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Ask Michael Kors a Question

Written by PETA | July 29, 2010

Project Runway‘s eighth season premieres tonight, and coincidentally I just heard about an opportunity to let judge Michael Kors know what we think of his designs—which include real fur. Kors tweeted that he will be answering questions from his fans in a Facebook video on August 4. Let’s take him up on his offer and flood him with questions, such as “Did you know that animals are skinned alive for their fur?” and “With all the luxurious faux furs that are available, why do you continue to kill animals?” or maybe “Would you submit to a brain scan to see if your empathy neurons are underdeveloped?”

Perhaps your question will be the nudge that Kors needs to get him to follow the lead of Runway star and PETA’s 2009 Man of the Year Tim Gunn. Tim narrated PETA’s video exposing what animals endure for fashion, he ensures that Project Runway‘s challenges are never fur-related, and he has worked to make a fur-free zone out of Liz Claiborne, where he is chief creative officer.

Let’s all urge Michael Kors to say “auf Wiedersehen” to fur! E-mail your questions to: [email protected]

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post

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  • cassandra says:

    I got a Michael Kors gift from someone and was shocked to see it was made with animal fur,I will never use it or buy from your brand if you continue the use of animal fur.

  • Debra says:

    I picked up a Vogue magizine and was shocked at the “Michael Korrs ad” two models not wearing furs, one model had a carcass of a red fox hanging over her arm. The other model had an animal hanging from her hand. This was appaulling to me. I thought fur was being banned due to the cruelty. Skinned alive torturted, cats, dogs piled in cages on top of each other. How could anyone be a part of this? The magizine, the. Models, Michael Korrs. It stops with you.

  • Gayane Torosyan says:

    Using animal fur for fashion is cruel. I refuse to buy any of your products until you stop the horrible practice!

  • Christine says:

    Its pretty sad that you use fur…I actually have been a fan of your products..I have several of your purses and wallets..but I am for animal rights first..and in all honesty you just lost a customer and fan….theres something called faux fur…try it sometime

  • Mina says:

    Dear mr kors with all the respect please I urge you to STOP THE USE OF ANIMALS FOR YOUR PRODUCTS, you smart enough to know of other ways to make your merchandise, please this animals are suffering is not fair to them, hopefully you read this messages and reconsider before using real animal skin… Thank you … Love live. PEACE

  • Sarah says:

    Hey Michael Kors: I was recently suprised to read that you use fur in your collections. Since you’re into human rights (i.e., you’re a gay man who married your partner) I’m amazed that you participate in the horrors of the cruel fur industry. Does it not bother you at all that mammals have the same limbic system as humans (in other words, they have the same area of the brain from which they also feel love and pain and fear and all other emotions all mammals do) and that by using fur you’re supporting their cruel deaths? How would you like to imagine yourself in their position? How would you like to be skinned? Rest assured that I will never, ever buy any “fashion” items from you. I’ve been to Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack many times and I see your cheap, made-in-China items everywhere. Perhaps you should think hard that you, a so-called “fashion designer” who got lucky is taking advantage of cheap labor. Furthermore, that you also exploit animals by using fur really makes me understand what kind of person you are. You are no artist. You’re a self-centered, ignorant, money-grubbing quack.

  • Daniela says:

    How would you like to be skinned alive??? What’s on your chest a heart or a cold stone? You fake fur if you like that style so much. I would never contribute to something so heartless and cruel like this. SHAME ON YOU MR. KORS

  • Cachet Yvette says:

    What about all the SNAKE SKIN he uses for his shoes and purses??? I hope that he’ll consider what suffering they go through when their skinned alive!!! I don’t by his line just for this reason. I hope he finally GETS IT!!!

  • Devon Skye says:

    Hey mister. Why are you using an animal’s fur? What if that was your dog’s fur that you used for your fashion needs? And the worst thing about skinning an animal is the squeals that it makes before it dies. Just like drugs say no to fur.

  • elana says:

    Dear Mr. Kors Artistically created clothing becomes devoid of value or beauty if it is at the expense of living beings. Please create beautiful things without the use of animal parts. Thank you very much. p.s. gina’s comment above is very insightful

  • Paola Pecora says:

    I will never buy anything from Michael Kors until he ends using animals. I just wrote a comment on one of his videos on Facebook Am I seeing fur there? Did you know that animals are skinned alive for their fur? Have you seen how they treat the animals in farms for their skin ? How animals are massacred? Do you feel good about that? I bet not. So why continuing doing it? Why not follow Stella Mc cartney example? Here’s the video httpwww.peta.orgfeatChineseFurFarmsindex.asp Continuing using fur makes you accomplice for this barbaric and pagan activity Michael Kors. Animals are NOT ours Mr Kors. People who think they are are located very low in the evolution scale of humanity sorry. God will judge you someday as well as everyone who use animals to saciate their frivolous pleasures. PAOLA PECORA BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA PETA SUPPORTERDONATOR

  • Annika Juul says:

    Have you ever actually watched how these animals have been treated in crates before their skin is torn from their bodies while they are still alive? Have you seen the blood dripping from their still blinking eyelashes??? If you have and you are still using fur your karma will catch up with you Michael. You are in a position to make a difference please do. Thank you so much and good luck to you! All the best Annika

  • LeAnn Phipps says:

    Why? Can you not just be kind. It is so very simple. Be kind. No fur or leather. Creat with kindness.

  • irena says:

    Do you believe in pain for fashion? Fashion is supposed to be a statement of individuality…fur n fashion should then mean “As an individual I agree with murder of those that cannot defend themselves

  • Gina says:

    Dear Michael An innovative designer is also an innovative individual. Why not find fabrics that match form with content? Fur can never express a seamless union of form and contentor design and fabric. Barbarism isn’t fashionable. And considering the social enviornmental and political implications of using fur why not reinvent your OWN personal and professional innovation? The marketplace is beginning to demand Conscientious products for the Conscientious consumerwhy not frame your designs as the paragon of responsible and humane fashion and production? I look forward to your response to PETA and I hope that you and your colleagues will reimagine their work in the Globally Conscientious Environment. Best Gina

  • Susan says:

    I also will no longer purchase anything made or designed by Michael Kors. To use furs in any of your designs is cruel and unacceptabale you should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Romola says:

    If people really do need to wear fur there is no need to kill to get it Faux fur and leather products are a very good substitute. Real fur only looks good on animals humans look quite ridiculous wearing it.

  • Aleksis says:

    This is truly disappointing. I am a huge Michael Kors fan I love him and his designs but unfortunately after this I will be boycotting anything by him. So unfortunate he went this route.

  • Cachet Yvette says:

    What about all the snake skin he uses for his shoes and purses??? I hope that he’ll consider what suffering they go through when their skinned alive!!! I don’t by his line just for this reason. I hope he finally GETS IT!!!

  • Andrea says:



    How will you feelif you are skinned alive. If you are brutally tortured to make someone else rich. The same thing is happening with the innocent animals who are skinned alive for their fur. Just look into their eyes. They’ll be begging for life from you. Your fame and money is floating on someone’s blood pain. Just sit think about it. Vaibhhav Gupta

  • Pia Sorensen says:

    Hi Michael I just think you should show your self as the bigger man and be the frontman in fashion to say NO 2 FUR?! Love Pia A dedicated viewer from Denmark

  • indycar01 says:

    or i could tell him get a feel for fur. stick your tongue in a wall socket.