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An Apple a Day Keeps Early Puberty Away

Written by PETA | April 15, 2011

Girls in the U.S. are now entering puberty as young as 7 years old Half of African-American girls and 15 percent of Caucasian girls develop sexually by age 8. That means that young girls’ bodies are maturing before a lot of them have even mastered riding a bicycle. Doctors and parents have good reason to be concerned. Early onset of puberty can lead to depression, short stature, stress, early sexual activity, and increased risk of breast cancer.

So what is causing girls to mature too early? Many doctors believe the hormones in meat and dairy products are to blame. Farmers give cows regular doses of growth hormones to make them grow as large as possible as quickly as possible. These hormones remain in the cows’ tissues after they are slaughtered and also pass into their milk, and they are, in turn, ingested by people who consume those products.

Cows are pumped with hormones in order to force them to produce much more milk than is natural.

The best way to avoid hormone overload is to pass on hormone-laden animal products and fill your body with healthy fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Then the only side effects you’ll experience are easy weight management and lower risk of cancer, stroke, and heart disease. Not a bad trade-off.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Saucy says:

    Gina, don’t believe everything you read. The only thing I believe about Kim’s post is that she got her period at seven. She OBVIOUSLY has a strong interest in the dairy industry. Do you think they are above telling lies? Or, it could be some kind of “run off” in the water supply, from the dairy industry. Either way, if a “child” gets her period at seven years old, there is something dramatically wrong. Dare I say, a freak of nature, even. I was fourteen years old before I got my period. Thank God it’s nearing an end. My overwight cousin got her’s at twelve. I remember us talking about that. We were all really suprised We had concluded that it was because of her weight. Probably alot more dairy products.

  • Gina says:

    Kim A Dog Breeder: It’s obvious to me and many of my other fellow animal lovers that you, as a dog breeder, have zero interest in the plight of animals considering you make a profit off them. Why are you even here at PETA?

  • NewVeg says:

    Kim, while I respect what you’re saying, there is scientific proof that these hormones we are feeding our children can cause early puberty. While your case may be what you say, it could be an exception. Rather than praising meet and dairy maybe you should spend more time being thankful you are healthy now and whatever your beliefs, you can’t deny that animals are unwilling participants in the horrors they face all because we want “good” (tasting) food. We can get the same nutrients from vegetables, alternatives, and a multivitamin. Thanks Brittany

  • healthy yogi says:

    I completely agree with this article. I gave up meat when I was 11, and barely ever drank milk or ate eggs until I went vegan at 22. I was healthy and able to enjoy my childhood like a little girl should, and I did not start to develop or get a period until I was in high school. My little sisters developed, grew and had started menstruation much earlier than I did, they were not veg heads. Thankfully they are both vegans now after seeing the undeniable health benefits of doing so, as well as the disgraces and health issues stacked against the meat industry!

  • Gina says:

    That photograph says it all. The misery on the cow’s face is undeniable. The dairy industry has just as much blood on their hands as the meat industry.

  • Kim a Dog Breeder says:

    Oh one more thing I gotten to the point and better and no one thinks I have austim no more after I started adding 80% of dairy and meat into my diet over 20 years ago, along with nuts, fruit, and Veggies!

  • Kim a Dog Breeder says:

    and one more thing your claim of milk causes Austim is not true,.. Austim is somthing one is born with. I was boarn with ADHD, a form of austim and like said I hardly touched milk,.. my mum could not get even get me to breast feed as a baby and I was given a non dairy replacer which was veggie base and I still gotten austim

  • Kim a Dog Breeder says:

    So, untrue,.. I used eat a lot apples when I was 7 years old and was not really into meat and milk at that age. I still gotten my peroid at 7 yrs old in the late 80’s.