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Beastie Boy Goes Vegan to Fight Cancer

Written by PETA | October 12, 2009
nypost / CC
Adam Yauch


“MCA, where have you been?”

It turns out that the (not so shocking) answer is a Tibetan community.

In July, Beastie Boys bass guitarist Adam Yauch—aka MCA—was diagnosed with cancer. After quickly having a tumor removed from his salivary gland, Yauch headed to a Tibetan community in Dharamsala to continue the healing process.

Now back in the states, Yauch is speaking about the treatment that’s helping him “sabotage” the disease. He told fans, “I’m taking Tibetan medicine and at the recommendation of the Tibetan doctors I’ve been eating a vegan/organic diet.”

Those Tibetan docs are right—going vegan is by far the single best thing anyone can do for his or her body. Our support goes out to Yauch, and we’re hopeful that he’ll be back on the road rocking out with the Beastie Boys in no time.

Written by Liz Graffeo

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  • thukje che says:

    I’m so happy Adam is doing well again. We Tibetans are so grateful for all the support he has given the Tibetan freedom struggle. We love you Adam you are a great musician and a wonderful human being a very sexy activist!

  • Carl says:

    This is awesome Veganism is known to arrestreverse Prostate cancer and i am sure this cancer too. So this is very cool way to go. All the best and Love mate!

  • Kym says:

    Good on him too many people believe you have to eat dead animals to get your protein….. out with the old fashion stuff time to look after the animals xx

  • matt in chicago says:

    i hope he gets well and makes a full recovery but i have to say its sad and not really grounds for praise when someone goes vegan in hopes of diminishing their own suffering…i mean if you really think about it…the suffering of all these animals had no effect on them but then when they get sick they go vegan to help themselves and then peta pats them on the back? i dont get this train of thought. lets encourage people to go veg for the right reasons…the living breathing reasons that ARENT themselves.

  • Andrew Sprawson says:

    Couldn’t agree more. After Cancer treatment I couldn’t even look at meat without waves of nausea… i also put on an alarming amount of weight. Now that I’ve gone veg well all is back to normal.

  • Dawn Soderlund says:

    Meat is poison. This is my mantra.

  • Marie says:

    Good for him! I hope he makes a full recovery. I want to know how he got rid of his asthma allergies chronic bronchitis!

  • Bluebell says:

    It certainly won’t make his health worse and at the very least he’ll be helping animals.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    A nonviolent vegan diet is also good for your eternal karma. The Beastie Boys have been rather impressive in reference to addressing green issues.

  • daniela merlo says:

    in 1983 I had my salivary glands removed because of a mixed tumor. became a macrobiotic. and got rid of most of my allergies and asthma and chronic bronchitis. haven’t gone back to meat since then. truly believe we are what we eat. and even if they continue to remove lumps from my body all benign I’m still around at 49 and I look great. I’m a firm believer that a meatless and fishless and organic diet is better for us for the animals and for the planet.