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Beautiful News: Urban Decay to Remain Cruelty-Free!

Written by PETA | November 30, 2012

When news broke that cosmetics giant L’Oréal was acquiring ultra-hip makeup innovator Urban Decay—a PETA (and peta2) fave—some brows were furrowed over what this would mean for Urban Decay’s cruelty-free status since L’Oréal is not included on PETA’s list of companies that don’t test on animals. Well, stop fretting—it’ll just cause wrinkles.

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Living up to its recent PETA Courage in Commerce Award, Urban Decay has assured PETA in writing that its animal-testing policy will not change, and that the company will remain cruelty-free.

What You Can Do

Please always buy cruelty-free—you’ll find Urban Decay and more than 1,000 other companies in PETA’s searchable list

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  • hobbit2003 says:

    with that deal they sell although her soul! Sometimes you have to choose and they choose the way how to make more and more money! They are now a part of L`Oreal and it is not longer a question of to be or not to be! There are some indepentent companies which are standing strong behind about that what they believe in! Good bye Urban Decay, i loved you!

  • Gianfranca says:

    se Urban Decay in qualche modo è legata all’oreal, bisogna boicottarla. Basta con le sevizie sugli animali!

  • patricia says:

    Peta must choose its battles wisely, not punishing the companies that are at least attempting to miniimize animal suffering

  • Imaani Brown says:

    @Xgirl I’ll explain. If you look in to the deal made, L’Oreal are NOT formulating the make-up. U.D are still in control of that. The deal is that L’Oreal DISTRIBUTES the make-up and MARKETS it in newer territories such as the middle east and any other areas that L’Oreal cover because they have a bigger reach. U.D WILL remain cruelty free and will NOT give in to animal testing. They had the same control over product formulation and design when LMVH took over….the deal was to grow the brand so you dont have to worry!

  • Xgirl says:

    Please explain to me how you’re not contributing to L’Oreal’s animal testing practices if you remain an Urban Decay customer. I need to understand the thought process here.

    • Melisa says:

      I agree, I’m trying to purchase cruelty free products and have a voice through my purchases but if I buy UD doesn’t my money ultimately go to Loreal? Help!

  • cristina nicolini says:

    basta!!! lasciate in pace gli animali!!!!

  • Roberta says:

    Non mi interessa che terrà la sua politica e non farà vivisezione…per me, comprare ora prodotti di Urban Decay è come comprare quelli dell’ non finanzio chi fa vivisezione……BOYCOTT