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Another Michael Moore Letter!

Written by PETA | July 3, 2007

OK, this one’s from a few years ago, but these things are so damn popular that I thought I’d post it. A little context—this is the letter that PETA Vice President Bruce Friedrich sent to Michael in 2004 to ask him to reconsider his anti-animal stance. The sad truth is that Bruce’s decidedly less sensational letter never received any attention at all—least of all from Michael Moore, who refused even to acknowledge receipt. But it’s a cracking good letter, nonetheless. You can check it out here.


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  • Annie says:

    I do not see how it has not been addressed that this letter to Mr. Moore is extremely hateful and fatphobic. Being fat does not necessarily mean unhealthy. The two do not automatically go hand in hand. There are lots of healthy fat people many of whom are vegitarian and vegan. People have been and always will be different sizes as they have been and always will be different colors and sexual orientations. Insulting a person based on his weight referring to him as an “elephant” and making puns about “weighty” issues these are jabs that are discriminatory and hateful in nature. This is not at all productive or a respectful way to treat someone. Insulting someone is not a good way to try and urge someone for your cause. I think you owe Mr. Moore an apology for your prejudice against his appearance.

  • corinne says:


  • Ariel says:

    So now that we read a niceynice letter sent to MM by PETA’s VP what do the Michael MooreMaya fan club membersIngrid bashers have to say now??? How far did the VP’s niceynice letter get??? MM’s obvious intention is to be controversial since he plays both sides of the fence and doesn’t give a darn who he offends while his wallet is getting “fatter.” Meanwhile Ingrid and the VP are doing everything they can since they stay solely focused on the animals. And as we all should know animal rights has nothing to do with becoming personally wealthy.

  • alan says:

    Maybe you will never change moore’s views but stuff it if he is too ignorant to actually investigate the horrific treatment of animals across the world eg.KFC we must try and force people like him to see the error of their ways there was a great idea posted on this blog about making a movie like al gore’s except obviously on animal cruelty. So come on all you film makers there must be someone who has the balls and the cash to put it on the big screen. No one can claim ignorance if its shoved in their face they say knowledge is power so a movie will surely expand the vegan and vegie community and the bigger we get the more power we have to make decisions in this world that need to be made by people who care

  • donna says:

    There was recently a piece about a hog ‘farm’ on the cable tv version of This American Life. It exposed the cruelties of the ‘factory.’ One camera man stopped eating meat during the filming and has not gone back. All the others have continued to eat meat although perhaps they have lingering guilt? This sounds like a venue for challenge and discussion.

  • Bonnie Morgan says:

    I suggest this about Michael Moore …stop beating a dead horse .Obviously he is not interested in animal rights at this time .Perhaps someday he will who knows .Hes great at what he does .Just let it pass !How about focusing on recruiting people who give a damn about your issues .People who may be more reasonable and have more basic integrity . ..How about Robert Redford or Sean Penn or Susan Surandon or Al Gore ? Or sting ? I wouldnt suggest Oprah though .I feel she is afraid to offend certain meat industries . after her lawsuit ..she had a show about finding the best burger ! ouch! Or what about Maury Povich doing an expose on the factory farming industry ? Im serious ..However I dont know any talk show that would be willing to expose this stuff out of fear .How about approaching HBO ..They show every thing else on that network .Alec Baldwin and Pink and all the other celebrities who support you could do an expose for each part of the industry etc.Hopefully they would volunteer their services ! Or how about a PETA movie like the Al Gore movie ..Only do the subject like this …The grisly facts about factory farming ..the effects on our health and environment. I really think if its possible you should do a PETA movie about this topic…Most of america is asleep .Perhaps this would wake them up!

  • Patricia says:

    As a PETA supporter I am offended and disappointed by the unwarranted and personal attack on Michael Moore. If PETA was really serious about protecting animals and those who care about them they wouldn’t be taking cheap shots and making and immature attacks on persons based on physical characteristics. Besides Michael Moore is one of the few people who has had the guts to challenge the rightwing bigots and those cattleraising pheasant hunting crazies in the Bush administration and their inhumane policies towards animals and humans alike. Why attack Michael Moore and not George Bush and Dick Cheney? They are the real enemies of animals. Under the Bush administration we have seen USDA policy regarding animal transport and testing ignored and go unenforced. Under the Bush administration the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act was passed and signed into law which threatens the civil rights of all those who speak out for animals. In the past I have repeatedly had to defend some of the antics PETA has engaged in explaining that those committed to a cause are often required to go to extremes to make their point or call public attention to an issue but no more. In the future I will continue to do whatever I can to help animlas but I rather put my money and effort behind an organization like HSUS Greenpeace or Last Chance For Animlas who have the good sense to know who to attack and how. Patricia Cwiek Grosse Pointe MI

  • Lauren says:

    I think everyone should give Moore a break. He’s doing as much as he can right now to find justice for people in his own way. A person can’t be perfect and he definitely can’t be an advocate for every matter in the world. If he’s given time perhaps he would like to be more of an advocate for veganvegetarianismanimal rights. Hurtful comments on these blogs are definitely not showing what a kind gentle population is trying to do to help animals. It makes us look insane and rediculous. Give him a break and focus on your own personal activism instead of putting others down. Make fun of a neighbor who is doing NOTHING instead of a person doing SOMETHING.

  • Michael Orsus says:

    I see. “Michael Moore… is a fat bearded dude” and “there’s an elephant in the room and it’s you”. But that wasn’t meant in a negative way it’s just an expression. And now this letter shows that they’ve been attacking him in exactly the same terms for years. And why? According to the letter Moore called Tyson foods and others who harvest chickens “disgusting” and said their chicken farms were “concentration camps for chickens”. But he’s being chastised because he’s a fat meateater who doesn’t “own” those statements. Brilliant.

  • Brianna Fritchey says:

    God I’m so tired of Michael Moore. I didn’t think it was possible for me to hate him anymore but it seems like everyday I find another reason to do so! I stay awake at night feeling guilty and depressed because there’s only so much I can do to protect animals. Michael Moore doesn’t give a flying flip about anything expect money and yet HE’S the one that gets all the attention? Where’s the justice? How long do animals have to suffer like this before society realizes the error in their ways?

  • Gerry Ardigliano says:

    It is so perplexing for Moore to be so antijustice for animals. His latest movies is all about justice for exploited people. He has the potential to be an excellent activist! He shows great skill in researching different topics. It is so depressing that he has not yet discovered the book “The China Study”. If he read it I believe there is much potential for him doing a movie on it. I hope PETA finds a way to have Mr. Moore drop his defensiveness and see the light. The only way to do this is by presenting to him the mountain of evidence that supports plantbased diets and he seems to respond well when human lives are on the line. Also promising is he was able to decipher the BEST pres. candidate in 2000 he voted for Nader.

  • Gerardo says:

    Isn’t Moore suppsed to be against guns and all that? Why he is then supporting hunting ? Very inconsistent that guy…We AR activists or PETA or somebody needs to confont him in public and ask him if he thinks is O. K to buy guns and to practice killing animals before going to Columbine School?….

  • Maya says:

    Jack and Ingrid and PETA folks please compare these two letters. LETTER 1 “Dear PETA I’m an avid hunter. I’ve read the PETA website for many years now and I think your campaigns are clever and your ideas are really interesting. I think you guys are quite cool. But why don’t you like hunting? You’re all a bunch of prejudiced treehuggers. Do you think you’re the only ones with rights? I have a constitutional right to bear arms and how dare you tell me what to do. You should try hunting some time you would like it”. LETTER 2 “Dear PETA I’m an avid hunter. I’m formed a large hunting club and beleive it or not we like PETA and we like animals. And we had an idea for a campaign. We’d like to meet with you to discuss an idea we have. We don’t like to see our forests being torn down and we are even willing to change our hunting and fishing habits to help the animals. We would like to work with you. Could we please meet up sometime? We would provide vegetarian snacks and drinks for everyone” Okay which letter is more appealing PETA? When you write letters I think you forget that you’re on opposite sides of the fence from most people and they won’t easily change their minds just like you won’t change your stance on hunting. And face it even though the second letter offers you something tempting do you really have time for such a thing? You’re busy people just like Michael Moore who probably gets hundreds of similar requests every day. So if you’re going to ask Moore for such a big favor you should offer something big in return or stop wasting your time writing him letters. And obviously the first letter I wrote sounded like an insulting nutjob wrote it. So please hire a psychologist or a PR person next time you write a letter so you can continue your good work in caring for animals without wasting your own time. Love and peace.

  • animalfriend says:

    this michael moore is gross in every way so i just can double my proposal send him out for a hunting party together with dick cheney and there we have a great chance that they take each other for an elefant and the problem is resolved!!!

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    I do not believe that any letter we send to this maniac is going to make any difference what so ever. I have always believed that arrogance such as his breeds ignorance. And these two words are his middle name….. Judith