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Another KFC Supplier of the Year Caught in the Act

Written by PETA | May 15, 2007

Chickens_in_Georges_slaughterhouse.jpgYou may remember that we kicked off our KFC Campaign a few years ago after an undercover investigator at a KFC Supplier of the Year in Moorefield, West Virginia, discovered workers throwing live birds against walls, kicking them like soccer balls, and spitting tobacco juice into their eyes. Well, one of our investigators just returned from yet another KFC Supplier of the Year—this one in Butterfield, Missouri, owned by George’s, Inc.—where he found exactly the same kind of sadism and workplace “accidents” that amount to nothing short of torture.

This is, quite literally, the best that KFC has to offer: Birds impaled by transport cages, kicked and thrown around by workers, and crushed to death in dumping machines. George’s has been warned that they need to be very careful how they respond to this investigation, as this is a time to address the severe deficiencies that have been exposed in their operation, not to retreat behind a mask of PR and damage control tactics. You can read our letter to the company here. And you can click here to sign our petition asking KFC to just, for God’s sake, stop allowing its suppliers to get away with this cruelty. Here’s our interview with the investigator:

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  • autumn says:

    wait a minute. there are people here who are siding with KFC? are you guys sadistic or what? I don’t see how anyone who is apart of PETA can do that especially on their website. Thats just plain rude.

  • Shannen says:

    I can’t understand why people are so cruel to animals. After all God didn’t gave us the right to eat animals. He told us that our foods are fruits on trees not animals. PETA should do the right thing to stop them.

  • Thomas says:

    I think that PETA needs to stay out of people’s lives. The Farmers are just doing what has been done for years which is to remove the sick and weaker chickens from the rest which means the chickens come to a short end. Animals are not humans and people should not be looked at in a bad way because they do not let animals be treated like humans. And the chickens that PETA claims are being tortured were on born to do one thing and that one thing is to die so that HUMANS can use the chickens to continue living.

  • alice says:

    i think the people working there are all or are all going to be insane… i cannot see how someone gets to do this job as routine. ..htey definetly must go mad…i m so disgusted…

  • Tony says:

    As long as my Bargain Bucket still exists i am happy. Chicken is the easiest animal to kill and cook is why it is farmed. These animals are headed for certain death anyway. As much as i agree with humane treatment and practice it doesn’t matter too much in this case i think.

  • Tony says:

    I like KFC.

  • Adrian Culver says:

    I cannot understand how human beings can do these horrible things to other living beings and the entire world population continues to eat the meat of tortured creatures in thinking that it tastes well! Evolution really needs to make a step forward!

  • Steve says:

    This is a horrible abuse of these poor animals i’m disgusted and shocked but i’m convinced that PETA shall do the right thing for to stop them!

  • Canaduck says:

    Awesome petition! I loved being able to sign with a mouse…of course my signature looked about the same as it did when I was five but whatever. Man I couldn’t possibly hate KFC more than I already do.