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Could an App Change the Way We See Pigs?

Written by Michelle Kretzer | January 20, 2012

You’ve played Words With Friends, but what about lights with pigs? A new app called “Pig Chase” puts players finger-to-snout with real pigs on farms.

A player moves a ball of light on the screen, and the light is displayed on a large touch-sensitive panel in the pig’s pen. The human player can see the pig’s snout as it touches the screen. The human player must use his or her fingers to keep the ball of light near the pig’s snout in order to help the pig move the ball of light into a goal triangle with his or her snout. When successful, the pig is treated to a bright, colorful light display. 

Pig Chase was designed to help satisfy a European Union directive requiring farmers to provide pigs with entertainment to lessen the stress that causes pigs to attack each other in cramped factory-farm conditions.

While a game can’t change the intensive confinement, multiple mutilations, and filthy conditions to which pigs are subjected on factory farms, perhaps it will help people start to see pigs for the bright, inquisitive animals they are and help pigs pass the time. People may start to realize that if we wouldn’t eat the dog we play fetch with, we shouldn’t eat the pig we play chase with. And that will make a big difference for pigs on farms.

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  • Risa says:

    I am a meat eater but I do know that pigs are intelligent and fun animals. I have raised 2 show pigs, Hamilton and Orpheus, for show. They’re then bought by the fair. And none of my pigs were mistreated. I cleaned their pens daily and they always had access to food and water. They were also given baths and exercised. And people may say that I’m horrible for selling them for food but I see it as this. They would have been sold for food whether I bought them or not, but at least with me, they had a good life. They were well taken care of. To me, they were lucky. Some are less fortunate I know, but not all meat producers are bad. I’m not a big meat producer or anything, it was a school project. But yeah. I also have 5 pet chickens and help take care of my land lady’s goats.

  • Emily says:

    I love this! I think that the problem with most meat eaters is that they are too far removed from their food. And Big Ag knows this and caters to this by eliminating transparency in their producing and processing of meat and animal products. I am going to get this and show this to all my meat eating friends!

  • dora says:

    This sounds Like a big change.

  • Christine says:

    this sounds pretty great. is this actually coming out though?