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Banker Saves Ducklings From Free-Fall–Again

Written by PETA | May 19, 2009

The “duck man” is at it again. Last year, around this time, a news story about Washington banker Joel Armstrong, who caught ducklings as they leapt off an overhang, made the rounds on the Internet. This year, mama duck—dubbed “Amelia Duckheart” by bank staff—chose the same not-so-great place to hatch her brood, and Joel leapt into action again.

For a little over a month, Joel had been watching the nest, which is located on an overhang outside his office window.

Over the weekend, this year’s brood hatched and found themselves in the same ugly situation as last year’s—they were faced with having to jump from the dangerously high ledge down to the ground where their mother sat waiting.

Being an old hand at this, Joel was able to catch each duckling in mid-leap. He then escorted Amelia and her babies to the nearby Spokane River as a crowd of admiring bystanders cheered them on.

Talk about lucky ducks!


Ducks Jump


Written by Jennifer Cerlitsky

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  • Delight says:

    Craig I think you are missing the point that someone actually cared. He didn’t raid a nest he wasn’t anywhere near where the actual nest was just underneath. If you have ever lived around a park or lake in the city and have seen a family of mom and baby ducks try to cross the street just to have half her babies mowed down by cars you would help them too. I just had a baby duck brought into my animal rescue who was stuck in a pool filter if the person had not picked it up no mother duck in sight it would have drowned. It is better to have people show compassion than callous indifference.

  • Craig says:

    Ok I am confused. PETA is about leaving nests alone? Is any encouragement of raiding nests a terrible act anymore with PETA? This duck is not dumb. If her nest failed which I’m glad it didn’t she will move on and provide a better environment for her young in the future. Now people who cage wild birds and get caught in the act can now use the excuse of helping just like Joel the banker with a box. Also how come he didn’t call the wildlife department? Wouldn’t this have been better for all birds to let the public know nests being harrased in anyway will not be tolerated?

  • Mal says:

    Nice to see there’s one banker who cares about ducks. Unfortunately one suspects there will be a thousand who care about shooting them…

  • Craig says:

    This is a sad story because it gives ideas for the public to raid other nests. I asked the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Serivice if what the story reported was legal and they said no under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. I sent out emails to the bank and the news stations about what I learned and my concerns but I was blown off like a crazy PETA person! Also my Dad and I tried to call members of Ducks Unlimited posted on their websites and again no response.

  • kat says:

    Awesome Joel! fellow Spokane resident

  • sally Joe says:

    They are just silly ducks!

  • Nicole says:

    I work for the same bank different location as Joel does. We followed this story very closely last year and continued to do the same this year. Being the only vegan in my branch of the bank I followed extra close. Way to go Joel!!!

  • Susan says:

    I heard this story a while ago but it’s great to actually see the video clip. Joel…you are THE MAN! If acts of kindness and compassion aren’t signs of true humanity I ask then “What is?” My faith in humans is restored…temporarily! Thanks PETA for sharing it!

  • Vincent G says:

    Isn’t this inferfering with the ducks natural habitat? If the mother duck wants her nest there don’t interfere! Huproctites.

  • Emily says:

    That’s adorable! I love it. I wish more people cared enough to do things like that.

  • roxanne says:

    Wow Joel is the one of the few bankers that I like. He is so cool! Joel is the man.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Joel Armstrong is a man who personifies compassion in action via safeguarding these innocent and sentient ducklings. Bank on it !!!

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Perhaps Mama Duck knows that while this is not the ideal home it has two things to recommend it it appears to be safe from predators and there is a loving kind human nearby.

  • Kelley says:

    It’s nice that he cares to help the ducklings but ducklings are designed by nature to survive falls like this. In the wild mother ducks and geese often nest on steep rocky cliffs. The babies jump and for the most part just bounce off the ground when they land. I spent a month this spring watching the Contra Costa Ca goosecama mother goose has made her nest on the roof of the newspaper four years in a rowthe babies always make it safely to the ground when they jump off. It is heartstopping to watch though!!

  • Aneliese says:

    What a sweet man. Great story.

  • yv says:

    aw .. that’s so sweet…!