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BBC Drops Dog Show Coverage

Written by PETA | December 15, 2008
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The BBC has announced—in a momentous victory for dogs everywhere—that it will no longer broadcast coverage of the Kennel Club’s Crufts dog show. Crufts is the British equivalent of the American Kennel Club’s Westminster Dog Show with all the attendant hype and fuss and dogs in crates.

BBC officials have learned that “purebreds” entered into dog shows are genetically predisposed to debilitating diseases caused by generations of inbreeding. And it’s all in an attempt to make sure that the dogs who are bred for money are the best “specimens” in town. Kudos to the BBC for taking a stand for dogs!

Apparently USA Network (which broadcasts Westminster Dog Show every February here in the states) hasn’t yet gotten the memo that “breedism” is a thing of the past. Remember last year’s winner, Uno? As a beagle, Uno has a significantly higher risk of hypothyroidism, demodectic mange, umbilical hernia, epilepsy, eye and eyelid problems, cryptorchidism, hip dysplasia, intervertebral disk disease, and luxating patella. Now what ribbon does that deserve?

Written by Liz Graffeo

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  • Renee Bouvier says:

    I imported a Black Russian Terrier dog from Russia about two years ago. I promised his breeder in Russia that I would finish the dog at the Westminster Kennel Club Show if she sold me one of her top puppies at a reasonable price. Even though my dog is a 2point major away from his championship in the open class I pulled him from the show ring as a result of his handler’s indiscretions and the actions of the competition. To make a long story short the handler in question literally destroyed my dog’s coat causing several months of medicated bathes and a special diet to aid in the acquisition of a new coat. This handler literally burned his coat and skin with a blowdryer in addition to ripping his undercoat out. Other areas were literally gouged out. At the Philadelphia Kennel Club Show there is benching where the dog is actually crated for hours each of the two days causing the dog to become ill. This benching is done to raise money for the Ryan Veterinary Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. The doctors of veterinary medicine should demand that all dogs should be held by the owners or handlers at all times and exercised forbidding any caging of these animals for more than 15 minutes at a time enough time to allow the handler andor owner to use the restroom and grab a fast bite of food. Otherwise these dogs should be free and exercised going in and out of the building several times during the course of the show. Caging an animal for hours is cruel especially those dogs left alone in trucks. If one sits out in the parking lots of these shows near the trailers one can hear the dogs crying barking and wimpering. These dogs are not happy to be at these shows. They may intially like the attention the people and other dogs but after a while it is most evident that these most cherished dogs want to be home in the park or on its owner’s couch or bed. Dogs are meant to be beside their owners at all times not caged on floors or in trucks.

  • Renee Bouvier says:

    A new breed to arrive on the shores of the United States the Black Russian Terrier dog is being ruined by the Americans mostly underemployed older women by breeding a smaller much more narrower bodied dog with a longer narrower head. These American breeders are breeding a Black Russian Terrier dog to either look more like the small undersized American Rottweiler dog or the very narrow bodied Airedale dog. These dogs are supposedly a military dog used for Schutzhund work. These breeders in the U.S. do not engage in the proper working competitions of this breed. Hence they are breeding a very undersized weak sick crippled dog which now suffers from horrific disease just like the Bouvier des Flandres and German shepherd breeds of dog which were made undersized deformed sick with an array of numerous hideous diseases by the same American breeders. These American breeders once they ruin one breed will import a new breed with the ultimate horrific results. Many of these breeders are breeding for profit lacking the funds to purchase the necessary imports and hiring a university hospital fertility center to maintain the breed. The American dog experiment has failed miserably. Legislation needs to be passed to protect these dogs. Already one finds undersized deformed Black Russian Terrier dogs abandoned in farm fields by their human breeders in states like the state of Washington. These dogs are definitely abused as conformation dogs at the leading dog shows in the United States by their handlers in many cases. Benching a dog is very cruel. Working and herding dogs were never designed to withstand crating for such long periods. In fact the herding and working breeds of dog should never be crated. If one needs to crate his or her dog one does not know how to train and handle a dog. In such a case do not become a dog owner if you lack the time desire and knowledge to properly train a dog to be left free or by one’s side.

  • Dee Beadle says:

    Well done BBC. Although I loved watching id rather not at the expense of our four legged friends.

  • Lesley says:

    SOME people who breed and show dogs are greedy and unethical SOME are caring and fighting for a happy healthy future for pedigree dogs Please PETA do not be so judgemental as to tar them all with the same brush

  • Erica says:

    Ok in a nutshell you need to get the facts straight. I am a breeder. I have been involved in breeding dogs since I was born and I also show my own dogs. These dogs live in my house as pets. And I have to say that when I leave for a dog show they are all wanting to come with. They love to show. They love being groomed. For them when they walk in that Best in Show ring they know all those people are clapping for them and it is just like a person modeling in a runway show or preforming in their school talent show. They LOVE it! And I don’t show them if they do not love it. As far as breeding goes. When you get a dog from a good breeder you do know exactly what you are getting into as far as health issues go. Every one of my dogs have their hips patellas and elbows certified by OFA their Thyroid certified their heart certified their eyes certified and we do a DNA test to check if they are clear carriers or genetically affected with PRA this is all before they are even considered for breeding and then they still have to have an impeccable temperament aka be a good pet for anyone friendly and loving. And then IF they are bred we check the hearts eye and do the DNA test for PRA before they are even placed with a good family. So you see by getting a dog from a breeder you will know what you are getting into. I can tell you if the dog will have hip or elbow dysplasia if it has the potential to be afflicted with PRA if it has a heart problem I can give you the history 6 generations back and I know what type of temperament you are getting. So if by breeding purebred dogs I am no better than the KKK well that is fine but at least my dogs have better health care than I do they live in my house and in my bed they eat a more expensive food than I do and I spend more time taking care of them than I do on myself. So you know what…I think I can live with myself. And before you continue to judge us AKC and dog show people maybe you should come live in one of our houses first and see what it is actually like see how these “poor” dogs live and how much they love what they do.

  • hope says:

    What? I love the Westminister Dog show! You people have your facts wrong.

  • april says:

    It’s about time! Although pure breeds are very beautiful the behind the scenes breeding and inbreeding of these dogs is a nightmare! These breeders are elitists and say they do it for the love of the breedIf they really loved the breed they would rescue those breeds from death row in shelters instead of breeding more where ultimately a lot of them will end up. There needs to be stricter laws on breeding and even though the halting of the show on BBC won’t stop the show from going on it is a small step for animal lovers and more importantly the dogs!

  • Gerry says:

    I remember the documentary that led to the decision by the BBC. The Kennel Club is unrepentant. Some of it’s members can be quite arrogant and patronising in the face of overwhelming evidence that many of their breeding practices are quite repugnant and immoral. I can’t find words strong enough to describe some of these loathsome people and their high and mighty attitude to objectors.

  • kim says:

    they should just cancel the whole show. they treat those dogs like crap.dogs are supposed to be loving animals not living things put on diets!

  • Abby says:

    I assume the dog show isn’t being cancelled so is it being picked up by another network to air? If so the dog show organizers might not actually feel the pinch very much. Please update us on this.

  • Amanda Bills says:

    Brillaint! About time too.

  • Aneliese says:

    A pity ribbon.

  • Kelley says:

    Does anyone actually still watch the dog show on USA? I am more puzzled by Animal Planet’s broadcasting choices. Sure they have “Whale Wars” and “Animal Cops” but they also broadcast a dog show every year and they have that freaky animal attack show on. What’s up with that? Why don’t they truly commit to making a difference for animalsthey should just “nail their flag to the mast” and broadcast PETA and HSUS PSAs while they are at it.

  • kelly says:

    It bothers me that these stations including Animal Planet show AKC dog shows AKC is in the puppy mill business. They lobby for puppy mills they oppose anticruelty laws they have people like this httpwww.sourcewatch.orgindex.php?titlePattiStrand who work for them AKC stands for animal abuse in the name of making money

  • yvonne says:

    I have always enjoyed watching the annual Cruft’s dog show and seeing all the dogs ‘basking in all their glory’ along with their proud owners and handlers.. now that we are aware of the more unsavoury side behind all the glam and gloss.. I guess I’ll have to go without the yearly dog show that I’m sure many other dog lovers have enjoyed watching in the past for many many years.. still if it will help discourage excessive inbreeding all for the sake of ‘showing dogs’ then so be it.. it will be for the better.. at least for the dogs and hopefully discourage the breeders’ relentless quests to breed the ‘perfect’ specimen or look.. not to mention all the inherent bad health dog’s may or will suffer that goes this excessive inbreeding or whatever they choose to call it.. I read that the present ‘black out’ will be or for as long as until they feel the excessive practices are no longer the case .. we shall see.. bad habits are hard to break..

  • Rex's Mom says:

    Just because the BBC decided not to air the Cruft’s dog show doesn’t mean they won’t still be having it. And it seems you only prefer mixed breeds since most pure breeds have medical problems but mixed breeds don’t? I love all dogs whether pure bred or not but I will NEVER buy a dog from a pet shop or even a reputable breeder and will only adopt my next dog from a shelter like I did my current dog a mixed breed with allergies. And even if the USA network stopped airing the Westminster Dog Show that also doesn’t mean they will stop having it. So the dogs will still suffer even if we don’t see it.

  • Lianne says:

    Good for them! Poor puppies being trotted around stages like that. And it’s even worse for the millions of homeless animals that have to be put down every year in shelters because of breeders.

  • Aneliese says:

    Great news! I have always hated that show it’s far from entertainment to me.