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Australian Wool Producers Confronted

Written by PETA | June 15, 2010

PETA’s presence was felt by Australian wool producers who are attending a weeklong international trade meeting in San Francisco. Yesterday, 120 protesters made a striking appearance as they gathered outside the conference building and denounced industry executives for allowing wool producers to abandon their commitment to ending the bloody and painful practice of mulesing this year.


Wool Demonstration


Wool Demonstration


Leading designers and retailers around the world—including Gap Inc., Timberland, Abercrombie & Fitch, Limited Brands, Liz Claiborne, HUGO BOSS, and Perry Ellis—have pledged to move away from wool that comes from mulesed sheep or have instituted an outright ban on it.

Shoppers can make a difference by turning their backs on wool altogether.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • PETA says:

    Re: Jordies93. To learn about upcoming events and demonstrations in your area, please join PETA’s Action Team here: Thank you for all that you do for animals.

  • jordies93 says:

    How are people informed about the PETA demonstrations like the ones listed above. I would really like to get involved in these demonstrations.

  • sadams says:

    Experts estimate that mulesing could be phased out in just two years if Australian wool farmers would simply stop breeding overly woolly merino sheepwhose wrinkly skin makes them more susceptible to flystrikeand switch to “barebreech” sheep i.e. ones with smooth bottoms instead. So far greedy sheep farmers have refused to make the switch so it’s up to us to push hardand we are doing just that with our campaign to get retailers and consumers around the world to reject merino wool.

  • Paul Howard says:

    The best way to make a difference is not by avoiding wool. Raise your own sheep take good care of them and don’t kill them. That’s what my family does.

  • Gillian says:

    I understand why the confronting nature of the material posted by PETA and other protest groups is put forward. i am and have been for many years an animal supporter. I’m a member of WWF and regularly donate to animal charities. I also am the very proud owner of a Merino sheep who is about to turn ten years of age. i was offered to have her mulesed when she was a lamb and when the practice was explained to me i thought it sounded barbaric and refused the offer. To this day i don’t think anyone reading this will understand how much and how often I’ve regretted that decision. unless you’ve been in Australia for a summer you won’t understand the ability of the Blow Fly to infest something in a matter of minutes. I accept that mulesing is painful and traumatic but for that to have occured once is nothing compared to being fly blown. that is constant pain and trauma of having these maggots eating into you and not being able to do anything about it. You can’t imagine the misery that creates and this can occur up to 12 a dozen times a year. The process of pinning her down and treating the open flesh is every bit as painful and traumatic as the mulesing practice and this is done repeatedly throughout the year. My Nelli is shawn twice a year in an effort to manage this and i regularly treat her with a repellent the sort of treatment that cant happen on a broad acreage property. I’m all for standing up for those who dont have a voice however in this instance i just don’t think anyone should be protesting unless they’ve seen the misery and agony of the slow and painful death from being Fly Blown. I appreciate your intentions but i don’t believe anyones taken the time to understand the full story. Maybe there is a better method but until such is found this is by far the lesser of the two evils and i’m so sorry i didn’t research the other end of it and have a better idea of what was involved before i made the wrong decision for my Nelli.

  • Simon Validzic says:

    In addition to the cruelty to the sheep themselves the problem with sheep and other animal farming is that it takes up so much land that could be inhabited by native species. Even though Australia appears to have a low human population density very little of the original habitat is preserved and 90 of many types of forests has been destroyed since the white colonization. Australia has the largest wild animal killing industry in the world. 4 million kangaroos and their joeys are killed each year. Please help kangaroos by signing these 2 petitions 1. To the European Union http://www.thepetitionsite.com1stopeuimports440000joeyskilledeveryyear 2. To the Australian Senate http://www.gopetition.competitionskangarooextinction.html

  • latha says:

    Please protect innocent animals. People stop Killing the animals for sake of selfish reasons.

  • juana says:

    thank u peta and all the help u have got!! I don’t know much about it the wool but I always buy cotton. I just ate the killing of animals and the abuse instead just take all animals like humans because the only difference is they wear a special coat and human language skin. thanks peta.

  • Rhoon Koerner says:

    Will you please step up and do the right thing. We live in the 21st century and are much more aware and humane about all living entities. Wild animals should never be abused exploited and used for our own greed and desire. I ask you humbly to think about all of the sheeps and lambs that are being mutilated. Then begin to wonder what it would be like to have to live life suffering being dragged iver to that device never to wander through the open pastures freely and peacefully in our planet. If we can begin to bring attention to this matter all the other efforts to have animals treated equally will have such a dramatic and positive impact to this planet we also inhabit along side all other living animals. Thank you kindly for taking the time to read this. Rhoon Koerner The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated Mohandas Gandhi

  • Aneliese says:

    Wow 120 people!

  • Rhonda Keen says:

    Please stop the torture of animals. Why are people so evil? It just doesn’t make any sense. Animals are so innocent and just want to be loved.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Whenever I hear an Australian sheep farmer say mulesing does not hurt the sheep I want to dare him to let me fasten him to one of those contraptions they use to hold the victim still while I carve a slice of skin off of HIS backside.

  • John Carmody says:

    WOW! This demo looks absolutely brilliant is there any video footage?

  • Jens Hansen says:

    This is barbaric!!!!

  • meagan says:

    Treatment of animals is disgusting these days and I wish I had people behind me to support me in this way!!! Good job protesters keep up the good work!!!!