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Arizona Immigration Law Inspires PETA

Written by PETA | August 12, 2010

OK, we confess. Our area of expertise is registration papers for dogs. And dogs shouldn’t need documentation to have a place in our homes and communities. That’s the point we’re making by displaying our new billboards in the Copper State in the wake of the controversial anti-immigration measure there—though it could apply anywhere else in the good ol’ USA.


Click here to see the billboard in Spanish.
Papers Billboard


You know the kind of papers we mean: The ones that the AKC gives out to prove that a dog has “pure bloodlines.” Every year, breeders produce more and more purebreds even as millions of wonderful, healthy, loving animals must be euthanized in animal shelters because there aren’t enough homes for but the tiniest fraction of them. We hope that you will join us in decrying registration papers for dogs!

Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • Jason Wilshire says:

    Arizona here and Wow the billboard is offensive on several levels. Arizona is not the “copper state” as you mention. It’s the “grand canyon state”. Also you falsely misrepresent us by stating “antiimmigration” we are not “antiimmigration” we are “anti illegal immigration”. There is a big difference. We want immigrants here just use the front door by going through the legal process to become a citizen. More importantly here in Arizona is the fact that Illegal immigrants who have pets do not take care of them properly. There have been several dog fighting rings broken up. This is a past time for many illegal immigrants. illegal immigrants rarely if ever take their pets to a vet they also do not spay or nuder. Illegal immigrants treat dogs and cats as “a dime a dozen” and consider them expendable and easily replaced with another stray. PETA you are so far off base on what you thought your were doing with your billboards. But you are too smug and self centered to consider your ignorance on the subject of illegal immigrants oops I should have said as your state “anti immigration”

  • Cassie says:

    I don’t agree with the new immigration law and I DO believe in mutts I want this in a bumper sticker!

  • amber dawn says:

    Totally agree with you PETA can i get a amen! Touch the screen and feel the power!Animals have been breed for accessories way to long so many of them are breed with genetic problems and deformities that just are not necessary I have rescued so many from puppy mills it makes me sick!Adopt and spayneuter!!

  • Rachel Mcguire says:

    Honestly Peta. I agree with you on one count the animal one. But really just a warning stay the hell out of politics or you’re going to use alot of support. Yeah it would be nice to let everyone into our country until we start paying for them and they’re kids and families medical care housing food and school. AND retirement.

  • John carmody says:

    Nice job PETA love it!

  • SHARI says:

    I am laughting my head off! This is one is the best! PETA you are so funny! This really will make people start thinking! Hugs from TEXAS.

  • Ben McAuliffe says:

    Well here I go away from PETA. Stay out of Politics. Look at other countries WE HAVE TO CARRY OUR PASSPORT ALL THE TIME OVERSEAS! Why don’t they need to do it here. Adios yet Au Revoir PETA!

  • Mario says:

    Great idea and slogan.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    I once took a college class in social studies and cultures. Part of the course included social class distinction and how some people think they are above others simply because of who is listed on the family tree geneaology. I made the point that unless one researches their family history themselves they really don’t know how true the records are and to prove the point I showed the class AKC papers on one of my pets. I had supplied all of the information to the AKC along with the fee and they happy to get the money simply issued papers for Meg’s Magnificent Hobbs a Dalmation. I then showed the class a photo of Hobbs who was in fact a PersianSiamese mix CAT.