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Another Orca Dies at SeaWorld

Written by PETA | September 8, 2010
eschipul / CC by 2.0

The death toll continues to rise at SeaWorld with the passing of a 12-year-old orca named Sumar at the theme-park chain’s San Diego location. Sumar died far short of the expected 50-to-60 year lifespan of orcas who roam the vast oceans, his rightful home.

Whatever caused Sumar’s death (and let’s hope that there will be no cover-up this time), circling a tiny concrete tank at a theme park and deprived of all that is natural and enjoyable, was never a life at all. Instead of profiting from their domination, PETA calls on SeaWorld to release these animals to coastal sanctuaries.

Please contact Blackstone Group (which owns SeaWorld) and insist that it begin the rehabilitation process right away.

Also, be sure to visit the True Friends Memorial site set up in memory of Sumar.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • Suzanne Lawson says:

    Just another money-making organization that has brainwashed people into thinking it’s helping animals.

  • soileh says:

    Stop using animals as toys and commercial tools. THEY SHOULD HAVE THE SAME RIGHTS AS HUMANS: live in peace and freedom, in their natural environment.

  • Janet says:

    I sent an email. These creatures need to be free. Their shows do not set a good example for children. Humans control animals, not really.

  • Karen says:

    There are plenty of places to go that allow you observe whales in the wild,as they should be. Sea World is just another circus!Stand up for these beautiful mammals and DO NOT visit these parks that are their prisons. Sound off and keep the pressure on!

  • Pierce & Missy Bratton says:

    Comment hell, where’s the petition on this?

  • Renee says:

    Wild animals belong in the wild not in captivity for human entertainment. I agree, Sea World should close!

  • gary leigh says:

    where’s the petition to stop sea world. where’s the petition to get people to pledge not to do business with this company. performing animals must end.

  • Pat says:

    Animal abuse for entertainment is grotesque and barbaric. I want to visit them in their world and not lose them in mine.

  • Daan says:

    These animals don’t belong in a small concrete tank.Their sonar gets totally messed up causing them to get stressed or worse…They belong in the ocean where they can interact with their own species…

  • dee says:

    i would never take my children to sea world….it’s just cruel to see beautiful creatures out of their waters where they belong and GOD put them

  • Maria Orozco says:

    Please let these beutiful criatures free.They deserve to be in their own habitat not being clowns for the entertainment of the stupid humans.

  • Reet says:

    The whale was probably more intelligent than the staff at SeaWorld. Boycott SeaWorld. When they have no visitors the place will close.

  • BM says:

    This is so insane…why isnt Seaworld being held accountable by the authorities for this? It’s not like it’s the first time.What will it take for this injustice to stop??

  • Pixie says:

    I agree with Matt Damon SEAWORLD SHOULD BE CLOSED!!!

  • anabela pinto ribeiro says:

    We need to leave the sea creatures in the the wide open waters

  • veronica says:

    Why must humans treat whales n dolphins so inhumanly? First the japanesse whalers and oil spills, now wonder they r becoming extinct. We need to leave the sea creatures in the the wide open waters

  • Diane McNally says:

    They tried to break his mind. Maybe they broke his heart. Sumar: Gone Beyond. A child of twelve. Every single person who works for SeaWorld is complicit in this death. Thank you to the people who show up to demo at Marineland in Niagara Falls. I’m on the west coast of Canada and am working to get Lolita Tokitae back to the Southern Residents. Keep the pressure on to close these orca prisons.

  • Chris says:

    I hope this animal died painlessly, but if it didn’t I hope it was a redneck whale, eh Jennifer?

  • Lindsey D'Antonio says:

    So sad. I attended a Marineland protest this week (its like Seaworld but in Niagara Falls Canada)This news breaks my heart and is a perfect example of why the fight must continue

  • Hayley says:

    What is it going to take for this greedy company to realize its wrongdoings? They’ve watched their own employees get killed by these animals. They’ve seen these animals get sick and die for no reason. What else needs to happen for them to get it? Oh … right … greedy company. They need to lose $$ and lots of it.

  • LawGirl says:

    I too agree 110% with this article….I have never and will never take my child or myself to Sea World for entertainment purposes!!! Heartless and heartwrenching to see such beautiful creatures out of their natural habitat!!!!

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    I have no doubt poor Sumar died of depression which minifested itself in the form of physical illness, as depression so often does. Sumar is finally free.

  • nikki (J Helen) Smith says:

    The orcas deserve to be in their home…the ocean…not as a prisoner for human entertainment!

  • paul lentz says:

    It is all very problematic. If owners and staff of the Seaworld’s franchise would be more sympathetic towards their creatures, these things would not happen!Who on earth left a caged bird in such a position that it could fall in the pool?Shocking!Unfortunately these Seaworlds and others of their ilk will always be with us.The kids love to see dolphins and sealions at “Play”.

  • Crystal Toh says:

    This is terrible!! Outright cruel and most certainly EVIL!! This has to be put to a stop IMMEDIATELY!! Close down the place and save all the animals while they’re still breathing… Do it while there’s still time to save some precious lives!! Don’t do it next year or next month, not even next WEEK, but RIGHT THIS INSTANT!!! And when it happens, I insist that the PROFESSIONALS handle the animals and not these, these retards!!

  • Geri Brandt says:

    I watched a water show in Vallejo – it was packed and we were at the top of the crowd. When I saw the orcas. dolphins from that distance it looked like they were in a bathtub. Never again will I spend my hard earned money to see those wonderful critters look like goldfish in a small bowl. Let them be free!

  • Maria Gjura-Staka says:

    If this creature had been left alone in the wild, it would have had a better chance of living a happy and present life.

  • Jean Auris says:

    The best thing we can do is not go see the animals. I have always been against humans being entertained by wild animals. They always suffer. Look at the elephants and their trainers. Our culture needs to grow up.

  • brittany says:

    BOYCOTT such a horredous place. All SeaWorld is concerned with is there $$$$. DON’T GIVE IT TO THEM!!!

  • Julija Merljak says:

    Animals don’t belong into cages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kelsey says:

    seawolrd needs to stop all of the frickin madness. these poor animals have all died of reasons that COULD have been prevented but were not.

  • Mandy says:

    Being from San Diego, this makes me so sad. I grew up going to Sea World every weekend during summer. Things look so innocent when your a child. Poor animals

  • John J says:

    I just can’t see a wonderful place like sea world being all bad.Hopefully things can improve soon.

  • Sandra Vawter says:

    I also used to live in San Diego and at the time was a regular visitor to the San Diego Zoo,SeaWorld, & Wild Animal Park. The only place I felt the animals felt somewhat in their own habitat was @the animal park. However, all wild animals deserve to be in their own free natural setting, not held cative.

  • Lodi_Lisa says:

    It seems it’s just a “job” for Sea World’s employees. Commom sense coupled with what the animals NEED and their SAFETY seems to not be part of their mission. MONEY is Sea World’s mission.

  • Rad_Rosa says:

    Being born and raised in San Diego for most of my life… this kind of crap just makes me ashamed..

  • JW says:

    Kathleen Cain, you are in error. If you read SeaWorld’s hiring process, those who work with the animals must have experience with the animals involved and a majority must have degrees in science and the like.No degree or understanding of how these animals live and breathe, NO JOB in that department.The actors and actresses are only in shows such as skiing or the seal show where the animals themselves are still under the direction of a trainer.Now, does this mean the trainers are experienced perfectly? – NO, and I’d want them fired. But, read the rules for hiring before you make up assumptions about the hirings of this company.(BTW, I know this because I actually did attempt to apply for a job there).

  • Kelley says:

    I love the commercial for Bridgestone Tires. Three guys have an orca in a truck and are being pursued by the police. They are driving at very high speed and release the orca into the sea. Bridgestone should be nominated for an award!

  • Minnie says:

    Look the problem is who is responsible for taking care of those animals. If you got the right people in there to make sure those animals had the proper space, food, attention etc., everything would be fine.They just have the wrong people trying to take care of these animals,a nd it’s horrible. New owners should be mandated for all parks and proper attention should be paid.

  • Erin says:

    Hey Kathleen, most of SeaWorld’s animal care and training staff obtain a Bachelors in animal science, psychology, biology, zoology, etc, as well as numerous years of prior animal handling experience before reaching SeaWorld!

  • Kathleen Cain says:

    The employees of Seaworld are actors and actresses. Very few have proper education credentials, or good morale standards when it comes to caring for animals. It is a business that is operated by people who feel it is more important to turn profits, thanto preserve life….especially good quality life. Horrible!

  • Gina says:

    Unfortunately, the magic words are “compassionate people”, I`m not seeing many of those. When it comes down to a corperation losing $$$ or an animal losing their life, the gavel always seems to drop on the animal.As far as counting on the consumers, they wear blinders.Heaven forbid they should be deprived of their entertainment, I mean afterall the animal can always be replaced, right? Guess what, not for much longer. Natural resoursed have died down considerably…hey wait!!! I have an idea!!! Leave them where they belong; in their natural habitats!!

  • Rhonnda REA says:

    Incompetent, unobservant employees,…someone should take over the place with a tighter hand! Stop the deaths and create a better way to share the animals with the public!

  • Christine says:

    Sea World is like a concentration camp for animals. They really have no clue as to the natural lives of these animals. Very sad.

  • simone says:

    SeaWorld seems to be turning into Death Row for animals. When will the pain and suffering stop???

  • Toby Saunders says:

    ‘Apparently’ multiple deaths aren’t enough to convince them otherwise? Of course it isn’t enough!I work for an irrigation company which sells equipment to Foie Gras and Veal producers and I know that death/torture of others isn’t enough to get me to stop working there… I even know that I’m helping bad things carry on! I’m addicted to the money like SeaWorld executives are (though I make less, and the execs might not know those non-human animals are conscious). We should have our right to take away the rights of others taken away because I promise you we aren’t strong enough to turn down that money, -but that is a political issue… education is the first practical step.

  • Alise Senberga says:

    How many animals must die to shut down “SeaWorld”?

  • CoyoteGirl says:

    Listen.I am sorry for Dawn, and I am sorry that such a beautiful Crane has died as well. But, you people HAVE to stop bugging Sea World for now. Take small steps towards your goal. There are less fortunate ones out there- look into ‘Lolita,’ the Orca at the Miami Seaquarium. She has been in that dismal, undersized tank for YEARS. The tank is too small, according to marine park regulations, for an Orca of any age. Lolita, if I can remember properly, has been there for thirty-five years now?And, don’t think that ALL marine parks are bad. It’s the same with zoos. Some parks and zoological facilities take extremely good care of their animals, even Orcas.

  • Aneliese says:

    “An anonymous SeaWorld employee leaked the story to the news. SeaWorld officials said that the incident wasn’t something that the company would normally release to the media. It makes you wonder what else they’ve swept under the rug.”Does it ever.

  • Blair says:

    Another death at Sea World! Their in enough trouble already! Stop with all the animals already!!!