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Bear Crashes Royal Party!

Written by PETA | March 17, 2008

I’ve been following the continued exploits of the black bear who’s been showing up at all of Prince Charles’ appearances in the Caribbean lately, to help remind the Brits that the Queen’s Guard’s regiments should make their hats out of, well, something that’s not bears. Shenanigans have been unfolding on the trip with a good degree of regularity, and the reports from the bear and her companion, Melissa, make for excellent reading. Here’s an example from last week:

Subject: Report from Montego Bay, 3-13 – PETA bear crashes royal party!

Today we drove 4 hours to Montego Bay where we’d arranged for a boat to take us as close as possible to The Prince’s yacht, The Leander. When we arrived security was familiarly tight so, we asked around and discovered C&C were having a party at the same resort, right near the beach where we’d board.

Here’s a photo near The Leander.


Then we headed back to the resort JUST in time for the party but we had to be subtle so, the bear laid down in the boat as we approached:


We disembarked just steps from the royals’ reception:


And were greeted by some of the children there to perform and greet the royals:


And then we just walked in…


We mingled with a few guests.


The band


More of the children, of course.


And even British members of the press who refused to take photos of us. So, we took photos of them.


Then we were spotted by one of Charles’s chief security officers. We know him. He knows us. 🙂


These people seem not to like bears seeing as they kill them and kick them out of parties.


We were escorted off premises.


And we were interrogated for a long while.


Because we’d reserved the boat ahead of time and paid the resort, threats of being charged with trespassing didn’t stick. Tomorrow we return to Kingston, home of Bob Marley.


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  • Jess says:

    If Diana was alive I bet she would love the bear And more importantly stop all the killing.

  • r says:

    OK I’m not a fan of Peta but even I thought that was funny…

  • jazzy says:

    thats very funny! i enjoy every thing peta shows the world. peta keeps nothing from our eyes such as other companys businesses ect.. keep it up peta!

  • Jack says:

    Ashes and Mousie You probably haven’t ever experienced having a giant bear following you around wherever you go so you may just have to trust me when I say that Prince Charles most certainly has the issue of the Royal Guard’s bearskin hats on his mind every single day. And while getting the royals to take this issue seriously is one part of the goal with these demonstrations the other part is putting it in the mind of the media and the general public and our efforts and PETA Europe’s efforts on that front have been very successful as well. Here are just a few of the articles that have appeared in newspapers recently with circulations numbering in the hundreds of thousands as a result of these and other actions taken by this campaign httpwww.trinidadandtobagonews.comselfnewsviewnews.cgi?newsid120478517935278.shtml Finally the bear costume is only one part of a coordinated campaign that involves undercover investigations behindthescenes negotiating celebrity support and public pressure to end the cruel use of bearskin hats.

  • Niran says:

    Great work PETA! Hats off to the person who is behind this ‘Bear Skin’ campaign!

  • Jaclyn says:

    Yes that IS a brave person in the costume!

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    I agree with what was said above but I’m sure the “big guys” will be alerted to this event. They know PETA is not going away and they will realize that it will be an uphill media battle as long as PETA keeps the pressure on! Go PETA love the bear hugs for the bear and the brave person in the costume And I’d love if they would focus on the fox hunt afterwards!

  • mousie says:

    i agree with ashes it’s a great thing to do and you probably have great things in mind but you have be able to make a influence on the person in charge.

  • Mark says:

    The security escort is evidence that they view this as a pressure against them so it will surely help them lean toward replacing bear skin sooner rather than later. Good job. However why isn’t there a website or something on the bear’s life preserver? How will anyone ELSE know what the heck this is about? And why did the press refuse to take photographs?!

  • Ashes says:

    Where was Charles during all of this? You were near the party but was he in the area yet? If he isn’t seeing or hearing about any of this then is it worth it? After all the kids probably thought a cute giant bear was great fun but they don’t exactly have the power to do anything.