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Baloney Maker Full of…Baloney

Written by PETA | May 26, 2011

“Lunchables” peddler Oscar Mayer tries to mislead consumers into thinking that its meat products are healthier than they are, alleges a lawsuit filed against the company this week. Oscar Mayer prominently displays the words “98% fat free” on the label next to the calories per serving, such as “98% fat free, 50 Calories per Serving.” The suit alleges that this implies that each serving contains only two fat calories when it actually contains 10 times that amount.

Deceptive meat marketing is nothing new. For example, some consumers are now convinced that greasy turkey burgers are “health foods,” even though some varieties are actually higher in fat than their unhealthy counterpart, extra-lean ground beef, according to the American Dietetic Association.

A. Sparrow/cc by 2.0
No, I’m not feeling very lunchable today.

Slick advertising aside, the fact remains that meat consumption is directly linked to heart disease, strokes, and obesity, not to mention cruelty to animals. By choosing delicious vegan options, you can enjoy your food and your health.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Amanda says:

    This disturbs me. Why on earth would these companies want our children to become obese, develop heart disease, and contribute to the abuse and slaughter of innocent animals? I’m vegan and I’m going to raise my children vegan. I don’t eat my friends – I’m proud to be VEGAN!

  • Matt says:

    Because of course the fact that I’m in great health, despite eating meat my whole life, is completely random.

  • ledwards09 says:

    I never ate Oscar Myer. i am new to the PETA world as of 3 years or so, but i will say like Zuckerberg if i did not kill i will not eat it. and i own a cat and dog and cannot find my self to harm them.

  • MA Moo says:

    Well said, Go Vegan!