Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.

Beaten Elephant Gets Day in Court

Written by PETA | June 28, 2011

Animal Defenders International (ADI), which released video footage of an elephant, Tai, and others being hit with bullhooks and shocked with a stun gun, has filed suit against exhibitor Have Trunk Will Travel (HTWT) for allegedly making misleading claims about how Tai was treated.

PETA Files readers may recall that HTWT is the same outfit that the Santa Ana Zoo contracts with to provide elephant rides, despite the risks to public safety and the cruelty to the elephants. (Readers can help by asking Santa Anna officials to get rid of these cruel and dangerous rides once and for all.)

     A HTWT trainer wields an ever-present bullhook

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for circuses to abuse animals and then lie about it.  Ringling Bros. circus routinely touts its elephant care program, despite overwhelming evidence that elephants are beaten and chained and spend most of their lives crammed inside poorly ventilated, reeking railroad boxcars.

If you’ve ever bought a ticket to a circus believing that the elephants are treated well, you may have grounds for seeking redress. Please contact PETA for more information.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • laura ray says:

    What a shame, is there no end to what the human race will do to humiliate and harm, and even kill animals unable to defend theirselves? Isn’t it embarassing. People need to be made aware, these attractions must be stopped immediately. There are no buts or ifs about it. Anyone with a conscience must see this is the only answer. Act now!

  • megan says:

    It is not a surprise to me that these innocent creatures are being tortured by some monsters. What is a surprise is we sit still and watch it happen! Someone has got to grab those sobs by the neck and tell them that animals are not on this planet for your entertainment. maybe zap them a couple of time, maybe then they will know how it feels.

  • stevie nicks says:

    I dont visit animal based circuses anymore. There are too many breaches on animal welfare to stop me from siting back with a bag of popcorn. How ignorant do these circuses think we, the public are? If word got on the street do they still think that all those kids would show up? NO, THEY WOULD LEAVE, crying to their parents! Theres people welfare groups and health agencies to inspect the people population, what about animal welfare agencies to inspect these circuses for a start. Dosent their voice have any substance? Outing this practice is a step in the right direction; more people need to voice their concerns on this issue and to those responsilbe and to those allowing such practices to continue. Animals should not be legally viable for use on any stage preformance or otherwise, period. Its time these greedy circus types knew that. Don’t ignore it, Deplore it!

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