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‘Battlestar’ Actor Bares Skin to Save Bears

Written by PETA | February 25, 2009
Jamie Bamber

Whether they’re for humans or Cylons, one thing that Battlestar Galactica fans can agree on is that Jamie Bamber (aka Lee “Apollo” Adama) is frakkin’ hot! (Also that he made a better commander than president—or maybe that’s just me …) And as luck would have it, Jamie’s beauty isn’t only skin deep, as he recently proved by showing some of said skin to help bears keep theirs. When he learned about the cruelty behind those furry hats worn by the Queen’s guards, he was quick to step up and pose for our sexy new “Bare Skin, Not Bearskin” ad. There’s just something about a man who’s not afraid to expose cruelty (and a little skin) to the public.


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Whether he’s fighting for justice on TV or in the real world, one thing’s for sure: Jamie Bamber is a hottie with a heart! Can’t get enough of Apollo? We’re giving away a Battlestar Galactica DVD to one lucky commenter! To enter the contest, post a comment below and let us know what you hate most about fur.

You can enter the contest by posting a comment before March 11, 2009. We’ll contact the winner on March 12, 2009. By commenting, you are agreeing to the contest terms and conditions and our privacy policy.

Oh, and speaking of sexy Battlestar Galactica cast members … let’s not forget the gorgeous “Angel for Animals” ad that Tricia Helfer—or Six, to BSG fans—did on behalf of her feline friends. She’s the hottest “toaster” in any universe.

Written by Lianne Turner

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  • Dana A. says:

    Yes Apollo is VERY hot… I’m gonna miss seeing him every Friday night…very sad! But this thing with these bears being lured to their deaths for a stupid cap?!?! I can’t believe this…so ridiculous. My respect for the British Monarchy just plummeted. I hope that these messages get to them they do something about it.

  • Brittany says:

    I didn’t think it was possible for me to think more highly of Jamie Bamber and here he goes for the ethical treatment of animals. I think that the idea of using an animal’s fur is disrespectful and makes no sense to me. The synthetic materials are much cheaper to make and more sustainable. The treatment that the animals have to go through in order for the fur to be used is inhumane.

  • *jill says:

    yes he’s a hottie…and he knows what the worst thing about fur is too killing innocent beings for the sake of vanity is unnecessary and SO unattactive!

  • M.C. says:

    That’s awesome that Jamie Bamber’s proanimal rights! He’s awesome!

  • Bethany H. says:

    I work at a restaurant across from a fur store. Everyday women customers come in draped in needlessly expensive and cumbersome coats. They wear them to garner attention to make themselves feel more attractive more important. It’s as if people are using the natural beauty of animals to foster beauty within themselves. Why can’t we see and enjoy the beauty of fur on an animal as is? Why can’t we find our own beauty within without hiding behind another animal’s natural endowment? I hate fur because it is another way that people manufacture beauty when in reality if left alone is more beautiful than ever.

  • Tara Day says:

    Wearing fur is vain thoughtless and inhumane. I am flabbergasted that individuals continue to buy fur and support the slaughter of animals simply because they are vain uninformed andor indifferent to the suffering of animals. I have never and never will wear fur and have a mouthful to say to those who persist in making these needless purchases that support a cruel and shameful industry. I think it’s commendable that an intelligent talented and wellinformed celebrity like Jamie Bamber has stood up for this issue and brought further attention to a part of this awful industry that is uniquely horribly Canadian. May it help to raise further awareness and generate heated discussion.

  • Pam says:

    Love the ad campaign…bear skin. Makes you think. People need to understand what they are doing. Killing an animal just to hang on the wall or use the fur is not acceptable. They have families and it is heartbreaking to see how they are treated and killed.

  • Mona Mehas says:

    He’s a hottie! I love what he’s doing for the bears. I hope he’s a vegetarian too.

  • LovecraftMan says:

    Love is the Answer John 316 The thing I most hate about fur is the pain and terror the animals must endure for us to have fashion!

  • Veronica Ambler says:

    Thank you to Jamie for standing up for the bears! xxx

  • elizabeth coley says:

    when people were fur it says i dont care an innocent animal died for me to look good.and i think to my self turn this around would u want to be hunted and skined

  • Debbie says:

    Fur on people? About as exceptable as animals wearing human skin over their coats!

  • Lori D. says:

    There are too many things to list as far as what I don’t like about fur. It’s easier to say what I like about it I like it ONLY when it is on the animal that was born with it!

  • Linda M. says:

    No one needs real fur for warmth or beauty except the animals themselves. In this day and age anything can be copied with synthetics and be beautiful and warm. Faux fur is the way to go!!!!

  • Reina Avila says:

    Horrifying! I had no idea that’s how the headgear was fashioned. Watching such a beautiful animal get killed and skinned like that reminded me of the beheading’s the lack of humanity and mercy of those terrorists. These men who murder for skin only are also terrorists!

  • Brenda Bryan says:

    I love BSG but never knew he had an accent. It just makes him that much sexier and makes me want to save bears that much more!

  • Monica says:

    Yum…good for him. Bearbaiting is a sick practice. And that’s insane that Canadians kill some bears just to make those Buckingham palace hats. Ridiculous

  • heidi nemeth says:

    Fur and leather are cruel and inhumane bottom line!!!

  • Alex Faber says:

    People walking around with the skins of other living feeling creatures draped on themselves are similar to Ed Gein in how morbidly repulsive they are. It’s a sickening practice. Also Battlestar Galactica kicks! One of the smartest and most wellwritten shows around.

  • Sébasti says:

    Fur is cruel and so pass!

  • Eloy J. Hernandez says:

    What a talented actor what a terrific and quality show Battlestar Galctica and what a GREAT cause…thanks for being a voice for our wildlife!