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Austrian Activists Not Guilty

Written by PETA | September 10, 2007

Score one for freedom of speech in Finland! Remember the story of the Austrian activists who were arrested back in 2003 for going onto a Finnish fur farm to film the horrible conditions? The activists were beaten by the “farmer,” arrested and held for three days by police, and their legal struggle has been on-going for several years now.

Well, they were just found not guilty and are free. Here’s the full story. Congrats guys!

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  • Ana says:

    Judith Being that I am an abolitionist I want the trajedies that befall animals daily to come to an immediate end. But since that wish is a difficult one to come to fruition I will daily make an effort to help liberate animals as much as possible by actively helping them and educating others about their plight. Today my frind told me I convinced her husband to stop eatings pigs it’s a start one animal at a time. I do NOT live in CA and I appreciate your point of view. I only hope that kelly uses her energies to help animals and not attack a vegan animal advocate like me or anyone else who is also for that matter. Peace ANIMAL LIBERATION!

  • Sherry says:

    Im happy for those 3!!! Way to stand up for what you believe in! Sorry you had that rough of a time for it. People really shouldnt wear fur. Not only is it unjust and horrible for people to even think about killing animals for their skins it also looks funny. FUR ONLY LOOKS GOOD ON ANIMALS PEOPLE!!!

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    Dear Ana and Kelly I live in California. I like both of my Senators. They have done alot for animal welfare. I email both ladies quite a bit on the Animal welfare issues. But I have my doubts about both I will always support them. They are the best we have. You must go to this site 06releasesranimterrorism1127.htm Also please use your search engine and put in “why did Senator Feinstein support AETA.” You will find everything you need to know. The one thing that truly disturbs me the most is that the one item that made her sign on is that she feels that research scientists should be allowed to do what ever they want to do with the animals. This makes me want to pull what little hair I do have out. ACLU is still working on this. I so dislike having my freedom of speech limited. Hurray for Finland Freedom Fighters I only wish I could have been standing by their sides…. Maher and Newkirk 2008

  • Michele says:

    I do not have a lot of knowledge of how the AETA came into being as I am not American though I did write a letter to Bush for the campaign to get him to veto the bill. However this latest news from Finland is wonderful and is a victory for animals and animal rights supporters all over the world!

  • Ana says:

    kelly I am not letting anyone off the hook maybe you should stop excusing Bush so much. BTW cut the crap about blaming me about anything. That is such a dumb statement especially since you don’t know me personally or know what I have done and do for animals. I have known about Feinstein for a very long time and have never liked her. She was popular with various types of constituents certainly not me. So lay off the blame game with me because you sound utterly ridiculous. Obssess is a strong term maybe your’re obssessing with my comments because you keep responding. Give me and the animals a break and go do something positive for them instead. I do that everyday. If you have so much energy to attack me a vegan animal advocate than make an appt with Feinstein et al responsible for AETA and other unfair laws for animals and advocates. I visit my reps and let them know. Deal with animal abusershaters and stop wasting time with nonsensical retorts to me. Enough of this. And if I don’t like Bush that’s your problem deal with it. Animal Liberation!

  • kelly says:

    Ana you still let Feinstein off the hook. Why is that? SHE HELPED INITIATE THE WHOLE THING. And she pushed it through without debate. Are you saying Feinstein is a puppet of George Bush? You know this is why animal abuse continues. Because people like Ana are so busy obsessing about things like George Bush that they ignore the supporters and proponents of animal abuse that are busy around them.

  • kitty says:

    D That’s good news!! I wish fur would be outlawed… It’s horrible and cruel.

  • Ana says:

    kelly I know who cosponsored AETA but Bush still didn’t have to sign it he had the power to veto it. The AETA can be argued that it is not even constitutional. The AETA is overkill because there already was a law specifically focusing on animal liberators property damage of enterprises abusingkilling animals and animal rights activists in general. To allow the language “terrorists” in reference to animal advocates is both abusive and inaccurate. How it was passed without debate both in the House and the Senate is a disgrace and does not indicate in any way the democratic process especially with so few present. Only one rep DK displayed integrity in not only attempting to debate the act but in also voting against it. The AETA is a step backwards for democracy. It was a done deal and that’s how Bush wanted it. The Bill of Rights and the 14th amendment seem invisible with AETA as law.

  • Niranjan says:

    Thats so wonderful! I’m happy for the 3 activists. Unfortunately they had tough time since 2003! Hats off to those ‘Freedom Fighters’!

  • kelly says:

    Ana please remember that it was liberal Diane Feinstein of CA who was a cosponsor of AETA. You can’t just blame Bush for that insanity!! Clearly even some liberal and socalled progressive legislators are willing to shill for the abuse industries

  • rojo says:

    did the farmer get prosecuted for the beating?

  • kelly says:

    It is a disgrace to see the government and even media! collude with thug animal killers. And yet I look even at the US to see the USDA collude with puppy millers and the livestock industry and spread the poison and smear about humane groups provided to them by proabuse lobbying groups like CCF. And give our tax dollars to these criminal industries who break laws and get handouts! We must be vigilant in exposing this evil.

  • Ana says:

    The USA government should get a lesson from this. Democracy died when AETA was signed by the dictator Bush. Terrorists!!! The terrorists are those in labs fur farms slaughterhouses factory farms animal circuses sea worldhunters et al. I am so glad the animal defenders and animals found justice in Finland!

  • Mira Bhai says:

    This is a happy day for me and my whole family! How could anybody even think that these heroes were guilty! They did exactly what is right and just! Congratulations we drink a toast to you! Continue the good work we need people like you!!!