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Anti-KFC Ads to Shock ‘Saw V’ Moviegoers

Written by PETA | October 3, 2008

Just in time for the release of Saw V and the craziness of the Halloween horror-movie season, PETA will be running one of our creepy KFC ads in movie theaters in Baltimore and Denver for the next four weeks. This will really make horror-movie lovers think about the horror that chickens go through just to end up in a greasy KFC bucket.

While people cringe in their seats at the blood and guts on screen, hopefully they’ll think back to the ad and realize that the same bloody butchering scene goes on in slaughterhouses every day.

Check out the ad here and tell us what you think:


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Written by Christine Doré

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  • Aaron says:

    I do think hurting animals is wrong if it is for no reason but I do like to eat animals I hope that doesnt make me a bad person. I do like KFC as well

  • Jeff says:

    Eddison Respect for the deadfor the Colonel you say.You are right! That is why the sadistic way of killing the chickens that end up in the Colonel’s buckets has got to ease up a bit.I’m with bunnylove. Respect for him would be for those who are responsible for his restaurants to do what it takes so that these current much needed boycotts and campaigns against his restaurants would stop. And all that would mean is for those responsible for KFC to ease up on the sadistic way the chickens are killed.

  • Bunnylove says:

    To not disrespect Colonel Sanders in any way but he is turning around in his grave knowing that there actually has to be a boycotta campaign AGAINST his company for the barbaric way his restaurants are ran.He would be ashamed.Sorry but that’s the truth. No.I don’t think this was Peta’s best pictureideaor whateverbut they tried.Nobody is going to agree and like everything any organization does 100 of the time.And hey I think more of us actually really need to be applauding Peta for having the courage to stand up to the big bulliesthe evil goonsthe corrupt multi billion dollar industries. As far as some people saying chickens aren’t humans.No they are not humans.But I don’t think a living being has to be “human” for it to be unacceptable for killing in such atrocious mercilessly cruel harsh ways. Not with this video clipbut with countless of other ways Petaand other animal protection groupsnobody can deny that more and more people are finding out the unimaginable torture that is intentionally being done to animals.People are taking notice more and more and are demanding change.Andthat my friendsis Wonderful!

  • Eddison says:

    I’ll admit these adds get the message across but some people need to understand that chickens are not humans. Also I feel there is a bit of disrespect for the colonel he can’t put his argument forward because he’s dead so please don’t portray him as an evil prison warden type character ever heard of respect for the dead!

  • Michelle says:

    I’m sorry but I do not see how this marketing campaign is going to work. If you’re an avid horror movie watcher this isn’t going to cause you to bat an eye. This isn’t going to make that many people think about not eating meat. All it’s going to is make people roll their eyes and wonder what crazy thing PETA is going to do next. I mean honestly it’s ridiculous. More people ridicule PETA for their extreme ads then actually take them seriously. This is not going to change many people’s opinion. In a day where people like to watch humans get mutilated I don’t imagine them caring too much about some chickens.

  • Bunnylove says:

    Josh The rationallogicalwellreasoned approached has already been done. There was no positive change to protect animals. Not that PETA or other animal right groups are irrational or illogical in their approach because this is not the case at all all I’m saying is they’ve been down that road before and nobody listened which shows people do not respond to rationallogicalwell reasoned argument. At least if even a few people can at least see the real truth in how horribly animals are treated and want to help no matter how the approach at least maybe their can be some positive change for animals which by the way positive change is growing more and more each day.

  • Alexandra says:

    This is so powerful. However some people may not go to the url and therefore will not become completely aware of what goes on. It is still important to keep demoting KFC and their practices.

  • Pauligirl says:

    I don’t understand the video clip. If there’s meaning to it hidden meaning I’m not getting it. Is the Colonel being kind by giving the human chickens drug filled syringes so they can kill themselves? No idea

  • Jessica says:

    Wow. I love it. It uses the Saw theme and tone to portray Kentucky Fried Cruelty. Whoever thought of that is a genius!

  • lynda downie says:

    Josh If everyone responded positively to rational logical wellreasoned argument there would be no reason for radical animal rights activists. Animals would be accorded rights and be free of the tyranny of humans.

  • Amy Lee says:

    good that peta runs a ‘shocking against KFC’ movie in theatres. but I think that most of the people who are not into animal rights won’t get the idea behind this. it is not obvious enough.

  • Josh says:

    I think that of all the things I have heard this is one of the most absurd. How anyone can cheapen a perfectly respectable logical argument by comparing it to a horror film is beyond me. I personally believe that animals deserve to be treated fairly honestly ethically morally and humanely. But facing a human or an animal I intrinsically value the human more. I wish that animal rights groups rather than cheapen themselves by affirming their stereotypical radicalism would instead be calm logical and reasonable in their requests. Feel free to exercise your right to disagree with me as I have done with you. This is after all a democracy.

  • Donna says:

    I am a supporter of PETA. I think this ad is too subtle and will be lost on the Saw V audience for th e most part. But I applaud PETA for taking some kind of action. And I AM NOT A NUGGET!!!

  • Diandra says:

    I love all the anti kfc mini videos!! Keep it up Peta!

  • person says:

    I actually asked a teacher about this who was alive when colonel sanders was and says he met him at his school. He told me that when colonel sanders was alive KFC used regular chickens. No hormones or anything. so it wouldn’t really be fair for Sanders to look down and see people using him in ads that shows him doing something he never did now would it?

  • Kristine Kelch says:

    Love it! Wish this ad were playing where I live!

  • brooke says:

    love it peta that guy look s just like kernal ahole crulty a.k.a kernal sanders GO PETA

  • SASHA says:

    THANK YOU Mike Quinoa..WELL SAID! Humans don’t need meat to survive. And factory farms are so cruel.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Marowak Some animals are obligate carnivores and must eat meat to survivewe as humans don’t need to. Also some humans have a moral compunction about eating meat. I doubt if a shark or hyena experiences this compunction. While a lioness hunting down and killing a gazelle might not seem humane at least a prey animal in the wild stands a chance at selfpreservation. An animal on a factory farm has no chance. In the wild predators often seek out elderly and sick animals as their prey while a factoryfarmed animal is slaughtered as closely as possible to the day heshe reaches market weight thus being deprived of most of their life. The bottom line is that the human animal doesn’t require meat and most of us would be much healthier without it.

  • Aine says:

    WoW what a great idea maybe you could try it in Ireland. The anti Kfc message is nt as active here as it is in America. I think Irish people should be made sit up and see what they re eating.

  • Marowak says:

    I think that as long as the animal is killed humanely then meat should be okay. However KFC and other fast food eateries use chemicals on their animals and I’d just rather not eat that. Speaking of which why is eating meat so bad? Animals in the wild do it all the time and man has killed animals for clothing food and utilitarian purposes for thousands of years. Don’t tell me you’re gonna make the hyenas and sharks go vegan.

  • yvonne says:

    Aurora.. I guess Peta is trying to get through the msg that KFC chickens.. no.. don’t use hyperdermic needles and are ‘high on drugs’.. but these chickens as well as other cheap chicken in your supermarkets are generally fed on feed that have hormones and ohter ‘drugs’ incorporated in or other unnatural substances hence these chickens grow abnormally fast.. or at a much faster rate.. even too heavy for their legs to carry them and they may also other joint ailments.. chickens fed on natural grains.. without wierd additives added apparently grow at a more normal rate ie. as you or me and other people would .. ie. you eat these cheap chickens and you also eat all the drugs that are pumped into htem via their feed.. if you absolutely insist on eating chicken.. then you’d be better off buying free range I guess.. ps I would think the same goes for all the others meats ie. pork beef.. etc..

  • Aurora says:

    i don’t get it. can someone please explain?

  • katrina says:

    okay i dont think that was scary enough. i am far more morbidperhaps have some guts blood etc. that moviegoers will choke on their popcorn over. give them something to have nightmares about.

  • Gabriela says:

    I just discovered PETA not too long ago and I’m trying to changein small steps. I hope that eventually I will make a bigger difference. P.S. I love the ad.

  • J. Teeple says:

    Awe I wish they were playing in Nashville. I’d love to gross out the meatloving ex I roped into promising to take me for my birthday! XD

  • Bunnylove says:

    That is so true. Small steps really do matter. Thank you everyone at PETA for all your creativity in getting people aware!

  • vijant says:

    keet going PETA. we all are with you

  • B.J. says:

    I just think of a guy sitting at the movies wofling down a bucket of KFC and then watching this ad…

  • bethany says:

    go team peta im a part if the p.e.t.a “club at school which helps students understand the meaning of what it takes to be a vegetarian this movie will shock people more than saw 5 keep moving forward GO TEAM PETA

  • vali says:

    Y am from Romania end y see the movie. Go to jail bastards.

  • Brittany says:


  • Mike Quinoa says:

    If I was a chicken I would rather be killed by CAK than possibly be scalded to death or have to hear the agony of those who go before me. Before factory farms farmed animals had some semblance of a life but incrementally small freedoms were taken away. These freedoms seemingly deficient as they are can for the most part only be regained incrementally also. While I don’t support the eating of animals killed “humanely” or not most people aren’t going to stop eating meat tonight. I’d rather see a step in the right direction than one in the wrong one.

  • Sidney says:

    This is so amazing. I used to eat KFC and i’m not proud of it but once i found out from peta what they do to their chickens i completely stopped. i even advise my friends not to eat it too. I’m trying to help. Go Peta. 3

  • J.A. Redmerski says:

    The concept used in this ad is genius. Purely genius. I applaud whoever came up with the idea! Now if we could just get ads like these on everyday TV? I think if that could happen and ads like these were played as much as your average toothpaste commercial it would open many minds.

  • SASHA says:


  • Ashley says:

    I personally do not eat meat and am Canadian but I do not judge those who do. No one gets upset if a shark eats a fish or if a bear eats a deer. Its the circle of life. What I do however believe in the humane killing of animals that people choose to eat.We have the means and the way to make sure that animals don’t suffer so we should do it. I don’t eat meat because its a personal choice not everyone is going to make that choice and we have to respect that. We cannot change those people nor do we have the right to. Nevertheless we do have the right to stand up against abuse of any kind. Which is what I believe PETA is doing.

  • berty says:

    Great point Ryan. I actually didn’t know that about PETA and Canada…yet I can’t judge them for it because the fact is “baby steps” work best on everyone when you are trying to direct change. I’m certain PETA chews their own arms off trying to be neutral with animal killers like the ones you speak of. It’s like trying to handle a nasty client and keep your job at the same time.

  • Crystal says:

    I love it it is a wonderful ad. Thank you Peta for all the hard work you do for the animals! I may not agree 100 with some ads but the fact you risk your life freedom is noble thank you all! God bless!

  • Gem says:

    Hello there I am trying to forward the video “Who’s skin are you in” but the video is no longer available. Please do something about it because forwarding this video made me feel I save at least one animal.

  • Veronica says:

    I have to agree with Jill I wish everybody was a vegetarian at least and that nobody harm an animal… but we have to start with little steps before we start running… there are always exceptions that can run before walk but the majority needs to begin with simple things that can be change for the save of animals… and if this TV Spot can change one mind from at least 100 people that are going to see the movie that’s a triumph for PETA and one less costumer for KFC.

  • Aneliese Krulicki says:

    Excellent comment Ryan McReynolds. I’m Canadian and I feel the same about some of things PETA does. Like the ad about Tim McLean…my comment on that never got approved. I hope this one does.

  • liz says:

    this particular Peta Ad always gives me the creeps.. they are sort of like morbid abnormal morphed versions of a chicken and a human.. creepy! and those hyperdermic syringes! would the people viewing this ad be able to put the two together? I mean the synringes and these strange morphed creatures.. half human.. half chicken!! guess that’s KFC for you!!

  • Jill Harper says:

    I would have to agree with Ryan McReynolds on this one. But what do you do? Do you encourage even small steps or do you continue the barrage of negative media knowing that it may create a climate of NO CHANGE. Yes they die it sucks but at least its LESS CRUEL or at least PETA thinks so?. I wish everyone would stop eating animals but do you push for the almost impossible of a WHOLE WIDE vegetarian world or do you encourage meat eaters by small steps in the right direction…momentum only happens with the first step… right? I don’t know the answers…just throwing out a discussion point.

  • Amanda says:

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO TEAM PETA!

  • Ryan McReynolds says:

    “This will really make horrormovie lovers think about the horror that chickens go through just to end up in a greasy KFC bucket.” Except in Canada of course where if you’re a brutal animal exploiter and you choose to use suffocation ahem I’m sorry “controlled atmosphere killing” to kill animals before dismembering them you get free positive PR from PETA boycotts lifted scantilyclad women distributing your nonvegan products and encouraging patronage heck a PETA staffer will even get married at one of the most notorious animal exploitation outlets to show how proud they are you sell the corpses of birds slaughtered kindly. Because apparently “meat is murder” doesn’t apply if it’s done gently enough or something like that…

  • Leslie says:

    Way to go PETA love it!