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Behind the Scenes at the Sexy Super Bowl Ad Shoot

Written by PETA | January 30, 2009

Veggie Love—our ad that we tried to air during the upcoming Super Bowl but that was rejected by NBC—has sparked mega-interest in the sex appeal of bok choy and broccoli! From CNN and Fox News to the Huffington Post—and Whoopi Goldberg acting out the ad on The View—everyone’s in the mood … for steaming-hot vegetables.

Some sillies have labeled the video as NSFW and NSFTSB because of the sexual theme and scantily clad women, but others have rightly pointed out that PETA is not alone in such advertising.

Does anyone remember the Carl’s Jr. commercial in which a woman rides a mechanical bull while chowing down on a greasy beef burger? I guess a bump and grind with a mechanical animal is somehow less suggestive than playfully licking a pumpkin?

Part of the debate surrounding the ad has been about the beautiful actresses who lent their talents for it. Our behind-the-scenes video gives you an insiders’ look at the set of “Veggie Love,” and Cassie (the hot tub girl) talks about her lives and loves. Amanda goes into the whole group thing, but that’s another story …


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Written by Amy Cook

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  • mebemike says:

    HMMM interesting. I happened across this site and started scrolling through the posts only to noticed that a fair number of PETA’s guerilla marketing and advertising campaigns involve the use of sex and half naked women to get the message across. I fully understand the forced connections these campaigns are attempting to make, but as a design and advertising professional I must say this is in poor taste and lacks any creative insight or originality. Trying to make a point about animal rights by objectifying women seems counter productive even if the women involved are willing participants. Maybe “shock value” isn’t the best way to foster the appropriate brand image. Viewing these PETA posts has definitely changed my perception of your organization. Perhaps a little professionalism is called for. Just a thought.

  • David says:

    Perhaps they are still so spooked by Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction cause you know the accidental exposure of a female nipple is so morally atrocious as compared to the regular diet of graphic violence and sexually suggestive content routinely displayed that God forbid PETA should be allowed to air an ad. Or could it be the special interests and their deep pockets that wants to suppress PETA’s message?

  • John Graham says:

    Some people need to get a sense of humour transplant the ads are amusing. Allie i would imagine PETA want us to eat vegetables to stop us from eating animals. John Scotland

  • Andrea says:

    What a great video! How artisticcreative and message catching it is. What’s so wrong about it? It’s all healthy stuff. Don’t you remember they used to use masculine hunky sexy men on horseback to promote cigarettes and they were UNHEALTHY??!! I agree with Margarita Feb 1st this brings fun to healthy livingbut we all have a choice so stop moaning and use your imaginations to cook up some brilliant vege dishes!!

  • Sarah says:

    I think the perception is that companies that are representing just cause wellbeing or plain old “good” are supposed to follow suit when it comes to advertisingmarketing. If the subject matter is to “go against” the norm that can clearly be viewed as disagreeable the complaint is that you are using the same garbage as the other garbage to get there. I personally don’t care all that much either way simply because I am not offended. Realistically I don’t think the advertisment was that great and it has nothing to do with the sexuality. I feel promoting healthy living and animal rights is highly important thus the message should be clear. Kudos for being the underdog kudos for promoting health and good will but simplicity in advertising tends to stick. I agree though a true form of viral marketing. One thing clear I’m glad someone believes in animal rights and is willing to speak about it.

  • sherrie says:

    I am a big supporter of Peta and loved the commercial but it along with many other commercials should not be aired during a time kids could be watching. Show it after 9pm. But my 8 year old son does not need to see that yet.

  • Jeanie says:

    OMG!!!! This commercial was great! It was a satire on all the other commercials yet people dont get it..and choose to make it a womans lib issue which is ridiculous. If you ladies think a bunch of veggies are demoralizing you…you clearly have OTHER issues. When in Rome…PETA you rock!!!

  • Brad Wood says:

    Margarita your post is dead on!

  • vegancoin says:

    “As a female I find the ad tasteless. As a marketer I am intrigued by an organization’s of your size being so careless. I see value in the viral marketing. I can even see how you most likely planned it this way. What I don’t understand is how you would be so reckless with subject matter you are seemingly so passionate.” You can’t put lipstick on a pig. The ad is tasteful and meaningful in every way.

  • Allie says:

    sorry to hijack this but could somone tell me why PETA is trying to get everyone to become vegetarian? sorry if there is bad spelling

  • kaitlyn says:

    I am a big supporter of peta but i do find this commercial very stupid and to sexual.. your not proving any point

  • Tom says:

    Stephanie I can only imagine how many people this ad brought to PETAs website news sites have been posting it EVERYWHERE. A site that has everything anyone needs to make the jump to veg PETA does it right yet again.

  • Margarita says:

    Oh PLEASE just relax and have some fun. One has to grow up spiritually to become a vegetarian it would be silly to expect to be able to create vegetarians by making the right commercials. What I see as the message in this commercial is that it tries to say that vegetarians live and have fun rather than sit there sadly chewing on a carrot and that’s why so many people are so afraid of vegetarinism they fear their lives become void of joy and pleasure. I think fun is the obvious message and a great one too but once again this is just a commercial do you really take those seriously no matter what they say or actually do what they say??? If you want to learn something read a good book or see a good movie. Commercials are expected to be cute not deep and cute it is…

  • Curtis says:

    I saw the ad shown and discussed on FOX News Channel! Good job!

  • LEE says:

    I think it is so sad people are making a big deal out of this ad every time you turn on the your television its all about sex and making money.if you had a rap artist or a sexy actress they would be praising you.they need to be focusing on what our cable is viewing towards our young people everyday.GOOD LUCK!

  • el says:

    Stephanie it almost seems to me like there’s a strong undercurrent of selfinterest with the group so they try to appeal to people’s vanity to sway them to their cause. Is this any different than the burger commercials? Not really but they are disgusting as well.

  • jose guavera says:

    if you want it out more put it and the alternatives into podcasts for itunes

  • Jody says:

    once again great job guys. You have helped me so much in the last 7 months to really change my eating as well as the way I live. once again 7 months and I feel great.

  • roxanne says:

    So NBC has no problem with commercials that promote unhealthy foods and alcohol with misleading ads yet as a problem with Peta ad. NBC is corporate evil

  • david aaron & johnny bash says:

    PETA RULES! Women “getit” most MEN DO NOT! MEN succumb to these typical American maladies sooner than WOMEN! “hello”! Nothing new! Scared dumb selfish MEN! It’s unfortunately “macho” to consume animals while adoring their “pet” DOGS while chewing a deadanimal onabun! “UGH”! We love you all at PETA! David Johnny Chicago

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Stephanie The controversy may motivate people who have never visited before curious to do so. Believe me there is plenty on this site that is neither frivolous or in the least way sexy. Someone people go veg almost instantly others including myself are hard sells and require repeated impressions before taking action. Though there are many successful and worthy animal rights organizations PETA is the household word.

  • Stephanie says:

    As a female I find the ad tasteless. As a marketer I am intrigued by an organization’s of your size being so careless. I see value in the viral marketing. I can even see how you most likely planned it this way. What I don’t understand is how you would be so reckless with subject matter you are seemingly so passionate. I feel this ad simply does what marketers do when they don’t have a valid point. They shout something for shock appeal like the word SEX for example thinking that once you get their attention they will listen to what you are REALLY trying to say. Strategy that is old as dirt and history shows it evokes very little results. It reveals you have no confidence in your real message. So…you REALLY think more people will become a vegetarian because of these ads? PLEASE.

  • vegancoin says:

    And yet another “rejected” ad. Sad commentary indeed on what it takes to do business here in consumerist america. Bravo PETA for doing something positive and bringing animal rights and vegetarianism to the forefront even though controversial at times. This needs to be done i applaud your efforts.

  • Adam says:

    I just want to know Cassie’s last name… who is she? Where is she from?