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Baby Seals Taste Like Murder

Written by PETA | March 9, 2010
Tuftronic10000 / CC by 2.0

Despite record low ice levels, Canadian officials seem hell bent on choking down baby seal flesh before they’ll willingly choke back their pride and denounce the seal slaughter. According to news reports, tomorrow, in an effort to thumb their noses at the E.U.’s recent seal-product ban, Canada’s parliamentary restaurant will be serving seal meat to politicians (and in other news, I just threw up a little).

This isn’t the first time that government officials have proposed placing the decomposing flesh of a bludgeoned baby seal on their menu, and according to Senator Celine Hervieux-Payette, the bloody feast is meant to demonstrate “the solidarity of the Canadian Parliament behind those who earn a living from the seal hunt.”

(Not so) sorry to break it to Senator Hervieux-Payette, but the commercial seal slaughter, which accounts for 97 percent of seals killed each year, is not a subsistence trade. Profit from the slaughter barely exceeded C$1 million in 2009, and the average pay for a sealer was just C$200.

So, after you RSVP to our International Day of Action for seals, join the more than half a million people who have urged Canada to cancel the massacre.

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • Elizabeth Bekker says:

    would I want a politician with no compassion serving me????…..don’t think so!!!……..maybe they are not a very bright bunch????

  • Stacey says:

    Its not the blood the skins or the left over carcusses that make me physically ill I’ll take the sight of blood any day to the sound of these beautiful innocent creatures screaming in pain until death and all for nothing because the riches nations in the world don’t want to buy it. “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Mohandas Gandhi

  • Ami Vong says:

    SHAME to those hunters! SHAME to Canadian Government! STOP this cruelty!!!! STOP being Barbarians!!!

  • Sharon Kennedy says:

    The members of Parliament who support this hunt are callous in heart and disgrace the Canadian people with their vile exhibitions of arrogance and disrespect of God’s creatures. But then most of Parliament does not respect God’s laws of compassion truth justice or compassion. We have babies born on the sidewalk their first breath of life taken in homelessness our elderly citizens are impoverished are dispised. Canada as a nation is the New Babylon and God will remember the crimes done to the seals to the marginalized and to the oppressed…He will choose the moment of justice for this nation and all others that defy His laws of respect and compassion.


    Are we living in the dark ages? Who would willingly wear a coat made out of sweet and innocent baby seals that have been murdered and the worst way imaginable… buthered… unspeakable really… I am literally sickened and completely heartbroken about this issus. In sorrow……

  • steve says:

    I have watched these fishermen do this over and over and am appauled at the cruelty that people can do to such innocent animals. I wish there was something more I could do to stop them before they start a new year of killing spree.

  • Cray says:

    so corre you are saying a country is barbaric because of the actions of a minority if we follow this definition every country in the world is barbaric. There are a lot of Kind places in Canada so please try not to judge the majority by the actions of a few like a lot of people seem to like to do here.

  • Jessica says:

    Hi I’d just like to remind everyone that no ALL Canadians are barbarians who kill baby seals for their fur. Many of us do NOT agree with this hunt and are embarrassed and ashamed. Also in response to Sangeetha’s comment about not eating in Canadian restaurants we do not have seal meat served in our restaurants or on our menus. I have not once seen seal meat as an option in a restaurant. It seems to be something symbolic that was done at the politicians dinner but that is it and definitely not right.

  • Colleen Nielsen says:

    I am so embrassed how these high and mighty people can go on tv and say “we are allowed to eat meat” The way they kill these helpless animals is beyond me. i dont know how humanes can be so HEARTLESS!!!!

  • Christopher Stephens says:

    Why is the government so hung up on the seal hunt? What’s the big deal? Why are they so for it? They probably spend more money defending this hunt than they make.

  • kel says:

    Canada needs a new government and is way overdue! We are appauled and the selfishness and waste of taxpayers money in the cruel advertising campaign.

  • eddy l says:

    It is just mind blowing. How much deeper can you fall? I sincerely doubt the sanity of these “politicians”. I thought they were supposed to respect the will of the people? The overwhelming majority of canadians is against this barbaric massacre. So what has happened to democracy….?? Smashed to bits and pieces with a pick ax? About time canadian voters wake up!!!!!!

  • Rob says:

    I searched all over to find maple syrup that did not come from Canada and I found it. I will not buy anything from Canada as long as this slaughter continues.

  • Michele says:

    Go to this article and add your comments. httpwww.ottawacitizen.comnewsSeal+stunt+akin+gastronomic+cruelty+IFAW2666446story.html If you read the comments you will see that some Canadians unfortunately see no problem with this slaughter and are sadly misinformed.

  • richard says:

    such a cruel thing to do…i hate their guts doing something like this.

  • sabina says:

    I think it is gross. Killing or hunting any living being for pleasure or otherwise is sick. If you think one can control thrie population by doing such what about us humans who accout for the highest in the world. Should we start killing human babies. We have no right to destroy what the the creator has created. live and let live. I travel a lot and personally would never visit a barbaric contry like Canada.

  • Cheryl Holihan says:

    You can helpjoin the Canadian Seafood Boycottdon’t buy their maple syrup and I also watched not one minute of the Olympics bc they were held in Vancouver. I have looked into which Seafood retailers in my area are in support of this boycott and I plan to take my 5 month old out with me to visit local restaurants and grocery stores to try to encourage them to order only from providers who support this cause. If they want money so bad HIT THEM WHERE THEY APPARENTLY CARE THE MOST…their wallets. I dont plan on appealing to their heart strings anymore bc anyone who could take part in this act…doesn’t have one! SAVE THE SEALS….I know I am going to try to! JOIN ME! Go to the humane societies action toolkit website and it will give you a list of retailers in your area support this cause. Make a difference in our world it will cost you nothing and will give you everything.

  • natalia says:

    probably it will be too much but why won’t they try their kids meat ah?

  • barth tina says:

    I cant believe this cruelties agains animals. I feel ashamed! And it hurts.

  • Melissa says:

    Wtf?! How could anyone have the heart to eat such a cute little creature? I mean it’s one thing to eat cow pig and chicken though even that’s still wrong but who seriously eats baby seals? I don’t think I’m going to any restaurants if I ever go to Cananda.

  • Sangeetha says:

    This is really crazy!!! Ppl are sick

  • Nancy says:

    When I read this in today’s paper I couldn’t believe what I was reading! With our politicians putting on this “show” they are also throwing the compassion of people who work tirelessly to end this slaughter in our faces. I just finished sending letters to the PM the Governor General Libs and the Senators to show my disgust for attending this dinner of seal flesh and showing no indication to end this hunt. It’s not even a hunt as far as I’m concerned. How do you hunt anything that is sitting there looking at you!

  • Allison says:

    It is difficult to sleep at night knowing that this senseless act is going on in our country! End the slaughter now!

  • lucia viesca says:

    Now this is just sick and twisted… If Prime Minister Stephen Harper were a better person he would start thinking about how this will affect our environment and the species and end the slaughter so that future generations can share in the beauty of these precious seals. Down with PM Harper… This is absolutely disgusting! They would make more money off of seal tours than killing them. I for one would go if they stopped the slaughter. Lets see them in their natural habitat and I will pay to see these precious babies!

  • keana says:

    Wow. Not only is that disgusting…its sad. No baby seal or any animal should have to die just so some damn politician has a meal….those babies could of had their whole lives ahead of them! THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT MAKES ME SICK! Its just so unbelievable! ”

  • CYNTHIA says:

    i don’t understand how this is actually legal! these people shouldn’t be allowed to do this to poor defenseless animals.. hunting shouldn’t be permitted more than anything all these animals getting attacked and killed for no reason at all should be watched and made sure they are kept alive for our future… instead of killing them off for no reason.. these people are sick!!

  • Nicole says:

    Disgusting shameful! No wonder this carries on when the very leaders are so pathetic twisted!

  • Laurel says:

    This is so gross how would anyone want to eat seal?! It’s not even that far off from eating dog if you think about it. I doubt any of those people would eat the family dog… I’m canadian and I think this is embarassing.

  • Tina says:

    I think it’s horrible that the government continues to support such a horrible activity! It’s bad enough that people will eat other animals but seals??? Gross!!

  • Colin Mahoney says:

    Horrific and disgusting.

  • Petia says:

    What to say people are the biggest animals. I’ve sent so many petitions but the truth is so terrible people are beasts.

  • Daniel K says:

    Why in the world is this allowed? You would think with all the bad press associated with the seal hunt and the image of a baby seal being bludgeoned to death the Canadian government would end this senseless hunt. I too am ashamed that this occurs in my country

  • Andre Inglis says:

    So desperate to make a dollar the Canadian Government is. I’m ashamed to be a Canadian too. I question the market of seal meat but I’m sure there are people that will eat it just to say they did.

  • Shannon says:

    Canada needs to consider the shape our world is currently in and the waters the poor seals must live. Murdering those innocent creatures is pure shame shame on humanity because there is no true need to live off animal flesh anymore like our ancestors. But the true shame is stained on the inside of the Canadians their bodies will be poisoned by the chemicals we have ruined the earth with and forced these poor victims to live in. This vicious circle will ultimately have it’s just Canada.

  • moo.lennon. says:

    canadiansand only the bad ones! are horrible!that is so cruel…hopefully someone has to cajones to ditch the plate and flip off the one stupid canadian who said”lets serve seal today!”.anger.

  • Aneliese says:

    I hate the seal hunt. It makes me ashamed to be Canadian.

  • gloria taylor says:

    This so cruel and barbaric what the heck is wrong with these people….