, these are too true to be funny. Thanks

  • Lisa says:

    These people are npt bad people. They are good people who got lazy or who were irresponsible. Bad people are Michael Vick people of the world. Let’s concentrate on those monsters. Get off of your high horse “Doglover”. There is no such thing as a perfect pet owner. Even you, YES YOU, have done something to your dogs that you shouldn’t have or have not taken him or her on a walk when you should have. Shame on you for not taking responsibility. You must be GOD.

  • Jacinte says:

    is it just me or what, but once again there is more woman that are feeling guilty, would any one encourage me and tell me that just as many man are taking action for the well being of animal.

  • laurakozin says:

    ‘Dog Shaming” is just a fun thing for people who love their pets. Some days it seems like outdoing each other for silliest behavior of the day! But a lot of these “People Shaming” things are seriously wrong. Clapping loud or flicking a towel at a cat for meowing?!?! That person had problems … that poor cat!

  • Carina says:

    Good for all of you who changed! You make the world a little bit better <3

  • Doglover says:

    I would never do any of these things to my dog. I always think ahead and make sure my dogs needs are met. If I’m going for a long hard hike, he’s only 5lbs and too tiny for the 2 hour hikes i go on,I drop him off at my mom’s so he can run around in her huge yard and play with my mom’s dogs. He gets lots of love and attention while he’s there too. I hate leaving him all alone at home. I love my dog so much, could never treat him badly. He’s my baby. 🙂

  • Hanni says:

    Responsibility <3 Share THE Message!

  • Enya says:

    @Jasmine My Dog is not going out when it rains 😀 Hes scard of rain as hell! 😀 I would go out while its raining but he refuses to go with me 😀

  • Veronica says:

    People shaming: I yell & chase my cat away by clapping or flicking a towel at her when she meows too much. 🙁 But, I’m going to work on not doing that!!!

  • Dana S. says:

    Awwwww! Good spin.

  • jasmine says:

    love this!!!! How about this one: I used to not walk my dog when it rained or I didn’t feel well. (People: walk your dogs rain or shine and when you dont feel well!!)