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New York Hotspot Cancels SeaWorld 50th Anniversary Party

Written by PETA | January 14, 2014

Sure, penguins are naturally dressed for a party, but to them, a “party” is doing tummy slides across the ice and swimming really fast in really cold water—not being loaded up in a truck and deposited at a noisy restaurant to serve as living party decorations. The latter is what SeaWorld had in mind—until PETA got wind of it, that is.

After being bombarded with e-mails and phone calls from PETA supporters, New York restaurant Bagatelle canceled a 50th anniversary party planned by SeaWorld that was supposed to have taken place at the restaurant this evening. After learning from PETA about SeaWorld’s routine exploitation of animals—which was movingly documented by the blockbuster documentary Blackfish—Bagatelle’s owners did “what was right in our hearts” and figuratively told SeaWorld to go jump in an Antarctic lake.

As PETA pointed out in our e-mails to Bagatelle, SeaWorld’s planned event would have caused penguins tremendous stress both during transport to the venue and while surrounded by loud music and noisy party guests. The event would have also promoted SeaWorld’s abuse of orcas, whom it locks up in glorified bathtubs, where they understandably are frustrated by the constant deprivation and confinement.

PETA is hanging up our protest placards and popping the champagne corks today in recognition of Bagatelle’s savvy business decision to put kindness ahead of profits.

What You Can Do

Bagatelle has done the right thing and cut ties with SeaWorld. Now tell Southwest Airlines to make the same compassionate decision and end its partnership with the “abusement” park.

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  • Debra Diana says:

    Thank you Bagatelle! So happy that you have compassion. Seaworld needs tobe shut down. They are nothing but animal abusers!

  • Why on earth would Seaworld want to do that anyway. Even a child knows you can’t take a penguin to a party and expect it to have a good time. They really couldn’t care less about their animals could they???

  • kelly says:

    The suffering of these beautiful intelligent animals is shameful and any celebration regarding SeaWorld should be not only cancelled but fined by law!

  • Gary Stokes says:

    WHAT YOU CAN DO………Is go and support Bagatelle by dining there. Money talks and BS walks. They have made the responsible decision and should now benefit from an avalanche of bookings and increased business. This is what is often missed with demo’s. When there is a victory, we all need to support those that made the ethical choice. Then others will follow in the future.

  • thisone says:

    Now can PETA talk to them about all the foie gras on their menu?

    • Vanessa says:

      In reference to; Now can PETA talk to them about all the foie gras on their menu?-
      One thing at a time, and don’t push people’s buttons, they’ve come this far. Offer them information, but don’t push them.