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Bacon, Fake Bacon for James Bond

Written by PETA | November 17, 2008
nilacharal / CC
Daniel Craig

It looks like James Bond himself, actor Daniel Craig, is a little confused as to what makes a good breakfast. While filming Quantum of Solace, Craig decided he was going to stick with the ideal of a traditional English breakfast, no matter what—so he had bacon shipped to him on location. In case you haven’t heard, that location was Italy—and yes, the bacon came all the way from England.

Wow. You know you have a meat addiction when you have to get your pork products shipped internationally!

So to help him out, our friends at PETA Europe decided to send Craig a sample of the best faux bacon available. Fakin’ bacon comes free of heart-clogging cholesterol and heart-stopping cruelty (like cutting off the teeth, tails, and testicles of piglets without giving them painkillers and slaughtering pigs while they are still conscious), so it’s a win-win situation for any bacon lover!

And by the way, I’d also like to point out that eating meat has been linked to impotence. After all, cholesterol can clog arteries that lead to all organs, right? And that’s one problem that the fictional James Bond would never come across.

Written by Amanda Schinke

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  • jazmin says:

    I told my husband I thought he was the worst James Bond to ever hit the screen before I knew about this. He’s smug looking too serious as Bond and an arrogant bastard. No soul on the planet ‘just has to have’ bacon especially shipped from another country for God sake spoiled puke bag actor ya think! If he keeps it up he won’t be an actor much longer anyway he’ll be dead from an artery clogging heart attack.

  • John says:

    Geneva Twasn’t Sam Baker! Don’t bully him I have a heart I just disagree with this post. Would you like to be abused for wanting your favourite breakfast whilst you were away from home? What if he didn’t like the Italian breakfasts? What if he was sat crying because he couldn’t eat his favourite meal and just wanted a taste of home? And all people do is send fake versions? Sending him fake versions of the same thing detracts from the fact he had his bacon ‘shipped’ to him and makes it purely about the fact he was eating meat. As PETA shipped ‘bacon’ to him as well Which detracts from the Shock aspect of this blog post as well Also If you vegitarian why would you want to eat a nonmeat version of meat? An embodiment of all the things you dislike about the meat trade made without meat? It would be like me buying a painting originally created by an artist I didn’t like purely because a different artist painted it. It would look the same taste the same? but it would be ‘ok’ because the artist i didnt like didnt paint it. But whats the point in that? I don’t want Daniel Craig to cry do you?

  • Geneva says:

    I don’t understand why SOME PEOPLE ahem cough…sam bakercome here only to make fun of this stuff! Okay I admit I was raised on and still eat meat but I don’t poke at veg pplz!!!! Have a heart!!!!

  • Saucy says:

    He looks like a meatball. I’m not impressed. Thanks for the heads up I won’t be wasting $12.00 on that pic. How incredibly bogue and self agrandizing.

  • Jonathan says:

    If Daniel Craig wants to eat real bacon that is his decision and their is not much you can do about it.

  • Art says:

    Much ado about nothing. Have any of you ever bought imported cheese?

  • Sandy Brooks says:

    The question I have is did he or his “People” respond to whether or not he tried the faux bacon?

  • David says:

    He goes to Italy home of some of the best food on earth including a long and proud tradition of vegetarian food and all he can think of to eat is bacon shipped from England?! Pity that the sense of adventure that he portrays in James Bond hasn’t rubbed off on him in regard to his dietary choices!

  • emily says:

    Wow that’s great that you guys sent him the faux bacon hopefully his view on real bacon will change.

  • Tom says:

    Daniel Craig looks like his breath smells. Just sayin’.

  • John says:

    Its good that he has his priorities right! I’d of got the sausage shipped over as well!

  • sam baker says:

    I think that it is so wrong for this guy to be taking the life from these poor innocent pigs! I meanwhat have they ever done to him? I am guilty of eating pigs too but i don’t eat them when they have been slaughtered cruley packed and shipped from a different country.