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Benjamin Zephaniah Opens Liberation Exhibit

Written by PETA | August 2, 2007

Today in London, acclaimed novelist, playwright, actor and social justice leader Benjamin Zephaniah helped PETA Europe launch its new “Animal Liberation Project,” which points out some pretty shocking parallels between injustices of the past and the treatment of animals today.


The exhibit forces people to think about whether or not it is appropriate to compare perpetually chained performing bears to shackled human slaves. Or battery-caged hens to child sweatshop workers. Or painful procedures performed on unwilling human subjects to the experiments that torture and kill millions of animals in laboratories. But really at its core, the exhibit is all about challenging the “might makes right” mentality that was the very foundation of human slavery, child labor and the denial of women’s equality and which is also responsible for factory farming, animal experimentation and other abuses to animals—and people—today. The launch of the project was timed to coincide with the 200th anniversary of the British Parliament’s ban on the human slave trade and took place in London along the Thames, where more than 750,000 captured Africans were once traded. Powerful stuff, for sure.

Check out what Benjamin had to say about the exhibit here, in an op-ed he wrote for The Guardian. And click here to see the full Animal Liberation Project and judge it for yourself.


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  • 007 says:

    Dear Ariel I am deeply touched by your spiritual references and thank YOU for the personal welcome. Oh yes I am a true believer in and ON the Lord Jesus Christ and fully KNOW and UNDERSTAND GOD’s heart for animals as do you. And thank you thank you thank you for the encouraging words. Unlike the indepth informative factual caring posts by you Michael Conley AND Mike Quinoa I tend to expose the spirit behind the words and take NO prisoners. I so appreciate that you understand and appreciate the heart and message of my posts. Ariel by NO means is this a religious spin but revelation truth as discerned by the Holy Spirit and in this I am fully pursuaded that PETA is sanctioned by GOD and a divine mandate from GOD! Truly GOD’s handiwork and a blessing to all animals! GO PETA!!! re mVick… I thank GOD that he and his evil cohorts are being held accountable for all the evil they perpetuated against so many innocent animals! I totally despise what he is and hate the SIN in his ungodly life! re mVick’s supporters… talk about ungodly!!! re GOD’s WORD and ever so evident in this hour and throughout the ages declaring that “GOD will have NO other gods before HIM!” THEREFORE THIS BUNCH REALLY NEEDS TO WISE UP AND QUIT WORSHIPPING mVick AS AN IDOL A FALLEN ONE AT THAT!! ps I am no longer signed in as anonymous because I don’t mean to be confused with the several other anon posts. Look for 007.

  • Catalina says:

    I need to clarify and I apologize if some of my comment was nosensical. What I meant when I wrote “It’s not sensible to simply protest and it’s also not sensible to pass laws against cruelty. So what if an animal wlefare activist is less likely to stand in protest. Everyone is different and there are plenty of individuals to do either job”. First I was trying to say that people should both prtest AND pass laws. I meant to say that one idea should not overpower the other. In many cases people get stuck in one belief one idea when they should pull from different sources to change thhings for the better. And to Ariel I do understand what you were saying and it does make sense to me. I hate tyoping on computers and I have too many thoughts all at once. And I wasn’t trying to defend PETA I was simply mentioning it and agreeing with what it does. And lastly Since people address each other here about each other’s opinions I do see it as a debate forum from time to time. It’s healthy to debate anyhow because then you get to hear what other people think to understand them and to either strengthen or tweak your own beliefs.

  • Michele says:

    Whenever I am feeling down about a particular animal issue all I have to do is read posts from Ariel Anna Ana Maya Geoff BullyDawg Canaduck Mike kelly and many many others sorry I don’t mean to exclude people those are just the names I see on the PETA files the most Lori your comments were wonderful I will have to watch for more from you. I love this forum so that we can share ideas and hear about all of the wonderful ways that people are involved in helping animals. Way to go PETA and to all of the true animal lovers out there!

  • Maya says:

    Hi Cataliana. Of course I thank you for backing me up LOL. But also thank you for taking the animal debate to the next level. Every great movement in history like civil rights and feminist rights have naturally evolved and progressed in order to become relevant to our modern world. So I’m glad the discussion has continued to go deeper. As you said each species is about form and function. We would do well to consider context when debating any issue. I really hope you visit my website I always like meeting other intelligent folks. Or email me

  • Ariel says:

    CATALIANA Normally I would address comments in detail like you have stated with intentions to clarify but since so many of your views are either contradictory or confusing and some are even baseless that I honestly believe what ever I say would not make a difference. However I will clarify the following 1. PETA is an animal rights’ org. and this is an animal rights’ activist ws. 2. Thank you for offering but we are really not in need of nor do we seek defense about our beliefs issues or anything else. 3. This is not a “debate” forum as you mentioned. We are focused on helping the animals offer education about the animal issues and all that is encompassed. THANK YOU sincerely for all of your wonderful personal choices which don’t contribute to the atrocities that are done to animals.

  • Lori says:

    Here we go again defending our opinions on why it is cruel to torture and kill animals. I like the entry about putting a man in a cage with a lion whom is meant to eat whom? Very good point. However the lion doesn’t have high powered rifles complete with telescopic vision does he? The exhibit is not trying to demean the horrors of the slave trade or Nazi Germany by comparing it to what is done to animals today. It is showing us how it is still in the human race to enslave overpower and destroy anything weaker than ourselves when the opportunity arises. It is making us look at our humanity and what we really should want as our legacy. We will not be on this planet forever we simply cannot with the havoc that we wreck what do we wish to leave behind? Why do other wish to oppose something thought provoking? What are you afraid of? Are you afraid you may look in the mirror and see something you do not like? When you stick that piece of steak in your mouth do you really see the the fear in a cow’s eyes and hear it’s terrified breathing and bellowing? Do you see the pig screaming in fear and pain when you eat a hot dog? When you go to the circus do you really delude yourself that elephants and tigers perform because they “really like it?” No one is being accusatory if you eat meat we are merely trying to say that you should take a minute to think. There has simply got to be a better way to care for other sentient beings and our planet. Since when is kindness and compassion considered insane or wrong? Don’t worry God will not condem you if you choose to not eat meat. Somehow if heshe is looking into a Hormel plant I have a feeling that it was never what God expected. Anyway I am rambling. Sorry.

  • Ariel says:

    Anonymous 8507 544pm Speaking for the animals THANK YOU for making the decision to become an animal rights’ activists with PETA! Speaking for myself I was so deeply touched to know that I and some others were instrumental in your decision. There is SO much that I would like to say but I would end up writing a “book” so I will just say a few things. With my lifelong love for animals I was further inspired to become an ar’s activist by reading about the life and beliefs of St. Francis of Assisi the patron saint of animals and the environment. Francis strongly believed without a doubt that animals are our brothers and sisters because we are all created by the same God who gives the us the same breath of life. He preached the Gospel to the birds wild animals had a great respect for him and he even relocated a worm from the road so that the worm would not be trampled on. The extremely humble Francis only wanted to be an instrument for God and all of God’s creatures so that he could give all glory to God. Whether you are a believer or not you have a very very special gift that you are choosing to use wisely and selflessly. Upon reading your comments one after the other that was addressing different aspects I believe that you are not going to be a good ar’s activist…I believe that you are a GREAT one NOW…and that you will continue to be EXCELLENT! Again for the sake of the animals THANK YOU!

  • Cataliana says:

    I’m new here. I have a few things to say in defense of perhaps everyone’s side of this. I happen to wholly agree and understand what “maya” was saying about people so entirely humanizing an animal as to not recognize that it is beautiful for what it is be that a bear or a dog or what ever. People tend to feel more sorry for something cute babyish or resembling human attributes speaking so of the general population. I don’t eat animals or wear them as clothes or in cosmetics and I am easing myself into not eating anything that comes from an animal. The cruelty it breeds to me is only feeding more violence and carlessness in this world and not just to animals. People need to however see a squid as a squid and a bear as a bear. People not only need to save animals and rescue them from cruelty but understand them for their individual species. This is not say go read an entire biology text about reptiles or something but just know that we are different from them and for heaven’s sake there is nothign wrong with that African Americans on the other hand are our own species human. I’m not comfortable comparing the struggle of slavery with animals though it is just as disgusting and has lasted far longer. But I’d still treat an animal with the same respect as I would anything living And there by no means should be a seperation of an animal activist and an animal welfare activists. It’s not sensible to simply protest and it’s also not sensible to pass laws against cruelty. So what if an animal wlefare activist is less likely to stand in protest. Everyone is different and there are plenty of individuals to do either job. It bothers me to see people dissect vehicles of change when they need to be united. I also don’t think people from what I’ve been reading on these forums should get so passionate as to be condescending to others or make them seem as if they are not making sense. I believe there is always a common ground to start off at in debate. If one is always seperating this person from this and that no one will ever understand PETAS cause or any other similiar organisation. I do hope this gets read.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ariel as a newcomer to this site I am truly fascinated with the wealth of information you and Michael Conley so generously make available in your comments. As I made mention of in my very first comment on this site as anonymous on 73107 re MVick’s cohort re how well you articulated your comment know NOW how much I am appreciating all your informed profound comments and am encouraged by them to support PETA. I’ve loved all animals from the day I was born but distanced myself throughout the years from organized animal societies because I couldn’t really handle the horrific explicit graphics and details. This gripping mindset was the result of my first attempt to support an antivivasection campaign which proved too difficult for me as a teen to bear when inundated with mounds of gruesome pics and information thus the decision to avoid at all cost any word picture news etc. of animal abuse and atrocities. I then chose to only dote on my “babies” and to care for the strays that I personally encountered nursing them back to health having them spayed or neutered etc. and caring for them until I found them a great home which pretty much assuaged my need to help animals for years. Ariel I for one truly believe and agree with PETA that extreme cruelty sometimes calls for extreme measures. GO PETA! I also believe that there is a direct correlation of animal abuse and pychotic behavior and that PETA is in fact helping humanity as well as animals in their campaigns! AND TO ALL WHO CAST DISPERSIONS AGAINST PETA ON THIS ISSUE I SAY TO YOU THAT ONCE YOU UNDERSTAND THIS PROVEN MEDICAL FACT YOU WILL SPARE US ALL THE BRUNT OF YOUR IGNORANCE AND LAME COMPARISONS! Ariel the light of recent events re Mike Vick has forever stirred me when I learned the extent and despicable details of dogfighting who knew?!! and stirred in me the need to support an organization I am just now realizing is after my own heart such as PETA even if it can only be financially and at my computer. …just a note here I was surprised to hear what you had to say about the HSUS and IN DEFENSE OF ANIMALS the very two organizations I presently and financially support decisions based on apparently too little andor incorrect information. I do NOT regret the donations at all but will indeed reevaluate and reconsider future donations based upon a more thorough research.

  • tessa says:

    Craig Before you try to talk down to people…perhaps you should learn to spell! Amazing how many Neanderthals are drawn to this site. Never ceases to amaze me. Thanks PETA for doing what others are too afraid to do! Tess

  • Maya says:

    Kelly I so could not agree with you more. You are absolutely right. The last vet I worked for bought a new Saab and sent her kids to law school while not giving us health insurance or promised raises in 2006. Since then I have worked at a wildlife center and I am earning a master’s degree in conservation biology. I’m kinda shifting my career so I can’t do much about the vet world. Good luck to them. I run a stray cat shelter that I can run in a way I see fit and that benefits the strays in my town. Hey Ariel! Yeah I’m a member of NRDC and I read and donate to Sea Shepherd Alley Cat Allies the Wolverine Foundation CPAWS and Nature Canada. I don’t mean to be hard on PETA. Many of their campaigns are great. But obvioulsy dumping manure on someone’s property is not terribly helpful at least in my opinion.

  • Ariel says:

    Hi Maya 8307 1227pm Perhaps I can help clarify your quandry. But first only suggesting that either Maya use a last name initial or something to clarify which one is which. And yes you like everyone does have a right to freedom of speech. Now about the quandry certainly I don’t know how long you have been with PETA if you are actually a member or not or if you know about its past accomplishments but PETA is the largest most powerful animal rights org. in and around the world. So there is something to be said for that power in numbers and the fact that theywe have made more strides for animals’ rights than any other animalrelated org. Having said that PETA’s “methods of persuasion” that you find to be “psycholgically counter productive” obviously cannot be since we have been making tremendous strideschanges for the better for the animals human health and the eco system. As I mentioned previously animal rights’ activists are more outspoken and adding that they are very visible with protests. On the on other hand animal welfare activists basically just sign petitions for bills hoping that they will become legislation. Of couse they probably could be vegansvegetararians who don’t wear fur and leather and don’t attend circuses but they are less inclined to be bodily present at protests. Let me just say that PETA occasionally uses more inyourface methods backing that up with cold hard facts the truth pictures etc. Whether people like to know and accept the truth or not is a matter of personal decision on how they deal with it. Some scoff some are a bit more open and with some the impact really hits home. Where would some be without impact? Whatever a gentler approach is generally taken first and again and again…but unfortunately this is a tough world and some issues need to be met with tough means especially the ones that are most pressing like the mercuryfish billboard even thought it was not accepted for $$$$$$ reasons You said that you don’t make a distinction between ar’s and aw that you tend to focus on specific animal orgs etc…and gave valid reasons for your decisions which are best for you. However there is a definite distinction and animal rights is not for everyone just because they love animals and want to do something to help them. There is a LOT more to it than that. I am also with the PCRM Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicince and this is ONLY a suggestion perhaps you would feel more comfortable with the PCRM or the Doris Day Animal League or the ASPCA who does not use inyourface approaches. However I highly suggest to stay away from animals orgs. such as “In Defense of Animals” and the HSUS. I believe those orgs. are just in it for the money. Plus they like to entice you for your donations by bombarding you with little trinkets. Meanwhile the cost of those little trinkets could have gone to help the animals.

  • kelly says:

    Maya why don’t you direct some of your energy toward the veterinarians that hire you? Their rates are so high that a huge percentage of the American public has been shut out of care for their pets. Vets make a high income in our society yet too many of them are charging $250 for a ten minute cat spay while watching kittens die around them at the shelters and pounds. You’re getting snookered by lessthanethical people.

  • Maya says:

    OMG are y’all in second grade reading or what? Read the comment again Amy. This time read carefully.

  • amy says:

    No Maya She is not calling african americans bears she is saying that the bears are like slaves. hmmmm. calm down. dont play that card in this game.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    As Michele and Mark alluded to THE THREE STAGES OF TRUTH 1.RIDICULE 2.VIOLENT OPPOSITION 3.ACCEPTANCE That quote is taken from the beginning of the Earthlings DVD. This documentary is a musthave for any AR library. The transcript is available here httpwww.isawearthlings.comPDFEarthlingstranscript.pdf

  • Maya says:

    Agnes you completely missed my point. You should learn to read more carefully. I was referring specifically to animal rights naysayers who see such displays and automatically declare “Oh so you’re saying a bear and a black slave are the same thing? Are you calling African Americans animals? Beasts?? How dare you???” That kind of knee jerk reaction is what I’m talking about dear. And I’m saying that people automatically antropomorphize when we should be seeing context. You completely misunderstood me.

  • Maya says:

    Hi Ariel! Yes there might be two Mayas but between the comment confusion and the ability to double up names on here I can’t do much about it. As far as welfare rights to be honest I don’t make a distinction. My mom is a linguist so we could discuss this all day as far as I’m concerned LOL! I tend to focus on specific animal eco groups and look at thieir philosophies and accomplishments. I tend to shy away from labels because I find it too overwhelming and confusing. Which is a nice seguay to Critical Eye’s question. Critical eye to answer you no I really don’t want any responsibility for what PETA does. I do apologize if it seems like I’m trying to control them. I apologize to PETA specifically because I beleive in freedom of speech. The only reason I keep commenting is because I’m in a quandry PETA is the only org that seems to care for animals unequivicolly even the “insignificant” ones like crabs and rodents. I literally have not found that anywhere else. But PETA is also an org. that uses methods of “persuasion” that are psychologically counter productive. Then I do chime in. But I have no interest whatsoever in controlling them. I kinda assume they don’t read this blog anyway since it’s a public forum. If I wanted to control them I’d be emailing their staff.

  • Mark says:

    I think it’s wonderful that people like Craig are posting on this blog. True the antiPETA people can be a bit rude and I wish they’d learn to spell but the fact that they’re here at all means that PETA and Jack are doing a good job getting noticed. After all what’s the point of running an outreach organization if you’re just going to preach to the choir? Eventually some of the Craigs of the world will change their thinking and their first encounter with PETA posting juvenile comments here will be what got the ball rolling.

  • agnes brzinsky says:

    maya you are sometimes irritating me! you are surely not the person who kneejerks in front of peta but here i really don’t understand your attitude! we can see banjamin zephanjah in front of the picture of an abused bear and i find it great that he is supporting peta in this! if i’m honestly thankful to him and peta this doesn’t mean that i’m kneejerking! i think as an animal rights organization peta is acting pretty well and is lucky to have the collaboration of so many celebs! sometimes i think there are two souls inside you in other terms this is called schizophrenia!

  • Footprint says:

    Since a long time I’m an admirer of poet and artist Benjamin Zephaniah. It’s great that he’s teaming up with PETA in such an important hour! I think they can convince many human beings to reflect about the common destiny and the relation between all life on this planet! There is no peace without freedom for all of us!!!

  • hidden ace says:

    hey craig i don’t see the logic issue of your insane statement if animals are not humans why do you brainless scarecrow need to smear their blood in your face? go to the next madhouse and look for a doctor!

  • peace says:

    Very admirable. Way to go Benjamin!

  • millie says:

    Ooooh love the idea. Very thoughtprovoking. Good work D

  • Brianna Fritchey says:

    Wow Craig… you could not have made less sense if you tried! So… you’re trying to say that if a car collides with a deer and a baby dies it could be avoided if we killed all the animals? Okay… what if a perfectly normal person driving down the road smashes into another vehicle and everybody dies the only way to avoid that would be to slaughter all people that step foot into a car? Yeah I don’t think that will work… And you say that God put animals on this earth to be killed and eaten if so why were we not born with weapons in our hands? If we were meant to kill them why don’t they simply drop dead when they see us? If we were meant to eat meat WHY DID GOD CREATE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES?!?!? Really when was the last time anyone slipped through the trees of a forest saw a flash of movement in the corner of their eye caught the scent of the animal and started chasing it through the trees? When has a human ever pounced on a deer dug teeth into its neck ripped out its throat as it wailed and struggled underneath them while hot blood poured from the wound onto their body and swallowed the flesh the fur the warm blood and then let out a cry of triumph over their fallen prey? A human could never hope to do that so really who is the superior species? We are NOTHING without our precious tools. Without clothes we die. Without shelter we die. Without weapons we die. And by the way when did God make it into the conversation? You say that your God is okay with the cruel shameful slaughter of innocent beings? Well you must be worshipping a different God than most other religions! And as I near the end of my post all I can say is that the measure of a person’s character can be judged by how they treat the least of beings.

  • critical eye says:

    Hey Maya You know what I nearly always see? you wanting to take control of peta with your negative critcism of them and trying to control in our heads what we read like you’re some kind of experienced expert. We can think on our own. Let us know when you become president of peta and walked in Ben Zephanian’s shoes. LEAD ON PETA AND BEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michele says:

    I think this is a very powerful display. Although some people will just not get it many others will really stop and think about the parallels between past abuses of humans and how animals are currently being treated and the attitudes that allow such animal abuse to continue. From reading the many posts on PETA’s blogs over the past several months it seems that the antiPETA posts are getting more and more vicious. While it is sad to see just how disturbed many humans really are I think it can actually be a sign of progress as I believe it is an indicator that we in the animal rights movement are “winning”. The more progress that is made the more protests we hear from the various industries that stand to lose a lot of money farming laboratories dairy etc. Also the compassionless people out there are feeling threatened as they have no articulate way of rationalizing their cruelty to animals. They simply lash out with words that mean nothing. Although it is sometimes hard not to feel pessimistic at times in light of the statements I have been reading from the unenlightened antianimal individuals I just remind myself of the many victories for animals on a local as well as a global level. My coworker’s husband went veg after looking through PETA’s website when he was searching for information on animalfriendly antifreeze and my coworker herself became vegetarian after visiting the Farm Sanctuary in New York State last month. Also my 10 year old son announced last week that he is now vegetarian after hearing me speak about various animal rights issues over the past couple of years. It seems to me that more and more people are opening their eyes to the issues involved and are making kinder choices that will save more and more animals. I am confident that someday though maybe not in my lifetime the people of the world will look back and wonder how any human could have ever thought of eating an animal or abusing animals in any manner whatsoever.

  • Jennifer says:

    This is a fabulous exhibit. What a concept…treating ALL others as you would like to be treated. As for Craig you really need to be set free of your inhumane neanderthal thinking. I am glad that you took a look at this site maybe you are starting to question your own thinking.

  • Ariel says:

    CRAIG to the contrary those of us who are animal activistsbelievers are in sync with God very much. God commanded the animals to “go forth and multiply” Period! NOT to go forth to multply so that they could be eaten. For the life of me I have NEVER heard God’s Words saying to any effect ‘kill deer and smear blood all over your face!’ That’s crazy! That is sick! Animals were not put on this earth for us to eat. They were put on this earth to help mankind and to be companions. In fact if you read the Bible you would discover among other things that would cancel your beliefs entirely that God said NOT to eat hooved animals and those that crawl the earth. Genesis says that humans were given the fruits of the trees to eat and animals were given the grasses of the land. It was after the fall of mankind and mankind’s decision to eat animals…which now medical science has proven that eating animals and animalrelated products causes illhealth. If you don’t have respect for what God has created then please don’t tell the rest of us that we shouldn’t either.

  • Michael Conley says:

    Actually I think you should also point out the effects that animal exploitation has on environmental exploitation has on human exploitation. And I sincerely hope you do read this. Unilever a multinational company which kills thousands of animals a year in it’s cosmetic animal testing also has a factory in India which has dumped literally tonnes of mercury into a local scrap yard. Nearby the production of their products and even the chemicals dumped is done by Child Labourers. The excrement from these factories pollutes the environment which then hurts more animals. When animals are exploited the environment deteriorates and when the environment deteriorates the humans that depend on that environment suffer. It’s all connected. Comparing the suffering of animals to that of humans would be irresponsible as humans and animals are not the same in all respects. But there is a parallel. Suffering is universal. Sources httpwww.indiaresource.orgissuesagbiotech2003monsantounilever.html

  • Ariel says:

    to Maya I’m being serious when I ask this are there two different Mayas on this whole ws? One Maya comments in favor of animal rights and the other Maya comments in favor of animal welfare. And there is a difference between animal rights and animal welfare. Some of the differences 1. PETA is for animal rights which this fantastic Ben Z. is promoting while orgs. like the HSUS are for animal welfare…and the CEO likes to “promote” his sixfigure salary income from donations. while Ingrid only makes about $30000 2. Animal rights accomplishes more by far and has much more indepth reasoning with purposeful direction than animal welfare. 3. Animal rights believes that wild animals should live in their natural habitats. Animal welfare believes “well that’s ok that wild animals are in zoos…just as long as they are treated humanely.” The same with sea parks. Animal rights believes sea life belongs in the sea. Animal welfare doesn’t have a problem with sea parks and people swimming with dolphins despite human bacteria. 4. Basically animal rights activists can see and prioritize the total picture and act on it with immense determination and convicton that can involve a lot of selfsacrifice. Animal welfare activists find animal rights harder to deal with and can only go so far. 5. Animal rights activists are more outspoken and stongly practice what they believe in. Animal welfare activists are more comfortable with their own beliefs. I am not being judgemental with the above just explaining the difference and saying that when it comes to either animal rights or animal welfare one can’t take a middleoftheroad stance. Anyway my cats and dog are my “babies.” They are more of a family to me having better qualities of love and acceptance as is than my own relations could have ever offered.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Craig get in a cage with a lion and see which animal was put on this earth to eat. As the lion would think “If God didn’t want me to eat that man why did he make him out of meat?”

  • Maya says:

    Hi Ana! Yeah I didn’t mean to sound condescending. I know people only mean it as a term of endearment not literally. But the sentiment kind of REMINDS ME of how people humanize animals. I guess that’s what I meant to say. I think you’re right it’s clear that there is a criminal element to people who abuse animals. That’s been proven. I don’t even bother with folks like that because they’re trolls and sociopaths. Those folks I just ignore.

  • Ana says:

    Craig…. what is crazy is your post. Not only is it hard to understand but it just makes no sense. BTW people are animals. Maya I agree with most of what you wrote but I think people saying their cat is their baby is just an effort at being affectionate because of their affinity with their cats. What makes me squirm is when I hear certain people say especially men how much they hate cats. They relish telling me how they have harmedkilled cats. I live with 4 cats and give them great care and although I love them dearly I know I did not biologically give them birth only my children can claim that. But there are baby cats they’re called kittens. Historically a few women from the upper class were involved with animal rights and vegetarianism. My favorite woman is Anna Bonus Kingsford. The sea life you mention does not get enough attention but I do see that PETA has made efforts to change that. But unfortunately they’re not as popular as dolphins for the general public. Hopefully this changes.

  • Brianna Fritchey says:

    Hopefully this will open people’s eyes to the truth EVERY living being should be treated with care and respect!

  • Craig says:

    ANIMALS ARE NOT PEPOLE peta cannot be in anyway involved with god. i will kill deer smear its blood on my face. I will eat its meat. and do you nuts know why? because most animals where put on this earth to eat! you all are sick in the head. when did saving animals become your life? i do not agree with beating animals or toucher. but you are all CRAZY! animals ARE NOT PEPOLE i wish some one would email me with there response as to why you are all so crazy about trying to free every animal in the wrold we would have poop every whare and dead animals laying all over the roades. what happens when an animal hits a car with a newborn in it and the car hits a tree and the newborn dies and so does that animal? you want to put animal safty over HUMAN safty? your all crazy! animals TAST GOOD!!

  • antisean says:

    i am glad that you eloquently stated that the purpose of the exhibit is to make people consider the connection between human and animal suffering not necessarily that humans minorities especially are to be equated with animals. i previously saw many accuse PETA of being racist for this display when the purpose is actually to show that the cruelty and apathy given to both groups subjugated humans and animals is equal not necessarily any other qualities of the groups. bravo!

  • keith says:

    Nice One Benjamin. Keep it going mate….

  • Maya says:

    Completely facinating. I’ve never heard of Zephaniah before but he sure is cute. Sorry off the subject!! As I said before I think Dale Jamieson had it right when he said that the animal rights movement has the feminist and civil rights movements to thank for their progress. Big time. However I would caution people to think carefully about this. It always makes me squirm when people say “My cat is my baby”. No a cat is a domesticated obligate carnivore whose ancestors were domesticated when agricultural and maritime communities attracted wild cats with rodent populations. A cat is not a baby. A baby is human. This anthropomorphizing is dangerous because we then go testing animals for “intelligence” and when we feel alienated by animals like squid or lobsters who have such different cognitive functions we disresepct them. We then only respect animals like bears and dolphins who remind us of ourselves. Not good. This anthropomorphizing destroys the natural context in which each wild animal exists. We should give as much thought to corals jellyfish scorpians and snakes as well. I know that Zephaniah is not suggesting that a bear IS a human but I want VISITORS to give a critical eye to this and not just a kneejerk reaction which is what I nearly always see.