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Lab Investigated by PETA Bites the Dust

Written by PETA | November 5, 2010

First, Professional Laboratory Research Services shut its doors just days after PETA released the findings of our disturbing undercover investigation there. Now, Covance’s horrendous Vienna, Va., laboratory, which PETA investigated five years ago, is closing up shop.

During PETA’s 11-month investigation at Covance, our investigator documented that workers struck, choked, and screamed obscenities at frightened and “uncooperative” monkeys. Monkeys suffered from rectal prolapses as a result of constant stress and diarrhea, and baby monkeys’ noses bled daily because workers shoved hard tubes up their nostrils to pump experimental chemicals and drugs into their stomachs. As a result of PETA’s investigation, the U.S. Department of Agriculture cited and fined Covance for serious violations of the Animal Welfare Act.

PETA has actually been battling this laboratory for nearly two decades. I remember participating in a protest outside the facility back when Covance was known as Hazleton Research Labs, a name made famous by the book The Hot Zone, which was about the Ebola outbreak among monkeys at the now-defunct Hazleton laboratory just a few miles away in Reston, Va.

In addition to closing the hellhole in Vienna, Covance has also scrapped plans to build a massive facility in Prince William County, Va., meaning that thousands of animals will be spared years of loneliness, misery, and pain. Pop the champagne corks, folks! And let’s hope that this trend involving the shuttering of animal laboratories continues into 2011.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • carol says:

    Hooray, another facility gone. I can’t imagine the horrors those animals faced day in and day out but just looking at the face of his monkey stretched out for more torture makes me weep. Thank you PETA for all your hard work.

  • KiwiMelon says:

    Thank you for what you do. It is horrifying having to know that there is such sufferings in this world. The truth is out there and we cannot deny what humans do to other living species. Stop cruelty and Earth will be a peaceful place.

  • Minttu says:

    My hard goes out 4these animals and PETA<3 great work! This was a huge victory!

  • Kay says:

    So glad an organization such as yours exists. The work is hard and the rewards few but when one happens we can all feel joy.

  • Sheila says:

    Well done as always. Thank God for the PETA undercover people.

  • Nelly Meza says:

    I love animals, and i want to help stop torturing them.

  • STEPHY says:


  • Marilyn says:

    Is it probable that Covance is building a new larger, “massive” lab in another state, such as in Arizona where one writer said one already exists?

  • Valerie says:

    What happen to these poor monkeys?

  • Nef says:

    Thank god that this laboratory has been close. I remember hearing about their cruel abuse towards those poor monkeys. Im very grateful that it has been close

  • msalabama says:

    Yeh . . . they are probably moving everything to Covance testing lab at Chandler, Arizona. :-(((

  • PETA says:

    PETA has contacted Covance asking the whereabouts of the remaining animals, but have yet to hear back. We’ll be sure to keep the public informed of any updates.

  • Patricia Doe says:

    Please God make it stop. Icry and my stomach turns everytime I see this horrific torture. What blows my mind is what type of person can do this to an innocent animal, not a human that is for sure. Please let me run into one of these people on the street, because I will go to jail by the end of the confrontation. I need to hit the lottery so I dont have to work 40 hours a week and I can devote all my time and money to stop these butcher companies. In the name of science my ass. I just dont know how people do this for a living. May they rot in hell

  • PETA says:

    @Matt – There is no such thing as “humane” animal testing, since animals in laboratories are treated like disposable laboratory equipment, rather than the thinking, feeling beings they are. Medical historians tell us that the majority of true medical breakthroughs have occurred in the clinic, not in animal laboratories. Modern non-animal research methods—such as in vitro, cell-based, and computer-modeling techniques, as well as studies of human populations and volunteers—are less expensive, faster and more accurate. International agencies, scientists, and professional organizations around the world endorse the use of these humane methods in place of cruel and archaic animal experiments.

  • Sarah Anne says:

    I am so thankful for all the the animal warriors out there who dedicate their lives to saving all of these defenseless creatures. Without YOU, they would have no chance!!! Thank You!!!

  • Stephen Guy says:

    I simply couldn’t watch any more of the video as I feel physically sick . What kind of people work in these places . Women of all people who are meant to be mothers doing this to helpless animals . I would like to do the same thing to these people and give them a taste of their own experiments .It is utterly unacceptable in this day of age for animals to be treated in this way . I feel like crying . PETA keep up the good work .. you have my full support

  • Matt says:

    It should have been shut down because it violated the Animal Welfare Act. However, I’m not against humanely testing on animals for Research in Veterinary Medicine. If there was no testing, there would be no vaccinations (such as rabies, Lyme Disease and Feline Leukemia).

  • kristal says:

    Way to go PETA!! This is an amazing story and I’m so glad to see that this place is shut down, the way it should be!!

  • natalia says:

    but PLEASE TELL US WHERE WILL THESE ANIMALS GO NOW? to another lab? or to a sanctuary? i just hope they are now free and can go to a much better place rather than locked up away in a new lab…PETA please do all that u can to track where these animals end up.

  • lisa says:

    Heartbreaking video to watch those poor poor monkeys, lets hope and pray they are all shut down

  • veronica says:

    yes i am ecstatic! this is one of the videos that really got to me im so happy the animals wont have to ever be put through all that pain again, it saddens me to think of all those we couldnt save though. Well because of all these videos ive decided to join the cause! Ive also decided to become a vegetarian!

  • kerrie says:

    it takes strong people to do the wrk u all do! thank god for all of you! keep shutting them down!

  • sheela says:

    Ty PETA so much ! Please keep up the hard work ! Horay for the animals !

  • sheela says:

    I give all glory to God who has helped to shut this horror place down – and ty PETA for working so hard we all appreciate it a lot and so do the poor helpless animals ! :0)I just pray the Blood of Jesus every day over all of these animals.

  • Cathey says:

    Sometimes human beings sicken me with their brutality and lack of compassion. You have to wonder what makes them so callous with another living creature. I am thankful that PETA is out there and doing work to help these little guys. Keep up the good work PETA.

  • Jesse says:

    YAY! Now let’s try to close down all other labs that still use animals.

  • dimitri says:

    OMG!!!! This needs to end all together!!!

  • tarri says:

    i could barely watch that video. GO YOU PETA!

  • Isa de Luca says:

    Thanks PETA for all what you are doing to help the animals!!!!

  • casey06 says:

    thank goodness this has been stopped!

  • Carolyn ivie says:

    Let’s get it closed.I pray for all animals god bless all of them

  • MARIMA says:

    thank you peta for all what you do and i will do all what i can to spread the word out there and we are all behind you i love what you do please close all labs and any where that where animals are being abused misstreated and people like this should be locked up for ever this is cruel when ever i watch one it hurts me so much i can not beleave it that there is mean cruel people that do this for living to torture kill beat and cause animals so much pain suffering peta you are amazing in helping all animals love you so muchhhhhhhhhh god bless all

  • ivette says:

    that was beyond disgustment those people are heartless how would they feel having tubes shoved down their noses

  • ger says:

    Way to go PETA! This reveals a huge difference in Peta and HSUS. When I was offered a job in an animal lab I contacted HSUS to see if they were interested in helping me and equiping me with video cameras if I witnessed gross abuse. Their answer: “call the police”. I am 100% sure PETA would offered a much better and and caring response.

  • brandao says:

    how can anyone be so sadistic with animals that have no defense? I wonder how these people can sleep when they go home, eat, cuddle their children knowing they were unlikely to torture and unnecessary animal scared and hoping not to suffer further suffering on the part of their similar: humans! Remember, we are mammals of the race of primates. These “researchers” will pay a day undergoing a major drama around them.

  • Eagle says:

    “Another one bits the dust”! and more must go.

  • pj56 says:

    Thank God your efforts are finally taking hold. Here’s hoping for more successes!! Great Job.

  • marvinlittle says:

    What is happening to the animals from there? xxx Marvin

  • i love them all says:

    Thank you so much for keeping at this for so long! I am so happy! Let’s keep this progress going!

  • kelly teather says:

    My new years resolution is nt to use ANYTHING that has been tested on animals at all. An im deffo goin to stick at it. I feel slightly hippercritical bein a veggie an anti-fur an still use them procducts that animals have sufferd for so I can look gud. So its out with the old an in with the Barry M collection of make up.

  • Arleen says:

    “It seems to me of great importance to teach children respect for life. Towards this end, experiments on living animals in classrooms should be stopped. To encourage cruelty in the name of science can only destroy the finer emotions of affection and sympathy, and breed an unfeeling callousness in the young towards suffering in all living creatures.” – Eleanor Roosevelt, (former First Lady of the United States of America)

  • Joanne says:

    Hooray, I’m tearing up with tears of happiness!

  • kate says:

    Keep on going with bringing these terrible people down!

  • katie says:

    Every time I read something like this, my heart breaks not only for the animals, but for the investigator who had to endure watching this cruelty every day. If it wasn’t for under cover animal rights investigators, I would’ve never known what I learned to become vegan, and to be so supportive of animal welfare efforts. A big thank you for the people who have suffered along with the animals, to work for the greater good 🙂

  • ravismadapati says:

    THANK YOU PETA. I have mixed emotions, tears for those animals who have painfully suffered and happy for the animals who will be sparred this hell. This is a day to celebrate…

  • Bekky says:

    How can anyone do such things to living creatures… thank god they’ve closed down.

  • Casey says:

    Please help close the Covance here in Arizona… It makes me sick to drive by it… 🙁

  • Until They All Have a Home says:

    Thank you PETA for your strong efforts and investigations! These type of news are the ones that totally make my day!


    Thank god you are here!

  • Charlotte says:

    I am thrilled that this lab has been shut down for good. NO lab needs to be open when testing on animals!