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Bad Time to be a Hunter

Written by PETA | September 7, 2007

Hunting has been on the decline for years, and CNN just reported that the latest numbers are that it’s down another 10% over the last ten years. Hunting in the water, err, I mean fishing, is also down around 15%. And call me crazy, but I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that while hunting and fishing numbers are steadily on the decline, new federal data shows surging numbers of birdwatchers, wildlife photographers and other wildlife watchers. They increased from 62.8 million in 1996 to 71.1 million in 2006.

Of course, as the numbers of hunters and fishers decline, so does the money in state wildlife agencies’ coffers, since most of their revenue comes from hunting and fishing licenses. And of course hunters and the agencies themselves are quick to go into panic mode, saying that “conservation” will suffer if these agencies don’t receive the money from hunting licenses, when in reality the only “conservation” they actually pay for is breeding more animals for hunters to blast into oblivion. So, perhaps it’s time for a policy shift here. I think it makes much more sense that wild areas be paid for out of regular taxes, since they sustain the earth and they are vital to life itself. It should be free and encouraged to watch birds and appreciate nature, and our state wildlife agencies shouldn’t be begging people to go out and kill animals simply so they can stay in business.

Man, it really is a bad time to be a hunter. First, CNN reports these new declining numbers, then the news that hunting may put men’s hearts at risk.

And perhaps most disturbing is the recently released DMGDRO report on the link between hunting and, how shall I put this … diminutive male genitalia, which, now that I think about it, may explain Dick Cheney’s obsession with playing with really big guns . . .

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  • Shelby says:

    Please don’t listen to these negative comments. All Hunters that say “I eat it, so that’s good” is a complete nut. If you have money to afford a gun, license, and bullets… You can afford some chicken nuggest at Harris Teeter rather than leaving some animal to wonder where it’s parents went after that person trekked through the woods. All Hunters have a twisted mind, and don’t deserve anything. I say just be vegetarian, what’s the problem with that! I commend you PETA!

  • HUNTER says:

    All of you anti hunters are fucking faggots. HUnting is not bad, it keeps population in check. Its better to eat wild meat, where the animal gets to live a happy and healthy life before being harvedted, rather then eating some animal that was raised in a bad atmosphere, living an unhappy life. I hunt fair. I follow regulations, and hate people that poach, and hunt unethically. I always eat what i kill, and nothing goes to waste. More people should learn hunt. Its a good way to know where your food came from, and you can bond with family and friends. Try it before you put us down.

  • Petabread? says:

    I don’t normally debase myself by responding to such mindless dribble; however, it seemed warranted. I understand that hunting seems barbaric and needless… specifically to the ever emerging generation of hip and progressive vegans who shop at co-ops and whole food distributors. Hunting in itself isn’t bad. I enjoy both the act and the reward of my endeavors. I don’t hunt for tro

  • billyb says:

    with fishing. catch and release. with these pathetic. cowardly wildlife killers they are absolute losers. there defense will be they are keeping the animals from over population. they hide. camouflage themselves and use every trick to lure defenseless animals to there ends. funny. they hide on some perch in a tree using sounds and smells to bring them close. then kill them. then have the moronic commenting such as..” look at this amazing deer with his spectacular antlers”. wtf. if u admire the animal so much how about u let it live? or better yet. come down from that tree and catch that deer or whatever animal ur trying to trick and kill with ur bare hands. COWARDS…AND THEN TEACH UR KIDS TO BE COWARDS. JUST LOSERS. HIDING IN TREES AND SCRAPING HORNS TOGETHER TO PULL THEM IN. AND USE UR ARROWS TO SLAUGHTER THEM. THEN COMPLIMENT THEN ANIMALS PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES.

  • Anthony Diggle says:

    Anyone who hunts and kills animals for entertainment is vermin. These sadistic cowards should realise that as time evolves, some pursuits become socially and morally unnacceptable and hunting falls into that category.

  • Timothy Pullen says:

    Firstly I need to mention the fact that I am ex UK Airborne and yes have been in the arcs of fire of the IRA and others. Just incase some silly hunting type person poses the question. Now to move on. Hunters are pathetic cowardly people who have a warped mind. They are typically right wing idiots who drive large Chevy trucks and wear cammo gear. I have just heard that a hunter killed a wild cat in Iowa. Hunters lay in wait with their bows and guns for Deer and Bear. I say to them grow up get a pet and take responsibility for the wildlife that we should be protecting. If the law allowed it for a single day. I would hunt the hunters!

  • Jamie. says:

    Oh no point asking for a discount anymore guys. I’ve got a new job.

  • Jamie says:

    Ugh. Alright. Let’s get our facts straight so we know who’s side I am on. 1 I am a hunter I work in an archery and bowhunting store. 2 I live in a rural locale. 3 I’m studying psychology at college. Ok cool. Let’s start. There is no link between hunting and penis size so no need to get offended. Secondly the link between lower socioeconomic status I.e poor folks and hunting are generally that we Myself included live in rural centres. As a result lowered income means some extra food on the table helps. And no. It does not generally cost as much as people imagine to start hunting. Firearms are often passed down through families. NOW onto the assertions ‘hunters are evil sociopaths etc’. Sure. Deliberately torturing and injuring small animals CAN be a sign of mental illness. But there is a bit of a difference between setting a cat on fire and shooting a deer. Difference is the cat is being harmed for the sake of harm. The deer is being shot for meat and for fur more often then not. Provided that hunters are the sociopathic killers you imagine there should be a lot more humanhuman violence around areas in which hunting is more common. The decline in hunting which is happening is caused by large amounts of the population moving into urban and suburban settings. Simple as that. Oh by the way. If you’re ever in Canberra and need some discount gear just mention this blog post.

  • Tone Gaglione says:

    How many people did Noah take with him on the Ark? How many animals? Don’t say it was for food we don’t eat elephants Lions tigers zebras etc. God did not make animals for “Sport Hunting” and you say your ancestors did this and you are protecting your heritage? Well some ancestors had slaves and this was legal.Unfortunately some of the most horrible things take years to changeand I am waiting for the day that my Grandson asks me what hunting is.

  • Alan B says:

    There is something very wrong with taking pleasure in killing an animal. Some people have been led into this death sport by others in their own families. In many rural families it’s a tradition. My father was a hunter years ago now he is more compassionate and I don’t believe he would hunt if he had it to do over again. He was brought up in a rural area where hunting was almost expected of a man. Here in Kentucky the Fish and Game people have managed to increase the deer population by about 1000 since I was a child. A hunter can just about sit on his back porch and shoot a deer yet they act like it’s such a conquest to kill one. I had a cousin who cams all the way from Arizona to hunt deer. Not realizing I was not a hunter he ask me where was the best place to hunt. I told him I was not a hunter and had no idea but that he really didn’t need a gun since the deer are so thick in this area you can’t drive anywhere and not have one run infront of your vehicle. In my opinion deer hunting or any type hunting will become a real sport the day the animals are armed with high powered rifles and start shooting back. Let’s see how many hunters would venture into the woods under those conditions to refortify their manhood. Hunters are like the neighborhood bullies they thrive where the odds are stacked in their favor.

  • SFH says:

    and i really like how your internet sight limits what people can post so that you soft hearted saviors don’t feel like your being picked on by the rest of the world

  • goodolboy says:

    just a question to all of you peta people do any of you have any idea what would happen to the ecosystem if nobody like me and my fellow hunters hunted. lets take deer for example im sure a few of you have either almost hit a deer or have hit a deer with your car. if nobody hunted then that would happen everyday all day intill the deer population became so overpopulated that disease would spred through the herd and then they would all die. I am all for people having there own oponions. This is america have your way of thinking but dont down other people for the way they think. and do you honestly think that there would of been a peta in the 1800’s. you think they had vegie burritos back then no people had to hunt for there food or you starve. I hate people who poach or just kill and dont eat the animal but i think that people who do it the right way and eat the animal i see no harm what if hunting is the only way to feed your family or your self. If this even gets posted i just wanted to get my point out to peta people if you are a 100 anti hunter then you are 100 uneducated and ignorant so enjoy your vega burger or burrito and i will contuine liveing as our ancestors did by hunting and not starving have a good day

  • mark says:

    Hey Jack I mean this in the most polite way your argument needs a lot of work. It did not convince me of anything except their are more bird watchers. Have you ever written a worthy argument before I mean the whole idea of stocking animals. Yes they do stock fish and you know what that is good because the lakes would be in pretty rough shape. But the Idea of them breeding Bears Elk and Deer and stocking them in the forest. If there was no hunting in my community a gaurentee that there would be animal overpopulation would lead to animal deaths of sickness and starvation. I Gaurentee that the death of an animal by a bullet or arrow is much more humane and less painfull then sick ness or being eaten alive by a predator. I hope that you will rewtrite your argument to at least earn you some credibility because as far as I’m concerned your argument is no better than any other blog or rant you would find on the internet.

  • Cody says:

    I enjoy hunting and perhaps I’m a savage mabye I’m sadistic but ur not going to change me. So talk all u want make penis jokes I’m gonna sit right here and eat some deer jerky and watch u guys go crazy.

  • Sarah Willmore says:

    you guys rock! go animals

  • Question says:

    A quick question how much has PETA actually donated toward protecting animals state parks and wildlife areas. Seems like all they do is bitch and moan about how humans are evil in taking the lives of animals. So maybe we should try to convert animals that hunt animals to vegetarians that way we can all live in harmony. Looking forward to your response.

  • jon says:

    hey ive hunted all my life and i find nothing wrong with it people to grow up and realize it is a free country and the world doesnt revolve around them . now i love animals and i enjoy hunting them too. but ill make this acception once and once only save an animal and shoot an anti hunter P

  • jon says:

    hey to all i have to say is save an animal shoot an anti hunter

  • Matt Soule says:

    I would like to start out by saying that i am a 16 year old hunter.I did not come on this sight just to say how much I hate PETA and how wrong you are and i dont plan on changing anyones mind much like no one will change mine.I came on this sight to do a project for school in which i have to write a letter to someone about somethign i feel strongly about huntingwhen i stumbled upon this article which I read and was truely insulted.Im just hear to say that let all of the non hunters know that hunting isnt what PETA makes it out to be. Id like to start of by saying that i like to consider myself an “ethical hunter” . PETA makes it seam liek hunters walk into the woods with their guns and just start shooting every animal they see until it no longer moves. Unofortunetly for hunters sake there are people like this but most hunters are not. I know what my firearm or bow and myslef are capable of doing. I always make sure that before i take a shot at an animal that it will be lethal in one shot and that the amimal will feel no pain and will die instantly or within seconds after. Secondly i would like to touch on the whole hick hillbilly redneck crap. Yeah i have to say that there are alot of hunters liek this but it doesnt make them bad and… i am not liek this.I live in a 400000 dollar house and my mom drives a cadilac and my dad a 50000 dollar truck.also my brother who is a doctor is an avid hunter. So that is a false statment. Thirdly i would liek to mention the whole coward and small penis thing. The coward thing i dont knwo what that even means or why they woudl call us cowards i consider my dad who is a hunter to be the braveset man i know.And no one in their right mind can belive that small penis thing. I also keep hearign the whole ” why do you have heads on your wall?”and i do have deer heads on my wall becase killing a deer is a challenging thing to do and yes i will admit it is somethign tha i am proud of and i want to enjoy their beauty forever. And finaly to say that we are evil. I have the utmost respect for every animal i take or decide not to take. I dont go in the woods blow away the first deer i see and laugh evily while i do it. I selectivly take deer. And afterwards i feel a sence of sadness that i took this animals life. But unfortunetly i have to kill the animal in order to eat it. And to touch on that i do eat every animal i kill. Venison is my favorite food.Im not goign to lie i do enjoy a nice steack from the butcher but if i had the voice of venison or beef id chose venison. So to wrap this up this is baically a description of most hunters and for all you non hunters out there dont listen to what PETA tells you because they have no idea. BTW a nonhunter is someone who is someone who doesnt hunt and is on the edge about how they feel about hunting

  • daddy nut says:

    hunters are a dying breed but bears are attacking houses and camps endangering peoples lives. do you care more about the over population of deer in cwd areas spreading to other areas. what about these animals. the gov’t is alowing hunters like me to bring in multiple tag deer in these areas for a price but to help control the disease from spreading to anywhere else. this is a good thing. the money goes the helping everything in that zone. and the wild hogs up in northern wisconsin are becoming a nuesences and they were askling us to bring in these hogs even if we didnt have a tag. oh and theres nothing better than eating a tender backstrip of venisen!

  • Andrew says:

    I would just like to say all you people claiming hunter are bad. Answer this Question what is PETA’s Plan for deseises that will come about with an over population in the animal herd. For example hunting is on the decrease and habatat is growing and now in Wisconsin CWD is killing Deer slowly and painfully. Now tell me how you are going to fix that problem without hunter. Let me guess PETA will medicate them. That is damn joke! Guess what PETA Doesn’t have enough followers to even come close to controling this promblem. Just to let you all know most hunter enjoy watching animal just and much in happy natural environment but in order to do so the herd needs to be in control and thats when hunters come into play. So before you comment on this know your fact and quit being close minded. Granted I’m a hunter and i beleive in ethical treatment of animals but to bash hunter who are acctually help your cause is absolute bull crap. Enough said. so pull your head out of your reaars and understand the real problem we arn’t working together.