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bebe Threatened With PETA Lawsuit for Lying About Fur

Written by Michelle Kretzer | April 8, 2013

Update: April 8 at 1:30 p.m. ETAlthough bebe acknowledged receipt of PETA’s cease-and-desist letter and promised us a response, PETA has not received one and bebe continues to misrepresent itself to the public as a fur-free company. So PETA has filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) regarding the retailer’s consumer deception. The bureau can now ask bebe to resolve PETA’s grievance. It can also post our complaint to bebe’s BBB webpage, which could negatively impact the company’s BBB rating.

Originally posted on January 28 at 11:25 a.m. ET:

Faced with backlash from customers for selling real fur, bebe could have done the honorable thing and pulled it from its shelves. Instead, the company decided to lie.

As everyone knows, some customers won’t shop for anything in a store that sells fur, just as they won’t buy “pet” supplies in a store that sells animals. Even though bebe currently sells rabbit and chinchilla fur in some of its stores, on two separate occasions—one as recent as January 15—callers to bebe’s customer service line were told that bebe doesn’t sell fur. One caller recorded her conversation, which you can listen to here. PETA’s attorneys have sent a cease-and-desist advisory to Steve Birkhold, bebe’s CEO, letting him know that if bebe doesn’t either start being honest with customers or actually stop selling real fur, PETA may take the company from the mall to the courthouse for engaging in false advertising, which is a violation of both state and federal laws.

It’s no wonder that bebe wants to cover up the fact that it’s selling real fur. In China, where bebe sources much of its fur, workers pull rabbits out of cages by their ears and stun the screaming animals with electrical devices. And in China as well as other countries, animals are bludgeoned to death, electrocuted, and often even skinned alive, as documented in this undercover footage.

As bebe is likely learning, few people are willing to patronize retailers that support such cruelty. Let bebe know that you are one of many potential customers who will refuse to buy its clothing until its shelves truly are fur-free.

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  • Markk says:

    The West is just as disgustingly cruel as China in treatment of non-human animals. They are routinely tortured in lab across America in nearly every major university and pharmaceutical company. What’s worse, the US meat industry is disgustingly cruel as well. Rather than relatively humane killing by carbon monoxide poisoning, to use brutal physical and electrical methods which often leave the animals still alive when hung upside down by one leg from an overhead conveyor and disemboweled and skinned with a knife.

  • Jennica says:

    I couldnt even watch it….I was almost literally crying!When I saw the dog is when I paused the vid 4 good………cuz I’m a dog luvr!I’ve been a dog luvr ever since I wuz 5……I just couldnt stand it….thats y my fur coat is a FAUX fur coat.4 those of u who dunt know wut faux fur is….faux fur=fake fur,right?right?D:

  • DibbDobb says:

    Though I think that the fur trade is reprehensible, so is racism toward the Chinese. There is not one race or country that has the market cornered on compassion. It is wrong to label a whole people as evil. There are many Chinese Animal Rights Groups that put themselves in greater peril than their US counterparts can imagine. Being a dissident in China is tantamount to carrying a prison and possibly torture me warrant. Every country exploits animals and have work to do with their humanity. It is wrong both morally, ethically and tactically to condemn a whole group of people for the actions of a few. Furthermore it hurts our cause, and if by using the same logic turned back on us makes us appear bigoted and myopic. Racism is never the answer. Bebe is an North American Company they are supplying the orders for the slaughter. Should all North Americans be condemned by their practices?

  • Kris says:

    JP Jarvis. Get over yourself, you can’t blame them for being raised that way, it’s been in their country for generations, just as we’ve been raised to treat animals right. Instead of saying completely ignorant statements, get mad at bebe, they’re the ones selling fur and lying about it.

  • JESS23 says:

    JP Jarvis, racist comments like yours make me not want to become a vegan, all races share blame equally because some countries make this stuff but the rest of us buy it. If we didn’t buy it then their wouldn’t be any need to make it. What you said is very despicable!

  • JP Jarvis says:

    Makes me want to see every single Chinese person on Earth drop dead. In fact can we please, please, please hurry up and invent the genetic bomb so we can clear the world of countries who think this kind of appalling treatment is acceptable? Make them extinct and replace them with caring and compassionate people. They won’t be missed by me – I’ll dance on their bones.

  • Jennifer Howells says:

    bebe this is outrageous

  • Francesca Giampino says:

    I have been a Bebe costumer for years and I am disappointed with Bebe and their choice of selling fur and supporting animal cruelty. I will not shop Bebe while they support and promote animal cruelty with their products!

  • Fahrin says:

    I’ve been a regular bebe customer for a long time and go to the stores once a week. However, after learning about this, I refuse to shop at bebe anymore. I also intend on encouraging my friends to stop shopping there via facebook and tweeter. Shame on you bebe!!

  • Stephanie says:

    God bless PETA. I really do hope people continue donating to their amazing cause. F**k animal cruilty and people who support it!

  • Stephanie says:

    Fur isn’t fashionable. It’s gruesome and horrific. I will not buy anything from Bebe until you vow to run a more compassionate business.

  • Svetlana Apaeva says:

    Bebe, Please stop killing helpless animals!!!

  • Avelina Pereira says:

    False furs are as beautiful as the real ones,so don’t sacrifice animals for your own profit and vanity of others.

  • alexes says:

    unbelievable. i hope they get sued until they go under. disgusting.

  • Kristin Hauser says:

    Despicable.. You should not even be allowed to sell clothing.

  • Elizabeth corimanya says:

    I like bebe clothing but until bebe completely wipes fur off from their shelfs I will not purchase from bebe

  • Elizabeth corimanya says:

    I like bebe cl

  • Monica Lidizzia says:

    boycott, boycott, not giving my money to them. Go to la bancarrota!

  • Mike hughes says:

    Please stop selling fur, it’s trade is disgusting and until you stop I for one will never shop with you.

  • Mike hughes says:

    Please stop selling fur, it’s trade is disgusting and until you stop I for one will never shop with you.

  • Alfonso says:

    Until they stop selling real fur, I will never shop at bebe stores EVER !

  • Deborah Shephard says:

    I watched most the video from China. The tears wouldn’t stop! I don’t understand how someone can do this. This is horrible. How do we stop this?

  • Susanne says:

    Please stop selling fur! It is cruel and meaningless and anyone walking around in fur is OUT of style. get it?

  • Emily Hopkin says:

    Stop lying about selling fur. It’s a disgusting trade and I’m amazed that you people can allow this to happen. You must have no conscience, animals feel too you know, but you’re just too stuck in your perfect world to notice anything other than the price tag you can add to fur. Disgraceful.

  • Danny says:

    Let the truth come out. PETA will prevail in the end. Go PETA !

  • dawn marie2128 says:

    This is horrible I run a rabbit rescue and we should skin these ppl alive like they do these poor baby’s rabbits are one of the smartest careing emotional animals in the world shame on them

  • Sam Munoz says:

    Bebe, I love your store, but I refuse to shop at your establishment until you completely remove all fur from your stores and online. It’s disgraceful that you lie to your customers about selling fur. Faux fur looks amazing and didn’t require the torture of thousands and innocent animals. Do the right thing.

  • Mark says:

    Please stop selling animal fur these animals are living creatures and deserve better.

  • Betty Barnes says:

    It’s a shame that Bebe uses fur, I will no longer be shopping there.

  • Rachel Wiseman says:

    This is absolutly disgusting and totally un nessicary you should be ashamed of yourselfs!!

  • A says:

    They’re right to take legal action against this.Bebe is not the only company out there that sells real fur and lie to their customers about it.Even in the recording you can hear that the representative did’t answer right away when asked,it was a moment of silence and then she said that Bebe doesn’t sell real fur.B**shit

  • ivette says:

    No FUR !!!

  • EmyKC says:

    Stop this dishonest/horrifying behaviour!

  • Marilyn says:

    Sick and disgusting. Animals feel pain too. Bless them all.

  • yvonne says:

    What the hell is going on??How dare you? STOP THIS SHIT YOU IDIOTS! unbelievable how cruel people can be.. so sad!

  • Gail Carrington says:

    Stop the cruelty and lying…what century are we supposed to be living in?

  • Monika Kielan says:

    never again

  • Ric Wason says:

    I am sickened by BEBE for supporting the barbaric fur trade. It is cruel and your business is bad.I will make sure everyone knows it too.

  • loveagreatdeal says:

    I refuse to shop at your stores because you continue to sell fur. Thanks for promoting the suffering of animals. I will never set foot in your stores or spend a dime there.

  • Prisca Nicoletti says:

    STOP SELLING FUR, please stop.

  • Serina Abercrombie says:

    stop allowing fur to be sold!!!! Its cruel and sad.

  • Andrew says:

    This is absolutely horrendous.People say all life is prescious,I disagree.All animal life is prescious,not human.