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Beat the Recession Blues!

Written by PETA | April 10, 2008

Well, Alan Greenspan used the “R” word this week, which means that this country is officially in a recession (just in case anyone hadn’t noticed). Fortunately, here at PETA, we have a team of financial analysts, standing by to help people get through those tough times ahead. Here’s what they came up with — enjoy, and you can thank us later.

PETA Offers “The 3-R’s” to Beat Recession Blues:

Reduce, Replace and Refine: Animal-Friendly Ways to Combat Money Woes

Recession? U.S. house prices continue to fall and food and fuel prices continue to rise, and a recession is upon us. Before you tap into your savings or start draining Junior’s college fund, PETA has tips on how to dispel those recession blues.

  1. Reduce…your Grocery Bill and Your Cholesterol on a Vegan Diet. High in fat and cholesterol, meat is also high-priced compared to such versatile vegan foods as beans, rice, millet, vegetables, soy “meat alikes” and pasta. Where burger beef (low grade dead cow) averages $3 per pound, dried beans, lentils and rice are less than $1 a pound. Bonus: you’ll save on hospital bills, cholesterol-reducing medications and plus-size clothing.
  2. Replace…your leather, fur and wool, as it wears out, with cheaper, cleaner and kinder natural fibers and synthetics. Tighten your belt by buying pleather accessories and natural fiber clothing that’s easier on your budget and easier to clean. You’ll smile all the way to the bank just knowing that no animals died for your shoes and no ground water was polluted by tannery chemicals. Target and Payless won’t break your bank like that $10,000 snakeskin bag.
  3. Refine…your taste in entertainment. Forget cable TV fees and nights at the opera. Study animal behavior: if a cat can have a blast with just a ball of string and a crumpled-up piece of paper, adopt one to keep you company! Don’t pay big bucks for a pet store puppy mill “pure bred” when the animal shelter has a dog or cat waiting there for you. And two can live as cheaply as one! Plus, saving an animal from death row is priceless.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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  • kathy says:

    RIGHT ON!!!

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Jay I agree with Mike and I’m very grateful for voices like yours on this blog which make for interesting dialogue preaching to the choir is useless and boring!! Very perceptive that vegans are probably just more health concious. I strongly beleive in looking at things from a scientific perspective. By the same token those who are health concious and more spiritual probably get outdoors more thus giving them the opportunity to experience nature and wildlife which through understanding and education gives them more awareness and empathy for the Earth and the animals.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Jay I agree that vegns probably do pay more attention to diet and exercise. If you focus on fruits vegetables whole grains beans and some nuts and seeds the sheer bulk of the food makes it hard but not impossible to overeat. Just like an omnivorous diet your food choices and amounts make the difference. You’re right that differing opinions are good and should be welcomed. If a person’s beliefs are to have any validity they should be able to withstand challenges.

  • jay says:

    Liliana I do love animals although I’m not a vegetarian. Nothing I said was derogatory but I think its important to challenge what we believe. Its especially important to base what you believe on a sound foundation. If you want people to become vegatarian because of weight loss issues or because of financial issues I dont think you have much of a case. If you want people to become vegetarian because of moral issues you have more of a point still not absolute though. I would think you would encourage differing opinions but if all you want is a bunch of cronies who pat each other on the back you should go open a compound in Waco.

  • jay says:

    Mike Vegan and vegeterians are slimmer more because of lifestyle than because of diet. They tend to be more conscientious regarding exercise and diet. I did look up the caloric counts in rice lentils and nuts and its pretty close if not more than beef must say this surprised me.

  • liliana says:

    Jay what are you doing here? if you don’t love the animals go away with the other rest of the bad people

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Jay No guarantee but vegans and vegetarians have in fact been found in studies to be slimmer. “1 pound of low grade dead cow will provide you with significantly more energy than 1 pound of lentils beans and rice.” Energy comes from calories. Becoming obese results from continually taking in more energy calories than you expend. Without looking up the caloric values for each of those four foods your caloric input should be based upon whether you are trying to lose gain or maintain a given weight.

  • Jaclyn says:

    My grocery bill is definitely cheaper since I don’t purchase dairy or meats. Going veg is a GREAT way to save money.

  • Amber Falobas says:

    I already do all of those D!!!

  • Chris says:

    Great stuff Jack. So glad you printed this insightful piece.

  • jay says:

    1. A vegan diet is no gaurantee that you will loose weight. 2. 1 pound of low grade dead cow will provide you with significantly more energy than 1 pound of lentils beans and rice. 3. I dont see a problem with leather alternatives but if animals are being slaughtered it seems a waste not to use the hide. 4. By all means disconnect your cable not because I think entertainment is wrong but its simple such poor quality. What you are looking at is basically ads. Hear I think you have your best point. When however you wish to throw out opera as well you may soon need to throw out literature too. Opera music art have in my opinion their greatest benefit when the artist becomes unaware of itself when without pretense heshe are saying something genuine about things that matter. Dont put opera side by side with TV. The philosophy is entirely different.

  • lynda downie says:

    It’s about time you put those bad boys to workthey’ve done a stellar job. Can I borrow them to do my taxes?

  • beth ann says:

    the three r’s? honestly… could that post be any lamer? sorry i normally dig this blog but come on now…