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Bad News for Foie Gras Lovers…

Written by PETA | June 23, 2007

… apart from the fact that most of them are reprehensible hedonists who care more about living the high life than living a good life—though they probably knew that already. Turns out that foie gras is a carrier for a rare but exceptionally nasty little disease called amyloidosis, which is akin to Mad Cow disease—another little gift from the meat industry to its buying public. You can read more about the discovery here, though as far as I’m concerned, the only reasons that anyone could possibly need to boycott this particular “delicacy” are right here:

In other foie gras news, my good friend Noah, who works for a group called Central Texas Animal Defense, has been very busy this month helping restaurants in his hometown of Austin get the foie gras off their menus for good. You can read about his efforts here.


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  • katie says:

    Let’s condemn alan for supporting foie gras. I wish you were blessed by the disease as you love the toxins of duck’s liver.

  • Alan says:

    I know what foi gras is and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Furthermore I have been to places like France and have been to tours of the foi gras farms. They are treated much better than you think and better than US chickens and turkeys. I had a personal tour and the ducks are dumb they eat what they want until the last month where they do feed by tube but I witnessed it in person and the ducks are not unhappy at all. They are like goldfish in that they love to eat and yes their liver is expanded but they are not treated badly. At least the farms I have seen in France. I commented to him that he could sell more as he had room but he replied” I am happy with my fixed amount I do every year and when they sell out they gone”. Maybe US duck farms with our capitalistic tendencies over cram the ducks per square feet and that should be changed but to outlaw them is NOT right! Foi gras should be available to anyone whom wants to eat it. The ducks if treated like the farms I visited in France are not treated in humanly. I feel we should make every efforts in making sure all duck farms treat their ducks correctly but not ban them at all! The ducks I witnessed are treated like royalty and only their last month do they get fed twice a day with a tube and believe me they are not suffering. I will make every effort to educate people that foi gras is a great food and that the ducks are not treated badly! I think ignorant people are taking it to the extreme and should be ashamed at your tactics and misrepresentation of foi gras!

  • paul says:

    Giuseppe Ariel’s argument was clearly sarcastic and against ‘foie gras’ if you read it through. She was very cleverly suggesting that anyone who eats such a thing cos it is that simple is stupid. As usual that is the argument that is never gonna win the war. If you eat meat you’re not only a monster but you’re stupid as well. Beggars belief

  • christie christie says:

    Let animals live….eat fresh fruits and vegetables…it’s not necessary to interfere with animals and nature….we are just visitors…let’s be peaceful and not harm evolutions highly delicate food chain….

  • giuseppe says:

    ariel your own liver should cleanse the body from toxics not the liver of the geese! capito? and if you consider foie gras as a gourmet delicacy despite of the horrible suffering of these poor animals then you are a heartless beast!

  • Ariel says:

    I wonder how many foie gras eaters know that the function of the liver is to cleanse the body of toxins. And I wouldn’t doubt for a moment that the same uppercrust people who take delight in consuming foie gras would be repulsed at the thought of eating a hotdog. Oh wait now foie gras is an expensive “gourmet” delicacy so that makes it 100 better than a cheap hotdog.

  • Maureen says:

    Hate to say it but there are a hell of a lot of stupid people out there.

  • Carla says:

    If you’re stupid enough to not know by looking at the liver you’re consuming is diseasedthen you better wake up or we’ll be spending more money on our health care to keep you alive!

  • Maureen says:

    In some countries it is obligatory for cigarette companies to show gruesome photos of the effects of smoking on the cigarette packet. Ex. the lungs of someone who had died of lung cancer. People are given a choice. Can you imagine a photo of a goose or duck being force fed with a tube down it’s throat on a tin of Foi Gras. But I suppose in a world like that Foi Gras would not even exist!

  • A.M says:

    Maybe foiegras makes people hostile as well…LOL Peaceful AntiFoie Gras Protester Assaulted at French Products stall AntiFoie Gras protesters at the French Products stall in Cambridge receive a response thats more than a little hostile Campaigners were once again at the French Products stall in the market square Cambridge for a small leafleting demo. The demo was eventful to say the least. One aggressive man believed to be a trader in the market poked his finger at campaigners and insulted them even threatening the property of a female demonstrator no doubt putting off any potential customers. The French Products stall worker was as usual irritated by the presence of the peaceful individuals and used bad language in his normal style but this time decided to go further throwing a bucket of water at one of the peaceful campaigners. However the stall worker hadnt had enough and came back with another bucket of water and again aimed it at the campaigner. Even in the face of this assault the protesters stayed calm. The police were alerted but ended up not helping and even suggested that protesters stood away from the stall to protest! The stall worker probably worried about the police decided to pack up and go home. Rather than attacking peaceful campaigners the protesters believe now is the time for French Products to finally adopt a FoieGras free policy dealing with the reason why some members of the Cambridge public may be avoiding their stall. The production of the product at the centre of this controversy Foie Gras is commonly made by stuffing food pipes down geese throats. The animals livers then painfully expand. Force feeding birds is unlawful in the United Kingdom but because of trade rules the government claim they cant ban FoieGras imports. Whilst a number of businesses big and small are now FoieGras free zones some traders continue to refuse to adopt policies against this controversial product. The protesters hope that people will take the time to contact French Products and let them know politely that its time to drop this abusive product from their stall. The campaigners would like to thank anyone contacting the business not only for their action but for putting up with the ranting response they are likely to receive from French Products. The protesters would also like to warn campaigners that it might not be advisable to give any personal information to this business. French Products email and phone Email Phone 00447847213011 for UK callers I believe you simply take off 0044 and add 0 To learn more about FoieGras see

  • Michael says:

    A liver swollen to ten times its normal size is already a diseased liver. Can you imagine a human going to emerg with that kind of complaint? Only a very sick mind could have dreamt up FG in the first place. Ban foie gras!

  • Norbert Dujardin says:

    Also here in France we are fighting against foie gras which is nothing else than animal torture!

  • Enrico Bravi says:

    It’s really high noon for foie gras menues and thank you Noah for your great efforts to help the restaurants to abandon this horrific eating ‘tradition’! Torture is not culture!!!!

  • Ariel says:

    Thank goodness for Noah and the Central Texas Animal Defense. Keep up the great work! Obviously they are dealing with people who are not too bright. Who in their right mind would want to eat liver when the function of the liver is to cleanse toxins from the body??? I’d much rather be called an extremist as an animal activist than a “gourmet” garbage eater. Or maybe I should say for the sake of the educated? highlifers foie gras garbage. Yet isn’t is odd they would be the same ones to be repulsed by a hot dog.

  • Stacy M. says:

    I went to a so called upscale market the other day and they were selling foie gras. I thought to myself “Do people who eat this actually know that they are eating the duck’s disease?” It’s not like they raise the ducks to slaughter. They get the ducks to a point of being severely sick and use their diseased liver to make foie gras. That is reprehensible. I can understand wanting to live your life for pleasure. But if you find pleasure in eating diseased duck parts what does that say about someone?….I’m glad that there are repercussions for their actions. I think that getting sick from eating a duck that’s been tortured to the point of disease is what should happen.