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Victory! Elephant Polo Match Canceled

Written by PETA | August 19, 2011

Update: District Magistrate Naveen Mahajan of Jaipur has ordered the elephant Polo Cup to be canceled following appeals by PETA India and notification from the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) that the cup organizers did not register the elephants with AWBI as required and also failed to submit valid elephant ownership certificates. The District Magistrate’s decision could pave the way for getting all elephant polo matches banned permanently.

PETA India holds a victory party with Carlsberg beer to celebrate the cancellation of the elephant Polo Cup.


The following was first published on August 17th:

I’ll be ordering a Carlsberg beer the next time I’m out on the town, now that Carlsberg India, a subsidiary of the Danish brewing giant, has responded immediately to PETA India’s plea to stop sponsoring elephant polo games after learning how elephants in captivity are routinely threatened, jabbed, and beaten with an ankus (a heavy rod with a sharp metal hook on the end) and having a series of telephone conversations with PETA India. Carlsberg also heard from other caring activists and groups who rallied to the call―and we thank them for their prompt action. Elephant polo is a shameful vestige of the British Empire. We are sure Carlsberg didn’t think men with mallets charging after a little ball sounded harmful, but when they heard the rest of the story, they did the right thing.

Captive elephants are also deprived of everything that is natural and meaningful to them and kept shackled in chains whenever they’re not “playing polo.” Citing the company’s reasons for pulling its sponsorship of the Polo Cup, Carlsberg India’s managing director said, “[W]e respect the concern being raised and hence, have decided to do the right thing.” We’ll drink to that!

PETA U.S.’ Washington, D.C., office celebrates the elephant polo victory with cold bottles of―what else?―Carlsberg beer.

Please thank Carlsberg for making the compassionate decision to stop supporting elephant abuse.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • NINA TIKARI says:

    Fantastic, I met the people in Jaipur who take part in this, it’s all based on tradition, no focused, or realization of cruelty. This is where education has really made a difference … I am so glad to see it canceled … it’s amazing how power each of our “ONE VOICE” can be, when collected together … Thanks for the post & all your efforts … 🙂

  • Marianne says:

    Mr. Carlsberg has his heart on the right place by not supporting elephant abuse. THANK YOU!

  • pj56 says:

    Thank you! It is so nice to see there are compassionate businesses out there!

  • lisa says:

    I think we would all to say a big thankyou to Carlsberg for your compassion towards these beautiful majestic animals and also to Peta India who made this happen.

  • ZeeKallah says:

    Thank you so much!

  • Peter Higgins says:

    As a regular player of both horse and elephant polo, I must confess I’ve always felt a little uneasy about the latter. It’s pretty instinctive for a horse, but noone could say an elephant enjoys the game. Next time I will reconsider.

  • Christy Banks says:


  • Greg in BOI says:

    Imma pick up a six pack tonight to celebrate!

  • Martha Garcia says:

    Congratulations, a company governed by a good leader. And a good leader has values ​​and feelings. I applaud those who lead the company to support indenfensos and that game only because they cause severe pain and brutal persecution … thanks for being human beings extraordinary quality. from Mexico City

  • Carmel Rooney says:

    Thank you so much for caring

  • EvaF says:

    Congratulations, how I wish be there with you guys