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Another Victory! Lukoil Ends Ringling Promotions

Written by PETA | January 24, 2008

We’re just knocking them out of the park at the moment. Literally two hours after posting an alert on our site asking members to contact the American subsidiary of Russian oil-giant Lukoil about their promotion of the Ringling Bros. Circus, the company has made the compassionate decision to cut all ties with the circus due to its history of animal abuse. Or, as they put it in their email to us: “Per our conversation today, we do not have a sponsorship/partnership with Ringling Bros. and are not going to in the future.”

Thanks, guys! And thanks to everyone who helped us out by letting Lukoil know what they were getting into.

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  • doxierodan says:

    I have always loved animals but before watching PETA’s footage on Elephant cruelty I was ignorant of same I had heard of “Mexican Circuses” but knowing what goes on right under our American noses makes me sick My best regards to the investigators.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Maya Rojo Michele Mr. Kickass’s mom and dad needs to use the Parenal Controls to it’s computer. Or maybe he fell in his Red Bull drink. LOL

  • Michele says:

    Rojo and Maya that’s okay fortunately I think kickass broke his “!” and “?” and possibly his “shift” keys on his keyboard I could practically hear the poundingslammingsmashing!

  • rojo says:

    maya yes i was thinking that last night as i went to sleep it is easy to push someone so close to the edge over it. A poignant reminder. cheers

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    ROTFLMAO Rojo I think we’d better lay off kickass he looks like he’s having a stroke or seizure or something!

  • rojo says:

    wow asskick it took you 5 days to come up with that? Your mastery of the english language knows no bounds I never would have thought of writing a whole sentence backwards. What exactly was the effect you were trying to acheive? Assuming I take joy irritating obnoxious bullies then I would say I was on the right site. Everything else you say is true. Did you figure that all out by yourself or did mummy help. Constuctive and informative as expected glad you could spare the time to reply!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kickass says:

    kickass returns!!!! rojo kickass says you are a backwards oxymoron!!! !!!!noromyxo sdrawkcab a era ouyojor kickassasskick is not out to endear!!!! AARA rojo is on the wrong site!!!! AARA rojo is not a peta member!!! AARA rojo does not donate to peta!!! AARA rojo is for humane slaughter!!!! AARA rojo eats dead animals!!! what the hell do you know about compassion oxymoron??? tying all together whose nads did you borrow to mouth off little boy???? get your head straight go to a AARA site to air your farts!!!!

  • Dana says:

    This is GOOD NEWS Keep up the good work! I am starting to see a day without the circus in our near future

  • rojo says:

    asskick boy do you choose the wrong people to pick on. If you are seeking to endear yourself to hardliners then I suggest you stick to abusing AARA’s like me and not the Judiths of this world. At least she exudes compassion not bullyboy aggression. You’ll probably get over that after puberty. You appear to be under the impression that rights and welfare are mutually exclusive. All power to you you have more effect on support for animal liberation than I could ever hope to accomplish through truth and reason. Read that last sentence slowly and carefully and if you still don’t understand just start by asskick asks rojo… I look forward to your next informative and constructive post. Yes I know playing with your psuedonym is juvenile it’s just to RYBP for extra performance.

  • Amber Falobas says:

    YES! WE DID IT!! Does this make anyone else wanna sing the dora the explorer song called “we did it!”? Thanks Lukoil!

  • kickass says:

    kickass says judith your animal welfare friends aren’t going to be happy with you!!! they don’t mind animals in circuses!!! send them an apology letter!!!

  • K says:

    I think 2008 is going to be a great year.

  • Tamara says:

    OMG! PETA is kicking some…butt… YAY!!

  • maeghan says:

    This is great news! A lot of people companies dont know what happens behind closed doors or are just oblivious to animal cruelty. Knowledge is power!

  • John Carmody says:

    This is brilliant news here in Ireland ARAN launched our Stop Circus Suffering in Ireland in 2005 with an undercover investigation into Irish circuses and thankfully our campaign is having a huge effect with attendence numbers literally dead in the water! Great news again PETA you guys ROCK!!!!

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    I was up way too early But I sent it. What I wrote down is that we have many many freinds in the east I think quite a few people wrote that also. I was already calling friends to tell them about Lukoil When at 128 pt PETA sent out another alert saying WE DID IT. I screamed at myself what did we do? This took from 822pt to 128pt. Not bad at all. Peace!!!!!

  • Ashes says:

    Their email makes it sound like they were already not sponsors. “Per our conversation today we do not have a sponsorship” means that according to what they had already told you in a conversation that day they were not sponsors. So had they already ended the sponsorship before you talked to them? Their email doesn’t make any sense given that you say they didn’t end the sponsorship until after you talked to them.

  • Michele says:

    This is amazing! What a fantastic example of how an organized dedicated group of people can achieve a very swift victory for the sake of the animals. Now let’s go after Geico next they have apparently teamed up with “The Association of Zoos and Aquariums”.