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Aussie Jumps Racing Suspended After Three Horses Die

Written by PETA | May 8, 2009

The deaths of three horses in two days of jumps racing at the Warrnambool Carnival in Victoria, Australia, has shocked so many Australians that jumps racing has been suspended indefinitely and may be banned in Victoria (it’s already banned in all states and territories in Oz except Victoria and South Australia).

Supporters of Australian jumps racing, including racing minister Rob Hulls and Racing Victoria chief executive Rob Hines, are of course claiming to be concerned about safety. Warrnambool Racing Club’s Andrew Pomeroy chimed in that the club had done “all it could” to make the course safe.

Apparently, “all it could” wasn’t quite enough for Pride of Westbury, who crashed in front of the grandstand and suffered a broken neck; 8-year-old Hassle, who shattered a leg bone; or 9-year-old Clearview Bay, who also broke his neck when he fell after a jump.

We say go ahead and ban jumps racing, and then make its mouthpieces run several miles and hurl themselves over a few dozen hedges and fences in the horses’ place. Now I’d pay money to see that!

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • Kevin says:

    Jumps racing has long held a tradition in horse racing. It extends the life of many horses and careers of a number of jockeys. It is the most exciting and skillful component of the sport. It is not cruel to ask horses to jump and it is not cruel to look after them traing them keep them fit and healthy for which they are bred. Those protesting jumps racing are not seen protesting equestrian events pony clubs or flat racing … from which far more horses die from broken limbs. It is a fabulous sport the horses are well cared for and those protesting should focus on keeping their own pets fit. I doubt some of the protesters even bother walking their dogs regularly. That is far crueler pet owners who leave dogs alone most of the day in their yards and only attend to feeding them. These protesters are short sighted. The racing industry treats horses better than 99 of pet owners treat their domesticated animals.

  • Linda Dicmanis says:

    There are a lot of rehomed racehorses not to mention jumpers. But most are dogged because the industry breeds more than it can sustain. The killing of racehorses will not end because jumping races are banned. But banning one aspect of racing will result in less overbreeding of an unwanted commodity. That is a good thing. There will be less bred so less to die. Banning whips will have no effect on the turnover of racehorses. There will be just as many winners and losers if whips are banned. They just won’t be whipped. So banning whips is a good thing. The grand national has many deaths. The fences are big there. Bigger fences do not mean fewer deaths.

  • treene says:

    im against all of these “sports” which are in fact more like uhm businesses? grr greyhound racing and all of these horse racing things. i do ride my spoiled horsie tho and see no harm in that. but i am worried about what may happen to these “sport” horses. im from australia and recently on a local news show there was an interview with one of the trainers. he was obviously avidly against the ban and seemed to be somewhat deranged as he said and i quote “if this sport is banned ill go out there and shoot them horses” talking about his own lot of racers. that to me is just as horrific. S xx

  • brendan says:

    you people say ban jumps races but you can not come up with any ideas some lucky jumps will find homes but most will not they be killed for are dogs to eat. if they ban jumps races you people should be made to find a place for all of these horses to live for i bet you cant treat every horse as good as they would be in there racing career. you have almost banned the whip which will also kill some horses because few will not respond without it of which there career will be short. and also put a whole industy out of business may be they should sue you or knock on your houses to protest the problem with the jumps is they are to small so when they jump they are at full speed the jumps in new zealand france england they twice the size of australia but they jump them correctley. so if jumps racing is banned can you go ban showjumping or other horse events that include jumping

  • T grieves says:

    I agree that the jumps racing needs to be suspended until the sport can be reviewed. There is alot to be considered but foremost is the horses safety many of the suggestions regarding jump heights and structure are good moves toward making the sport safer is it continues at all. It is devestating to have so many horses dying unessesarily when almost all other equestrian sports are so well run with safety the greatest consideration. I hope from here on in the jumps industry can consider looking onto these other disciplines to gather some perspective. As a horse owner and rider I wish to see no more deaths.

  • Curtis says:

    I read this on the FOX News website!

  • kaitlin says:

    Can you do something about that woman in alaska??? She is killing or at least trying to kill all the alaskan wolves for no reason. I think it is just because she needs more land for something stupid and i do not think she should be doing that expecelly for no reason. And if it is for a reason it is a stupid and I do not think she should be killing the alaskan wolves… Please try to put a stop to this please please please???????????????????????

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    I think it’s great that this was cancelled. One thing I never understood…in competitions like this why is it the rider who gets the prize when his or her horse wins? After all the horse did all the work!!

  • roxanne says:

    what is wrong with people????? how is this a sport??? it is perverse and downright cruel.

  • Lindsey says:

    Yeah I’d pay money to see that too.

  • alanna says:

    as an Australian all i can say is it’s about time.

  • Stewart says:

    Just horrible…

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Australia is a majestic and wondrous place with nature havens and wildlife but too many inhumane humans. I urge music lovers to buy CDs by “The Church.” They are Aussie mystics and lead vocalist Steve Kilbey has been a compassionate vegetarian since 1972. Their signature song is “Under The Milky Way.” He performs at vegan fests and detests hellish slaughterhouses.

  • jacob says:

    its funny how both Rob’s in the post are concerned about “safety” but their probably concerned about the safety of the racers and NOT the actual horses.