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Another Sled Dog Massacre

Written by PETA | March 28, 2011

Just weeks after we told you about the slaughter of 100 dogs by a dogsled tour operator in British Columbia, 14 dogs used to pull sleds near Southend, Saskatchewan, have been killed after one of the dogs, who had been temporarily let off her tether, attacked a 4-year-old boy. The boy was hospitalized, and the dog was subsequently hit by a car and killed. The 13 other dogs were shot by their owner for reasons that remain unclear. 

ronnie44052/cc by 2.0

When they aren’t pulling sleds, most dogs used to pull sleds are kept tethered on short ropes or chains or confined to small pens. They are deprived of everything that is natural and important to dogs, such as exercise, mental stimulation, and companionship. Not surprisingly, dogs kept in such conditions often develop psychological problems—knowing they have no means of escape, they become intensely fearful of anyone who approaches, even a small child, and resort to “fighting” (i.e., biting), since flight is not an option.

This tragedy serves as yet another reminder never to patronize any dogsled races or rides, and if you see a company promoting dogsled rides, explain that it will not get your business as long as it promotes cruelty to dogs.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Seth says:

    The little boy lost one of his eyes in the attack. My prayers go out to him.

  • Tammy says:


  • Tammy says:

    @Witni – You are so absolutely right!!! This tragic event is the fault of the adult humans!!! Not that of any animal!!! And the people involved should be put in jail!!!

  • TAMMY says:


  • Seth says:

    @DebbieH… If this happened on a remote Indian reservation in the United States instead, would you be saying that all Americans like to kill animals??

  • Yoga Gurl says:

    I feel sad for the dogs and the child..both are innocent victims of a barbaric and cruel “sport”. Let’s work hard to expose this for that it is…a backwards and cruel sport that has no place in modern society. Those who partake of this sport should feel shame and all advertisers should not support them.

  • kris says:

    Piece of garbage….I think a bit of revenge is in order to make people take notice that this is NOT ok.,..sadly I live close enough to this….people are garbage

  • Irene Leggett says:

    Another piece of low-life trash taking the easy option instead of facing up to his responsibilities. Remember, there’s never a bad dog just a totally disgusting bad owner!!If he wanted to dispose of the dogs, there are rescue centres or, at least, euthanise them humanely, but then I suppose, that would have cost him some money. Greed definately speaks louder than compassion and humanity in this case.

  • lisa says:

    Why kill the other 13 dogs when they have not done anything wrong??? i have read some of the comments made to the papers regardig ths and they have all ased why did the owner shot the rest of the dogs??? they didnt do anything wrong and what do you expect when a dog is chained up 24 hrs a day, how can you tell a 4yr old to stay in a truck. Its humans at fault here not the dogs. There should be animal cruelty charges mde against the owner.

  • C. Michael says:

    Yes–and we should do the same for horse too. They work pulling things and people in carraiges and sleighs–and on their backs! AND they live in stalls! It is a shame they MAKE them race.

  • karen jorgensen says:

    Canada seems to have a lot to answer for when it comes to animal abuse!

  • simi says:

    Just terrible!

  • DebbieH says:

    I am beginning to think that Canadians just like to kill animals! First pup seals and now sled dogs??? What the hell is going on!

  • fanny says:

    Why would you say “poor” child as if it isn’t a tragedy for a child to get attacked by a dog… It isn’t the childs fault either??? Being an animal lover does not have to make you a human hater.

  • Witni says:

    The news article finishes by saying that the family acted swiftly (by killing the dogs) and that the incident did not seem suspicious. I don’t see what’s not suspicious about killing thirteen perfectly healthy beings because an abused individual reacted naturally toward a child in an unsafe situation they should never have been exposed to in the first place. Who leaves a four year old unattended with instructions not to leave the vehicle? That should be a criminal charge of negligence. That child is probably going to grow up fearing or hating dogs now, instead of hating the root cause of the attack, the person who claims to own them.

  • Aneliese says:

    Where the hell were the parents? If anyone should have been shot, it should have been them. PETA, is there something we can do to help?

  • kathy says:

    The attack on the 4 year old is the owner’s fault. Severe neglect and mistreatment of the dog is what caused it. We need to protect these dogs from living in such abysmal conditions. I hope the 4 year old grows up to understand someday that the owner was at fault for what happened. Maybe he/she will and will fight for animal rights too.

  • kathy says:

    I closed my accounts at Wells Fargo that I had for over a decade because they sponsor the Idiotard race. I contacted them and was told they’re very happy sponsoring these and won’t be pulling their sponsorship. There’s no way I could do business with them after finding this out.

  • Marta Deptula says:

    I agree!!

  • Sophia says:

    This needs to stop. I hate all of this!

  • Linda says:

    It never ends.

  • mia mastandrea says:

    So Sick of people abusing aniamls….Please help abused animals

  • Robin Revty says:

    more about British Columbia and the creepy ways of the bc people sad sick people

  • Monica says:

    This is horrible! Such an injustice the owner should be penalized for killing

  • ryan jackson says:

    Any cruelty to dogs has consequences for them to lash out! Its not there fault, as always its human hands that cause hurt and pain on all species whether done mentally or physically! Bastards!!!

  • Sankalp Garg says:

    Its just tragic. I dont get how can a person be so cruel. All such tour operators should be banned and the dogs should be put up for adoption..why do they have to be deprived of the basic rights to a living being. what iis wrong with people..why isnt action being taken against such people.

  • Austin okane says:

    This breaks my heart.

  • Florinda Rodriguez says:

    I cannot believe this continues to happen. How would the owners like it if they were killed when they proved useless after a task.

  • sally says:

    are you serious??? give them a break you jerks!

  • Jörg Salber says:

    Kill the owner not the dogs.

  • Tanja Marcijan says:

    Le garcon me pitie, mais ca n,est pas excuse pour tuer les chiens! Ils ont ete les victims de traitement mouvais a cote de propreteur!

  • Jonathan says:

    Hi, Why can’t you get the media involved in this. Let the whole world see it and then you will see the really benefit out of it … I’m sure by doing this people would be put behind bars. Jonathan T

  • NIVIA says:

    ohh myy!! will there be a petition for this?

  • cschupp says:

    I feel sorry for these dogs. This as bad as horse and dog racing. …too bad that I was not there, I would do to the guy what he did to his dogs. He and everyone that has animals making money forr any sport is pathetic.

  • Deborah Mitchell says:

    There is absolutely no reason for the owners of these sled dogs to treat them like a pieces equipment. These are living, breathing, animals who deserve to be treated with compassion. New laws must be enacted to protect these sled dogs, and to punish those individuals who think they can just kill these dogs when they no longer “need” them to pull sleds.

  • Valérie Ernenwein says:

    Absolutely terrible. I bet, everybody who read this article on another site worries about that “poor” child. I don’t. I’m mad because of that stupid man who thinks that those things got a single way to be solved: Kill that animal. *sarcasm on Well, it wasn’t of his fault, but who cares? It never was the owners fault, never. Somebody has to be guilty, so let us choose the one who doesn’t feels and who isn’t able to shout for help. And, oh, it would look great if we killed the other dogs too, so this stuff is never going to happen again. *sarcasm on YUCK! Those humans should learn what “life” means. And how to deal with it.

  • Savannah says:

    I understand that this is a very serious problem, and the person that killed the dogs should go to jail. But that doesn’t mean that all dog sledders do that. I have a dog team and I race with them, I would never kill them, they are like family to me. They love to run, and racing is great exercise for them. It is what they were bred to do. So all i’m asking is, stop the abuse but don’t stop the sport.

  • Karin says:

    People are heartless!

  • debalina says:

    really heartbreaking

  • Ashlie says:

    Ughhhh…these people absolutely disgust me!