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Australia Suspends Cruel Live Cattle Exports

Written by PETA | June 8, 2011

After ABC Australia’s news program Four Corners aired “A Bloody Business” showing the unbelievably cruel killing of Australian cows following their export to Indonesia, the Australian government suspended live exports of cows to that country. The graphic video shows conscious cows having their eyes gouged out and their limbs cut open; they were also kicked and beaten during slaughter.

“A sustainable live cattle export industry must be built on the ability to safeguard the welfare of the animals,” said Australian agricultural minister Joe Ludwig. “The trade to Indonesia will only recommence when we are certain industry is able to comply with that.”

The suspension of live exports to Indonesia will spare hundreds of thousands of cows from a nightmarish death, but PETA, PETA Australia, and Animals Australia, which shot the video footage, are calling for a permanent ban on all live animal exports, citing multiple investigations by the organizations revealing appalling cruelty at every step of the live export process—and not just in Indonesia but all over the Middle East.

Australia also exports sheep who are “grown” for meat or discarded by the wool industry. These frightened animals spend weeks crammed together on multideck ships, often suffering through storms or blazing heat. Many die of illness, dehydration, or heat exhaustion or are trampled to death. Survivors are dragged from the ships, thrown into the backs of cars and trucks, and driven to slaughter facilities where they will have their throats cut while still conscious.

PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk appeared on CNN International Asian Morning News on Thursday to make the case for a total ban on all live exports and to ask consumers to stop eating animals. You can watch the video online here and (part two) here.

Written by Michelle Sherrow  

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  • Rosina Saunders says:

    THE GATES OF HELL-AL:  In 2004 New Zealand banned ALL LIVE EXPORTS following their outrage at the deaths of 5000 sheep on an AUSTRALIAN vessel bound for Saudi Arabia.  Since then, they have been processing their meat there and exporting to Indonesia and the Middle East.  So…why are we hearing that Indonesia will only accept LIVE VICTIMS for their barbarism??  The reason given is the need for the animal is to be facing Mecca etc etc.  Well, from what I saw, by the time these poor, humiliated and sadistically brutalised animals finally met their end, they were more likely facing the Gates of Hell and Mecca seemed to in a very movable location.

    Come on, Aussies.  Our fellow ANZACS across the ditch have stood up and punched well above their weight on this issue.

    We need to ensure that these animals meet their end in a climate of respect and we need to fix this for the good of our nation’s soul.

    We supply 500,000 live cattle annually to Indonesia – and on average between 60 and 100 cows die on each trip, before they even get there. They are not going to be able to make this shortfall from anywhere else.

    This puts us in a position of control to insist that we trade with them ON OUR TERMS – establish abattoirs at the herding ports (creating jobs for Australians) and put halal principles and supervision in place.

    It is only a 3 hour flight from the North to Indonesia so the meat will arrive fresh.  

  • keith says:

    You know what ! our Western World is barbaric enough.. but these Far Eastern countries are in the stone-age.. then again the stone-age people knew no difference.. sign all the petitions going .. ” I have ” !!!!

  • Kathy says:

    What is wrong with people? My god, this is just awful abuse and so very disrespectful to these precious animals. NO ANIMAL deserves this!!!

  • Duvalier says:

    You know what …. our Australian cattle farmers have a lot to answer for. They have known for years how our cattle are subjected to barbaric cruelty, but who cares … as long as they get their subsidy from the Australian government, thats all they care about. Now their worried how they are going to survive and put food on their table. Shame on you farmers ….  Still cant believe what l saw in the Four Corners documentary. LIVE ANIMAL TRADE NEEDS TO BE BANNED FOR LIFE …. RIGHT NOW

  • MA Moore says:

    People who work in slaughterhouses are serial killers in the making!

  • MA Moore says:

    NO LIVE EXPORT! People have got to see this, then and only then will consumers be informed. Please STOP the madness! Love is Liberation!

  • feralparrot says:

    Thank you PETA peeps for being so relentless in your fight against animal cruelty. You have influenced the world’s view of animals more than any other group I can think of. LOVE to you all.

  • RAT KING says:

    This is a great decision! I would like to thank everyone implied with this, because the horrific animal abuse in Indonesia has to stop immediately! Stop this insane crime once and for all!

  • Get Real says:

    I’m from Australia, I also saw that Four Corners program and all I can say is I am absolutely disgusted and ashamed to be Australian. If the government has any credibility left at all they would end this brutal trade. No amount of money justifies this level of suffering and it will continue until it is banned. Please sign the GetUp petition,