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The Beat Freaks Drop Some Love

Written by PETA | March 10, 2009

Alright, ‘fess up—scores of you loyal PETA Files readers are just as out-of-your-mind obsessed with America’s Best Dance Crew as I am. C’mon! Who among us hasn’t called upon our inner Justin Timberlake and tried a move or two—hopefully with no sprained ankles or dented walls resulting.

Last season’s finale was foot-stompin’, hip-poppin’ insane. Drop for drop, the talented ladies of the Beat Freaks commanded the stage. Shockingly, they didn’t win. What’s up, America?

It’s alright, though, because these ladies are about as cool as cool can get. Aside from their rockin’ moves and killer style, the Beat Freaks have huge hearts—several of them are vegetarian. Even hotter—these ladies were spotted sportin’ PETA T-shirts during a recent interview. Check out the interview for yourself below. Skip forward about one minute and 50 seconds to see which shirts they wore on camera.



Now, I can’t help you master that head spin, but if you want to look fabulous and help animals like the Beat Freaks do, the PETA Catalog is your one-stop shop.

Written by Jennifer Cierlitsky

Update 03/25/2009 Here’s another video in which the Beat Freaks rep PETA.