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Army in the Market to Mutilate 3,600 Goats

Written by Michelle Kretzer | May 23, 2012

The U.S. Army’s plans to use animals in trauma training are enough to make a goat faint. The army is in the market to buy up to 3,600 goats to torment and kill in exercises like those seen in this shocking undercover video, which PETA released last month. The video, sent to us by a brave whistleblower, shows instructors as they saw off live goats’ limbs with tree trimmers and crudely cut open the animals’ abdomens and yank out their organs. Goats moan loudly and kick during the procedures.

Goats are intelligent, inquisitive, social animals who can quickly learn to open latches on farm gates and let themselves out. Moms and kids share a strong bond and have been known to recognize each other even if they have been separated for years.

The Army plans to mutilate thousands of goats even though high-tech human simulators are readily available and offer soldiers superior training in how to treat wounds in the field.

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  • Mi N says:

    Slaughter cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today. Lasting peace can come only to peaceful people.(Abraham Lincoln) What is man without the beasts? If all the beasts were gone, man would die from a great loneliness of the spirit. For whatever happens to the beasts, soon happens to man. All things are connected. (Chief Seattle) The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated (GANDHI) Animals have minimum right to live as animal. Animals are same as human! Animals Are Not Ours to Experiment On . Animals Are Not Ours to Abuse in Any Way. The deed comes back upon the doer!! It is too cruel . Is it sane? Nonsense!undignified conduct. Certainly,God is watched.

  • Dr. Regina Milano says:

    The more I learn about what the military does to animals, the more diminished my support for the military becomes. Like “Anne K” I have always supported the troops for ensuring our freedoms, but the military labs has me questioning my beliefs. I don’t necessarily believe it’s the troops taking part in this brutality, so much as the military doctors and “researchers”. Therefore, I call on the troops to stand up for animals and demand that human simulators be used instead of live animals. I also call upon the troops to continue to expose those who practice sadistic behaviors toward animals, such as throwing puppies off of cliffs, shooting dogs and beating a goat or a lamb to death. It disgusts me and I would not even want those people protect me. These practices toward animals are no different than those conducted in other countries during WWII on humans. We all feel pain. We all have the desire to lead happy free lives. We have no right to be doing this. I believe that some of the most psychopathic individuals in this world are disguised in white lab coats and that they need to be exposed. We need to create new laws that ensure humane treatment of animals that are swift and strong. Put these people on an island and let them punish each other with their brutality.

  • AnnieC says:

    I’m so sorry that due to my own struggles & turmoils I had not read about this cruelty earlier & urge my friends to join the petition or pray for these adorable creatures.I just prayed with my cat & hope it’s not too late. The whistleblowers & undercover agents are so courageous I want them to know their jobs are so deeply appreciated. i’ve heard arguements that people who are cruel to animals do not necessarily go on to abuse humans. But time & again these human torturers & murderers were shown to have a history of animal abuse- as recently as Luka Magnotta! Even if they haven’t got a chance to abuse human (yes, I say , a chance- not ‘cos they haven’t thought about it) why is it OK to abuse animals??? I think these people are sick & whoever thought of this or authorized such things are NO BETTER!!!

  • Sean Keegan says:

    I suggest the military rise above this sort of crime against all sentient beings if they truly wish to be considered honorable or disciplined.

  • Etienne Saint Vregord says:

    Has the U.S. military lost the head completely!! So awful and terrible what they are doing against the defenseless goat. The U.S. military is so disliked, and when you have seen this video, what they are capable, frightening, they have no feeling. I get so angry when I see such evil beasts to the devil. They must be stopped quickly :((

  • Kraig and Valerie Schweiss says:

    The disgusting video is more than barbaric; it’s immoral and sadistic behavior! Animal abuse doesn’t stop there because it often escalates to abuse of others, especially women, children, minorities, and other vulnerable targets of hate and fear. The officers in charge should be held accountable and punished for such unnecessary atrocities and wanton violence when non-animal simulators are available which are more efficient and accurate in the field training of wounds of HUMANS!

  • Jackie Davis says:

    I too, find it hard to believe, in 2012, that anyone could contemplate carrying out such sadistic torture on innocent creatures who feel pain and stress just as we do. This puts the US Army in a disgusting view. Is it too much to ask that there is someone in authority with a shred of conscience and compassion who will put a stop to this barbarism? There are human simulators that are more effective and cause no pain to animals that have done nothing to deserve such inhumane treatment. How can you sleep at night after such actions. I certainly hope that inflicting such torture on these animals has not become so commonplace to you, that it does not affect your mind and soul. If you are to that point, I feel sorry for you. Maybe, a power greater than you can forgive you, I certainly cannot. Jackie

  • E.W. says:


  • prash says:


  • Shirley Cooper says:

    The U.S. Army should be ashamed of its self!! Nobody with a “NORMAL” mentality would do such a thing especially to a creature who can’t fight back. It’s well known where animal cruelty leads to. HOW BLOODY DISGUSTING TO THINK THESE BARBARIANS SERVE IN THE ARMY!!!!!

  • AnnK says:

    I have always been a major outspoken supporter of the military but what I have just seen in a video has made me sick. Why on earth are you participating in barbaric animal abuse instead of using modern high-tech simulators? Since so many in my family and circle of friends have served this country, I feel compelled to tell you that is not something that will sit well with them and they will learn about it. Stop this endeavor now. This is just plain wrong.

  • Val says:

    Please stop this barbaric cruelty now please.

  • Val says:

    Stop this cruelty to animals now please or it will never stop.

  • prairiegal says:

    Absolutely disgusting and pathetic.  What normal human being could do this to another living creatures.  

  • SJP chauvat says:

    the level of morality of a nation is measured by the way it treats its animals so said Mahatma Ganghi. and countless unknown human beings is the US army going to be known for its senseless cruelty to animals ? ( we are not even mentioning pâst errors , like using napalm on innocent children ) this is debasing for America , and for humanity animals are sentient beings and SHOULD : MUST BE RESPECTED shame on the torturers of animals ! they can easily switch to humans ( it has happened )

  • Mrs C Bowyer says:

    Absolutely disgusing, I dont want to watch the footage of the goats because I will not sleep tonight. Why do these animals have to suffer, the army has high tech simulators why cant you use these?? Do you just like to torture poor animals???

  • Fran Bryerton says:

    I am disgusted and think this practise is barbaric beyond imagination. After having had two pet goats for many years I know how kind and trusting they are and to end up on a table being disected alive is horrific. These men who take part and those who conduct these unnecessary training methods should be ashamed of themselves.

  • tali boukai says:


  • nancyelizabeth green says:

    beyond barbaric.I would expect this from some of or enemies living in the sixth century.These are ametican soldiers, for gods sake! taking away a soldiers humanity does not make a better soldier.please get this out to anyone who will listen. these are gentle animals.hurting no one.

  • Bill Park says:

    I was appalled and sickened when I saw the footage of the animals suffering. Stop this barbarism immediately and use simulators. Lets practice some humanity, christianity,etc.

  • DWAYNE E. KING says:


  • Connie says:

    Please do the right thing and switch the the modern simulators now.

  • mary masum says:

    SHAME on us so called human,are we relly human? Were all these anger is coming from? I hope some day you suffer in pain as much as you make these beautiful animal suffer.I STONGLY believe in karma.

  • mary masum says:

    SHAME on humanity, Shame on us . Are we relly human? Why we are doing what we doing to these beautiful animals. Where our anger is coming from? why we do not FELL anymore.

  • Netsi says:

    I find it hard to believe, in this day and age, that anyone could even contemplate carrying out such sadistic torture on innocent creatures who feel pain and stress just as we do. This puts the US Army in a terrible light. Is it too much to hope that there’s someone in authority with a shred of conscience and compassion who will put a stop to this barbarism?

  • Nicholas Gysi says:

    No more goats in trauma training. To use them is cruel and unnecessary. The simulators are more effective, they mean no pain for animals, and you have the money to buy them. Please stop using goats in these acts.

  • Kat says:

    I sent an email!! And I will pray for this to cease right away.

  • Rosemary Kennedy says:

    Obviously, whoever allows these atrocious acts of war on thousands of animals is a psychopath. CONGRESS NEEDS TO STEP UP TO THE PLATE AND CO-SPONSOR THE BILL AND VOTE ON RIGHTING THIS WRONG. WHY AREN’T THEY DOING THAT???

  • Marisa Mastro says:

    Please stop the suffering and dying of these animals!!! It’s wrong!!

  • Georgie Lewis says:

    Please have mercy on animals and treat them with the same love and kindness you use on all human beings. Peace.

  • Raj says:

    Surely the US army can afford to use simulators for training, treat all living creatures with kindness, you will benefit with their benediction and also earn peoples respect.

  • Julie says:

    How could you? May all your nights be filled with nightmares of traumatic images about this treatment and suffering being inflicted on you instead, and your sleep disturbed until you stop doing these despicable deeds. Do not sleep easy.

  • Podge says:

    I find it hard to believe, in this day and age, that anyone could even contemplate carrying out such sadistic torture on innocent creatures who feel pain and stress just as we do. This puts the US Army in a terrible light. Is it too much to hope that there’s someone in authority with a shred of conscience and compassion who will put a stop to this barbarism?

  • Nancy says:

    It’s terrible the way animals are treated. I’m sure there is a better way. PLEASE FIND IT

  • Michele Caiazza says:


  • Marsha says:

    Is is very disheartening when you see our Army treat animals inhumanely in situations that are totally uncalled for. These are poor decisions made by someone who should obviously be replaced since they are not looking to use high tech “human” simulators which are more cost effective, and provide superior training over the use of goats. This use of taxpayers dollars on unnecessary practices that cause pain, suffering and death of animals is completely wrong and needs to be stopped.

  • Marjorie Jennings says:

    How could the Army continually & cruelly abuse these innocent animals, or any animals at all in these horrible experiments where they could use simulators to test the abuse felt by these precious and gentle goats? How can they do this to any animal that feels pain as much as we do? Please stop these horrific abuse of these poor feeling goats? How do these recruits do this to these innocent animals when they have these simulators to use? Do they recruit psychopaths to do this, for no other well minded person could or would do this to any animal? Please, where is your humanity? Do you not think that these poor animals don’t feel this cruel pain? You are sick if you think they don’t feel these terrible experiments. PLEASE STOP THESE EXPERIMENTS IMMEDIATELY!!! Don’t you know how much this reflects on the USA and the Army?

  • Etienne Saint Vregord says:

    This must be stopped, that’s a terrible shame that the U.S. military torurere defenseless goats in a cruel manner,have you lost all empathy, are you devoid of everything called emotions and pain, use each other, hold animals out of this…This appears on Facebook the world around, people are furious.End it now :((((



  • MP says:

    What kind of training they get? nothing other than extreme cruelty. Ultimately these people become heartless humans.

  • ikeda45 says:

    This is psychopathetic. I want to know the names who are responsible for creating this psycho/horror story.

  • Cecilia Ledesma says:

    Stop killing innocent animals for Military purpose. We now live a world with high technology why still live in the dark? Please stop the cruel trauma and misery you will bring to thousands of goats and switch to a more humane methods by using modern simulators!

  • tcolosimo says:


  • Diane Fleming says:

    Animals have feelings too. These procedures are cruel and inhumane.

  • Issis says:

    I, too, could not use the link to register my disgust with the Army … please post the email or a workable link.

  • Nicholas G says:

    No more cruelty. It doesn’t have to continue.

  • jeff s says:

    Really disturbing , stuff like this really breaks my heart. This should stop

  • Ana says:

    We will never achieve peace or harmony as long as we treat other creatures with violence and disrespect. What goes around comes around. When will we understand this? Animals are alive, animals suffer, the fact that they cannot speak does not mean that they do not feel. Look them in the eyes and you will see their suffering and their soul.