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Bear Is Losing His Mind at Roadside Zoo

Written by PETA | April 6, 2011

For years, a lone declawed bear named Ben has been confined around the clock to a cramped, barren pen at Jambbas Ranch Tours, a seedy roadside zoo in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Ben paces back and forth over and over again and bites the chain-link walls of his cage, pushes against them, and reaches his paws under them. A bear expert who reviewed footage of Ben for PETA explained that with these sad behaviors, Ben is trying to tell us something—he wants out!

PETA has been in contact with Cumberland County officials since last summer, requesting the enforcement of a county law that prohibits the possession of bears, raccoons, foxes, and alligators. Jambbas owner James Bass has all these types of animals in his possession, and he keeps them in substandard, miserable conditions. But so far, no action has been taken. In fact, PETA recently learned that rather than enforcing the law, Cumberland County commissioners amended the ordinance in an attempt to exempt Jambbas at Bass’ request.

PETA has arranged for Ben and some of the other illegally possessed animals to go to sanctuaries where they will receive the care that they deserve, but charges against Bass may be dismissed in light of this recent ordinance change. Now it is up to Cumberland County District Attorney William West to prosecute Bass when he appears in court on April 11. You can help by contacting District Attorney William West and encouraging him to uphold the law and send these animals to sanctuaries.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Moulin MuiMui says:

    This is brutal and should be stopped!!!

  • Kalin says:

    Please let him live his life.

  • Cilla Kloth says:

    How is this allowed? It is criminal.

  • Daniel J. Aguilar D. says:

    No puedo cree que le hagan esto al pobre oso y a otros animales, a pesar de que la ley les obliga a liberarlos, para enviarlos a los santuarios, esperemos que el fiscal escuche y lea los reclamos y haga cumplir la ley pronto, antes de que sea tarde.

  • Manal says:

    Please set him free. Animals do not deserve to be treated like this

  • Nicola Marsden says:

    This needs to stop now! What is wrong with humans? Get this bear uncaged now!

  • Jo Jo says:

    Please release this bear and punish those involved in captivity of this nature, it is wrong and needs to be stopped!!!!!!

  • Lesley Machan says:

    I started to cry the instant I saw this poor innocent animal. I truly do not understand what is wrong with people who can inflict this kind of misery on another living creature. Please see that he can spend what is left of his life (certainly can’t be in the wild due to the other inhumane act of removing his claws) in a safe place where he can roam free and interact with others of his kind.

  • Andy says:

    Enough is Enough!!! Animals should be out in the wild not in cages.

  • Neesha Patki says:

    Enough already!

  • Heather says:

    Of course he wants out; who wouldn’t? No creature should have to endure a life such as this:(

  • pauline lawson says:

    how can you treat this animal like this. shame on you people. call youself americans? you deserve to be sued. anyone thought of being the bears lawyer. why not? this bear needs a day in court.

  • Lenka Stalzerova says:

    Please help him!! STOP zoo and circus!!!!!

  • Maria Weir says:

    This is so barbaric. Who even enjoys seeing such a sorry sight?

  • Shruti Seshadri says:

    Let the poor bear go. What is wrong with you people. He is meant to be free in the wild, no one wants to see a depressed and helpless bear. you should all be ashamed of yourselves, taking advantage of Ben!!

  • Suzy Spivack says:

    Please have compassion for this poor animal and let him out. How would you people like to be cramped up in a small cage!!

  • RaRa says:

    This is absolutely outrageously CRUEL!!! This poor animal has had his life stolen from him. This story breaks my heart and I hope Ben will see freedom soon, and can live the rest of his life in the peace he deserves!

  • nicole says:

    Please let this poor boy out! how cruel!

  • Paula says:

    Please allow release these poor animals & show some compassion!

  • Angela Pryce says:

    Impossible situation! Chahge places and see how you feel!!

  • Pernille Ansbak Kassow says:

    Please treat animals nice, they are like us.

  • cindy says:

    These animals need to be free. These animals need to go to sanctuaries where they can get the care they need.People need to quit using animals for profit and think they don’t need to take care of them.The states need to address the isue and quit letting people get away with it just because they don’t want to deal with it.Let peta have these animals in his possestion.

  • Selena says:

    This bear doesn’t deserve to be caged like that. This is an inhumane act that makes me wonder why would a person want to commit this cruel act towards an innocent animal. Its just heartless 🙁

  • Sonal Wadhwa says:

    Kindly send these animal to sanctuaries, would really appreciate. Not many people care about animals, pls help!!

  • Theresa Jacobs says:

    This is disgraceful,let this poor creature out immediately. He needs others of his own kind and to be free or in a reputable scantuary. I wish this bears owner was in the cage so he could the pain this animal feels daily. There is a special Hell reserved for people like this. This bear needs love.

  • gunn nesbø says:

    Please, release the bear.

  • Evelyn Melendez says:

    I am very sad…I can’t understand …How many “humans” can hurt animals like that? For God’s sake! The bears like all living creatures have sensations and feelings…I have animals and them are part of my family!

  • Laura Whelan says:

    Hello, please do what is right for these poor animals and give them the freedom and care they deserve

  • Kim says:

    Free this bear.!

  • Eileen Young says:

    This is so so sick. The people who own this bear should be in a small cage for life. I hope they suffer for all the cruelty they have inflicted on this poor bear. Let this bear go free!!!!!!! He needs to go to a sanctuary where he can be a real bear. Shame on these people. I hope they rot in H===.

  • Jamie R says:

    This is absolutely unacceptable. This NEEDS to be mandatory that animals are not allowed to suffer like this!!

  • Nikolaos Bestas says:

    Dear Mr. West, please uphold the human law and the law of the nature and let this poor creature out in the freedom he so much longs for and deserves. And I would also be very pleased if Bass Ranch gets severely punished, preferably by banning them from the face of the earth. Kind regards

  • susanna Huntington says:

    It breaks my heart to hear that Ben has to spend his life in such an abnormal way for a bear, any animal or human. Please help Ben live his life where he can be a bear and feel happiness. Let him be as happy as he can being a captured creature. What kind of life is this for anybody? It is sad to see that animals are being kept this way in a country like America who has such ability to make it so much better. Please, please lets make Bens life better. Sincerely, Susanna from Sweden

  • Nargiza G. says:


  • maryann prendergast says:

    Please enforce the law, let this bear be removed to a more humane facility.

  • janne says:

    let it be, LET ANIMALS FREE!

  • erika wittmann says:

    please send this poor soul to a sanctuary!!!! the owner should be behind bars, not an innocent animal that belongs to his home in the wild!!!!

  • Ramona-Liana Gogoci says:

    Send these animals to sanctuaries.

  • lora Pagani says:

    Please let Ben free all the animals to a animals to sanctuary. ..Have some humanity please.

  • lora Pagani says:

    Please let Ben free all the animals to a animals to sanctuary. ..Have some humanity please.

  • pattykuhner says:

    Please be nice to these beautiful creatures and let them out of cages to go to sanctuaries.

  • Ashley Sharp says:

    this man has to be stoped

  • Jocelyn Dorgan says:

    Please allow Ben, and the other animals held by Jambbas Ranch Tours to live out what remains of their lives in sanctuaries. To be in their current situation is inhumane and should not be tolerated. Why would you exempt this place from an otherwise decent ordinance?

  • Pernilla Westerlund says:

    Poor bear =( Sad that people dont care about the animals anymore only money. The bear deserves to walk in the forest not some concrete cell! Use your brain for once and feel the animals pain too!

  • Kas says:

    Please send this poor bear to a sanctuary, its is very cruel to do this to an animal especially a wild animal.

  • Allie Lewis says:

    this is outrageous. let him out!

  • Allie Lewis says:

    this is ourrageous. let him out!

  • Robin Jones says:

    It is sad that Ben has been so cruely confined all of these years. It’s time to let him go to. He deserves the freedome a sanctuary can provide, especially for all the years he has suffered. Haven’t the owners made enough money from Ben?????

  • Jessica says:

    Sadest thing. I hate places that captivate animals, its okay to rehabilitate but not mentally and emotionally abuse them like this 🙁

  • Ramana says:

    Poor sweet baby!