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U.S. Army Planning to Poison Monkeys

Written by PETA | August 31, 2011

Victory: As a result of PETA’s campaign, the Army announced that it is ending its cruel use of monkeys in chemical attack training exercises and will instead use advanced human simulators!

Next week, the U.S. Army plans to start poisoning African vervet monkeys with massive chemical overdoses as part of a crude and cruel “show and tell” training exercise at Maryland’s Aberdeen Proving Ground in order to demonstrate the effects of a nerve-agent attack. The overdoses will cause the monkeys to suffer from uncontrollable twitching, seizures, and vomiting, and some will even stop breathing. In a laboratory worksheet that PETA obtained from Aberdeen, one trainee compared a monkey’s violent reaction during the exercise to “a chiwawa [sic] sh*tting razor blades.”

Aberdeen is set to receive an additional shipment of 20 vervet monkeys from overseas―a frightening journey for them―in late September, and they could well be subjected to these cruel exercises too.

This is one more example of shortchanging our military and pointlessly abusing animals for some elementary exercise that already exists on film! Other military and civilian training programs around the world are using sophisticated human patient simulators that can be programmed to mimic the human response to a nerve-agent attack, which is very different from a vervet monkey’s response. And not only are the Army’s monkey laboratories cruel and inefficient, they violate Department of Defense policies that prohibit the harming of primates in training exercises and require that non-animal training methods be used when available.

Please, help stop this by contacting Major General Nick Justice, the commanding general of Aberdeen, right now and asking him to live up to his name and save monkeys from this cruelty by switching this very second to modern, effective medical training methods.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Marcel V says:

    They inject an overdose of Physostigmine causing symptoms of a nerve agent attack. This causes physical suffering…What is the purpose of this? Its to demonstrate the effects of the gas to other students and other people. Why do this when we have already seen this an have movies all about it? This is just an act of a serial killer, Would you want these guy’s around your kids??? Hell no, So help stop this shit plz, I have already written a letter to “Major General Nick Justice.( the commanding general of Aberdeen) ” Who is making all of this happen. SO write one too people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you like animals 🙂

  • Emily says:

    This is insanity at it’s worst.



  • Marcelo Borges says:

    The cruelty has no limits really testing weapons on animals is to stop the same nerve agents in the future but can use it as a military weapon against innocent civilians is time to promote a massive attack e-mail in opposition to this practice by the army of U.S. I got some answers from a U.S. Senator for life, peace, military never has to stop testing on animals !!!!!

  • Cheryl says:

    Im a PETA animal activist & im appalled by this & i am asking & demanding that they stop hurting & poisoning monkeys, how would you like it if you we’re treated in this manner? Don’t do it there are other alternatives to this, just save the monkeys, leave them alone & think of another better way to do testing. Please leave those poor innocent Monkeys alone NOW please??? There trying to live a good life too & take care of there young & so on they don’t need to be subjected to this kind of treatment it is wrong, cruel, and inhumane & i don’t support this kind of behavior. Cheryl T.

  • Eliane Bazolli says:


  • sonia goncalves says:

    Please stop with this torture, this animal suffering!! Don´t you see that if you werw in theme place you`ll see and feel the same cruelty???? It is a crime a real crime with torture…be humans and not robots without any feelings and compaxion, they feel the same as we. Don´t kill and torture LIFES. They belong to the world as we, you don`t have that rigths above theme or to do this cruelty to them. I feel that you do the same to me as you to them…because iam a life as they are, they HAVE the same rigths as we have. We all belong to this world with freedom and the same rigths to live as equal in every ways! STOP WITH THIS SUFFERING TO OUR FRIENDA AND LIFES! HAVE A CONCIENCE!

  • Rafaela Cabral says:


  • JOSI CASTRO says:


  • Ricardo Moreira says:

    i think you scientist of shit should marry one each other and make babies for this kind of test or maybe try it on your grandmothers or grandfathers, becouse they’re old and would die anyway… this is just a stupid comment for stupids “professionals”.

  • Lais Paiz says:

    This is completely cruel and unacceptable! What is our right to do that with an animal? They can’t defend themselves! So, please…

  • Why? says:

    Email this website to other people to spread awareness!!!!!! I wish I could help that poor monkey!!! :(:(:(

  • TI AMO says:

    It is acts such as these that give the Army a bad name.

  • Julia Paulsen says:

    I can not believe that people can be so cruel to an innocent animal! I truly hope this goes through! Good Luck!

  • Denise Aber says:

    There is a famous quote that a civilization and country can be judged by how it treats its animals, we are shameful, stop this! The cruelty and abuse needs to stop you don’t need to do this to know what nerve damage does, unnecessary, cruel and a waste of $

  • Patricia Webster says:

    I am so ashamed of the military.I have been a proud American my whole life. I was taught to respect and admire the military for our freedom. How about the freedom of these poor animals? I am so ashamed of all of you, we are like a third world country. You are disgusting.

  • JennyBe says:

    We need to stand up. Rise up. This is our tax dollars in action. Lets stop giving it to them. Being vegan ultimately means being a revolutionary.

  • Jinks says:

    Horrifying. Humanity is disturbing in every aspect of their lives. And if there were hope. Where would it be? Could it be here? “The past, present and future are only illusions, even if stubborn ones.” Albert Einstein

  • Judy says:

    This is just absolutaly unbelivable. Why is this still done to these beautiful animals? STOP this Now!!!! Maybe we should try it on them and see what they think. What sort of person would be able to do this with no feelings for these animals.

  • yolande jaskiw says:

    For all the animals out there that are suffering from human hands, I am so sorry, please forgive me for not being able to save you, to cuddle you, to love you. so sorry indeed.

  • mel meinke-ketzer says:

    STOP IT !!! You should be ashamed of yourself…People like you make me sick ! Live up to your name and show some Justice towards these poor defenseless animals. You know there is a modern effective training method which does NOT involve poisoning animals. You really should be ashamed of yourself I myself thought about going into the medical profession but after seeing various videos and evidence of the cruelty that is displayed I would be ashamed to be a doctor.

  • Jean Bird says:

    This is a disgusting and shameful exercise involving these innocent monkeys and should be banned, even better, not considered at all. How anyone can look into those eyes and not feel compassion is beyond me and most people’s comprehension. For God’s sake these experiments have been conducted already and are available on film so there is no need or excuse to perform them again. Results of nerve gas are already known. SHAME ON YOU ALL IF YOU CONDUCT THIS EXPERIMENT.

  • Maddy says:

    That is so stupid. Honestly, there is another way to do this with out hurting the poor monkeys. Just stop!

  • Jennifer Ann Harbold says:

    This is just disgusting!

  • chauvat jean pierre says:

    Dear sir , can you please consider the uselessness of these tests , in regard with the immense suffering caused ion the monkeys . Please be humane and spare them ! merci

  • Irene Leggett says:

    Just another pointless, cruel exercise to prove that those who can, will. Surely everyone already knows the effect of nerve-gases anyway, just ask all the current sufferers from the effects, they’ll let you know all the symptoms!!!

  • Karyn says:

    Please, this is unnecessary and cruel.

  • Major General Nick Justice says:

    Are you kidding me. I can’t believe this discussting stuff still goes on in our country. Get a life. There isn’t any need for any of these stupid,creul experiments and we all know it. Now is the time to stop hurting and killing and torturing these wonderful creatures. Oh that I could turn the tables on you!!!!!!!

  • gloriapotts says:

    STOP STOP STOP not needed at all sick an un nessary

  • lori rock says:

    I am actually EMBARRASSED TO BE AN AMERICAN with this stuff going on….signed and emailed my response to this boat load of crap—–

  • Bertha Deffenbaugh says:

    Animals have the SAME right to life as we do. Not acknowledging this fact is BACKWARD AND BARBARIC!

  • Aoibheann says:

    You should be ashamed of yourself…People like you make me sick ! Live up to your name and show some Justice towards these poor defenseless animals. You know there is a modern effective training method which does NOT involve poisoning animals. You really should be ashamed of yourself I myself thought about going into the medical profession but after seeing various videos and evidence of the cruelty that is displayed I would be ashamed to be a doctor.

  • Lorie hattam says:

    I am shocked and appalled by what I have just read. Surely in this day of modern technology there are other more humane ways to ‘demonstrate’ your point than this barbaric cruel and sickening method of nothing more than torture of an innocent highly intelligent animal. Disgusting.