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Army in the Market to Mutilate 3,600 Goats

Written by Michelle Kretzer | May 23, 2012

The U.S. Army’s plans to use animals in trauma training are enough to make a goat faint. The army is in the market to buy up to 3,600 goats to torment and kill in exercises like those seen in this shocking undercover video, which PETA released last month. The video, sent to us by a brave whistleblower, shows instructors as they saw off live goats’ limbs with tree trimmers and crudely cut open the animals’ abdomens and yank out their organs. Goats moan loudly and kick during the procedures.

Goats are intelligent, inquisitive, social animals who can quickly learn to open latches on farm gates and let themselves out. Moms and kids share a strong bond and have been known to recognize each other even if they have been separated for years.

The Army plans to mutilate thousands of goats even though high-tech human simulators are readily available and offer soldiers superior training in how to treat wounds in the field.

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  • Please stop stop this senseless crual act. How would you feel it was done on YOU!!!!!! Put yourself in their skin.

  • Christine Brown says:

    I am asking you to please salvage any animal and realize that these animals suffer the consequences.
    There has to be other means of ways to train the US Army whether it be trauma training or otherwise.

    Please remember that Animals have a right to live their lives and not suffer.
    This is no way to train humans to kill something that is innocent.

    Thanks for your consideration.

  • Please stop the abuse of all animals. This is beyond my comprehension that humans can do such awful things to a defenseless animal. Just so they can do the same to humans. How can the military live with themselves? Please stop!

  • Sara Gabriele says:

    Please, this practise must be abolished as soon as possible.

  • Anne Bradley says:

    This treatment of these animals is sick, what sort of human can do this to a defenceless animal. This practice must be abolished now.

  • Edna powers says:

    These acts just perpetuate the cruel nature of so called humans. Torture an animal and you can easily torture a human being. It is disgusting

  • Eve says:

    This is despicable and evil. How in the world do people not realize that beautiful animals have souls and feelings just like us? This needs to stop NOW!! ALL animal cruelty needs to STOP FOREVER!! I wish I was an animal, because I feel disgraced about being a human hearing about the atrocities perpetrated by psychopaths!!!

  • Barbara Laudan says:

    Testing substances on animals, burning, maiming, and torturing them is hideous and barbaric. Have we not advanced at all since the days of the Roman Empire? I think not. The people that perpetrate these horrors are a disgrace to the human race. I have no respect for any army or medical facility that indulges in these experiments for training or anything else. Cruelty is not the way to teach compassion.

  • Valerie Orner says:

    These barbaric practices must be stopped immediately! What a tragic and painful end to these harmless, innocent animals. A sad commentary on man!!

  • jill proffitt says:

    I dispair at the cruelty inflict on animals just because they dont have a voice…. people should be the donors of these experiments, after all most of it is for people, these barabaric experiments on animals should stop, and whatever ailments we get we live with, or die with, they would soon come up with alternative methods then.

  • Gitte Fogh says:

    We say there are alternative, if they think there is not, they will have to use the animal. THats where it goes sickly wrong, What you dont understand is that YOU DO NOT DO THAT TO A LIVING BEEING. You dont do that, its not yours to take its not your! They have their own life. ITs NOT Yours to take and torture and kill

  • Wanda Nowicki says:

    Outrageous and disgraceful. Honestly disgraceful. Oviously ,and clearly inhumane.

  • Maureen Nolan says:

    Please, use high-tech human simulators in military training to learn the best methods of attending our soldiers’ wounds obtained during battles. Thank you.

  • ALBA MORILLO says:


  • sara lordon says:

    We humans are acting inmoraly with no compasion or understanding,look at how we treat our animals and it shows you what we are becoming.Please stop and think

  • stephen Cameron says:

    Testing on animals is cruel and unnecessary. There are alternatives!

  • Any testing on animals is cruel and unnecessary. There are always alternatives!

  • Betsy Mordecai says:

    The Take Action button doesn’t work. I fail to understand why we are not working toward ending pain instead of actively supporting it–there is so much misery. Why not invent ways to uphold the objective instead of causing more pain to an innocent animal who has no choice in the matter?

  • randy lee and jane parker says:

    Thank you Peta for all the work you are doing for all animals. I am a 62 yr old disabled lady who loves animals. My partner Randy is the same way. We dont have much money, but i can still write letters. Again, thank you!!

  • Terri Rose says:

    I can’t get through–is there another address ? I’m forwarding this to my friends anyway.

  • 4mula1 says:

    80% of nato nations do not use animals for military medical training (, why are they doing this?!?… just to be cruel.

  • Chelsea Davies says:

    I am in floods of tears my heart cannot take the mere thought of the pain these poor creatures are suffering! and for what??? do you want a medal for your abilities to override your compassion? these people are nothing more than psychopaths and in any other circumstances outside of belonging to the military they would be deemed as too dangerous to be in the general public. Animals have the same emotional intelligence as people they just have a different purpose in life, not a lesser pupose. They do not have the potential for pure evil unlike some humans. This is utterly disgusting.

  • Rachael H says:

    Looks like an incorrect email, as undeliverable 🙁 Do you have an alternative one?

  • maria grazia landrini says:


  • Nicholas Gysi says:

    The images make me sick. We don’t have to be cruel like this. We should let goats roam free.

  • Sally Anne Hubbard says:

    When I hear of these awful actions taken by human beings I get sick and sad. But when I read and learn of all the wonderful people who are outraged and take action to stop the torture of innocent people I am glad and proud to be a member of the human race.

  • Bill & Jan March says:

    If GO Army is the torture of animals then we should have No Army at all! How do you people in charge of these actions sleep at night? If all our armed forces do this then they all have lost my respect.

  • Gail Palandro says:

    I can not believe this barbaric cruelty still exists in this world. There are other options readily available to everyone including the military to use without hurting any innocent animals. They do not deserve to be treated in this way and I can only hope that the military listens to the pain we, the voice for the animals are feeling. I am saddened to know that some people believe this is ok behavior.

  • Barbara Hegedus says:

    About as barbaric as humans can be! From sonar disrupting and injuring sea life, to animals tortured in army experiments – I have begun to loathe the military of my own country! There is no rational explanation for this exttreme cruelty – there are simulators long-since available which have proven very adequate. So the question remains,WHY?

  • connie schaefer says:

    This sadistic terrible cruel torture MUST stop. Would you do this to your children, your mother, father or friend. I hope not. These animals can feel all the pain and have no way out. Please stop the abuse. It is immoral and you are humune monstors. Shame on you.

  • Maria says:

    Soldiers trainned like that are more dangerous to the people they should protect than any enemy could ever be… Without compassion a soldier is useless and his courage is just violence against the inocent!

  • Cindy says:

    This is beyond sickening! To hear these things are going on in this day and age, or an other time, is horrific!! FYI – The email addresses listed to send a message to the Army have already been shut down, so we need to find another way to send our message of concern to them. If PETA anyone has other email addresses, it would be helpful.

  • Eleanor Riley says:

    It is very harrowing to watch this video,please stop this it is not necessary.

  • Michelle says:

    The Take Action Now email is coming up invalid

  • carmela says:

    Please end this cruelty NOW!

  • malisha12345 says:

    The link on the act now button doesn’t work – has this campaign been censored ?

  • mary ann says:

    how can the military who sees suffering everyday, turn around and cruelly torture a defenseless animal? WE have spent millions to develop proven simulators as alternative methods to animal testing. invest in simulators and stop this inhumane treatment . shame on you . The military I have supported , no longer has my support. Buy simulators now.

  • Danielle says:

    Call yourself civilised this is the 21 century there is no need to perform this barbaric cruelty to the poor animals suffering this is so traumatic for the poor goats how can any normal program recommend this horrible training sick people should be ashamed of yourself cruel sad people

  • Cynthia says:

    I’m with Jackie. I can’t believe such cruelty exist’s. It’s horrible any cruetly to animal humnan etc.

  • Miriam says:

    OMG!!! This just can’t be. There is no way to allow for this. If the U.S. ARMY has any kind of a beating heart within them they can’t stand for this. How is this not on CNN!!! This has to be brought to the peoples attention ASAP!!!

  • Ty Corral says:

    Seeing this breaks my heart! How on earth could you hurt such innocent animals! They have done nothing to you and all you do is abuse them for your own messed up reasons. These poor creatures dont have a voice but we all do, and obviously if so many people are speaking up about and it and telling you its messed up and wrong is because obviously it is. ITS DISGUSTING, BRUTAL and ESP to see that the AMRY (OUT OF EVERY BODY) IS DOING SUCH A THING! You guys are heartless, disgusting people…please stop doing this. You can you actual objects. NOTHING LIVING. they could be just as effective. please consider mine and everybody elses thoughts.

  • Gill says:

    Please end this cruelty NOW! How could anyone possibly think this is ok??! Please stop hurting animals. please

    • Heidi Loveridge says:

      This is absolutely unbelievable to read the most horrific of acts imaginable on animals!?
      How on earth does this continue? How? This is barbaric beyond belief beyond comprehension what pain you are causing! PLEASE STOP HURTING ANIMALS!