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Are Astronauts Laughing at You?

Written by PETA | May 11, 2010

Despite carry-on baggage fees and the ash-spewing Icelandic volcano that erupted a few weeks ago, people continue to travel the globe—and so does PETA. Our virtual plus-size “tourist” is heading to popular destinations to make folks aware of the benefits of a vegan diet. First stop: The Great Wall of China, which is reportedly crumbling because of tourist foot traffic.


Great Wall Banner


The Wall is impressive, but by eating fatty meat and dairy products, tourists could be making entirely the wrong kind of impression. For anyone who would like to be light enough to go ’round the world—instead of showing up as a round spot on Google Earth—then a healthy, balanced vegan diet is just the ticket!

Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • John J says:

    Not a fan of the ad. Why pick on fat people? Whats is the point being made? That if you are fat you cant be a vegan? Help me out here.

  • Jay says:

    Google is watching us no matter if we are fat or not!!!!

  • Jackie says:

    Kurta the proble is sizeist people and advertising like this. If you think this is clever you must be awfully immature.

  • Kurta says:

    That’s a great ad! The problem is that a lot of fat people consider themselves an exception or they don’t care or they don’t even see the problem. For the record if I was an astronaut I’d laugh at everyone. Who’s gonna top that job?!