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Another Reminder That Animals Aren’t Cargo

Written by PETA | January 26, 2011

When Heather Lombardi considered transporting her kitten, Snickers, by airplane, she was assured that the cargo hold was climate-controlled. What she wasn’t told was that the climate in the cargo hold was only controlled in flight. After the plane landed and Snickers was left in the hold for 50 minutes without heat, Heather found the kitten cold and unresponsive. At the time, the temperature outside was just 7 degrees. Snickers died as Heather rushed her to the vet. Our condolences to Heather on the loss of her companion.

Unfortunately, this is far from an isolated incident. Even the biggest hearts and the best intentions can’t protect animals from the dangers of a cargo hold. Please, if you’re traveling with your animal companions, take the extra time and effort to do it right—they’re worth it.

nicsuzor/cc by 2.0

Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • Sherry says:

    @Gael. Heather was purchasing this animal regardless of if it had hair or not as a pet for her family. It was not purchased as a product but as an addition to her family. they are deeply upset as they had to watch the poor baby die in her arms and could do nothing about it. Shame on you for posting that a life was lost and a precious life at that..

  • Gael Murphy says:

    Heather Lombardi is an exploiter who deserves NO sympathy. Apparently, this kitten was bred to be a bald, mutant, specialty item (with all the feelings and awareness of any kitten). She was bred, purchased and transported as merchandise. Heather lost an expensive product for which she paid good money. The poor little kitten was used by all parties involved and suffered as all animals do when they are treated as “things”, instead of sentient beings who are our equals in all but poiwer.

  • Teeta S. says:

    Yes, the picture is incorrect.  It was a hairless Kitten that was probably very expensive.  Peta needs to get involved in the handling of animals by the airlines.  They need priority handling like the lady paid for according to AP but did not receive.  This is another incident with Delta in just a few weeks.

  • VC says:

    That’s a terrible story. There is an airline out there that I have read about that is pet friendly, and they apparently let the animals ride inside with their people. I don’t remember the name, but if anyone else knows about it, let me know. I will do my business with them. If you hit any business in their pocketbooks and don’t do business with them, they will change.

  • Mary Ellen M. says:

    I get overheated and cold just sitting inside airplane waiting for take offs.  I can’t imagine any animal, no matter its size, having to endure the uncontrolable climate in cargo or how frightened it must be when put in there.  You can take small (under 16lbs) cat or dogs with you on flights inside plane. The airlines just charge a ridiculous cost to do so, and they are only taking up your foot space in front of your seat!  It’s worth it to me sometimes.  Some people just don’t understand the unconditional love between people and their pets.  

  • claire says:

    Thats so sad. You should check with the airline first I guess. RIP baby kitty.




  • Robert B says:

    Ive been shipping dogs for 30 years and I never had a problem with one dog. I have found the airlines to be TOO strict with there rules and thats a good problem to have.

  • Gala says:

    That’s such a cute picture to go with such a sad story. Maybe one way to avoid more stories like this is to leave pets at home and have someone look in on them while you’re away. If that’s not possible, then airports should allow people to maybe carry smaller animals on the plane with them.