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Another Deadly Tea Company

Written by PETA | June 3, 2011

The maker of the popular iced tea beverage Nestea is torturing mice and rats in experiments in an attempt to examine the health effects of tea, even though these deadly experiments are not required by law and humane in vitro and human clinical studies can be used to justify health claims for tea products.  

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No tea for me, please.

Nestlé (the maker of Nestea) and the experimenters it hires to do its dirty work have used mice who are made to suffer from brain dysfunction and rapid aging, force-fed them green tea extracts, and locked them in a dark chamber where they receive painful shocks before they are killed. In one pointless and cruel test, mice made to suffer from muscle degeneration were fed green tea extracts, after which experimenters cut open the animals’ leg muscles and killed the mice “by decapitation.”

Just four months ago, the maker of Lipton tea agreed to stop testing on animals after meeting with PETA and hearing from more than 40,000 of our supporters. Let’s go two for two. Please contact Nestea today and urge it to spare animals from torturous tea tests.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Koz says:

    Disappointed! No More Nestle! I’ll be printing this and posting it all over the office. Unethical and disappointing. Another company down the drain. Bye Bye!

  • andrea says:


  • C.C. says:

    I have been purchasing Nestea Zero for years. I cannot in good conscience purchase any Nestea products until their disgusting and unnecessary tests stop. Nestle, you better wake up.

  • Jacki says:

    I will no longer buy/drink Nestea products!

  • Jacki says:

    I will not drink or buy your tea as long as you are testing on animals.

  • future_vet2011 says:

    I hated tea before I saw this… now I can’t even look at it

  • xris says:

    My dear Nestea tea, I used to love you very much, you’re my daily “wake-me-up” cup of beverage, but alas, I was stupid, I didn’t know mice and/or maybe some other small animals are used for the making of you. I’m so sorry, but now it’s a really WAKE ME UP! I’m not going to drink you anymore!! There’re lot of other brands of good, cruelty-free teas on any supermarket shelves, unless you are going to stop your evil acts, if not, do say good-bye to a loyal animal-loving customer like myself and others too.

  • ste says:

    I hope one day we will realize that animal testing is useless.

  • Abi says:

    Are you kidding me! mice should not be treated this way, or any animal in fact. i will NOT be buying your product Nestea, and im sure others wont as well

  • MA Moore says:

    Kathleen, you are spot on!

  • XXX says:

    These rats and mice have to go through hell for some stupid tea? Selfish stupid humans.

  • rachel says:

    i cannot wrap my head around anybody testing anything on animals. it is too upsetting for me to let that thought into my mind. i have been disabled since about 10 years now and i am livid that there is animal research in the medical field, let alone for tea! i have always thought, human selfishness it has no limits.

  • Kathleen says:

    @Feet on the ground heads not in the clouds With all due respect, what you are saying doesn’t make any sense. Animals are not humans, time and time again it’s been proven that the results from animal testing are inconclusive and a waste of time and money, the technology that we have today is much more reliable and efficient in there findings. Not only is it cruel but it doesn’t work! It never has and never will, even when they test medication on animals, and the big pharm companies get the product out to actual people, do you know how many of these medications get recalled and do more damage then anything? They WANT you to think that the drug is safe BECAUSE it’s been tested on another living thing, but the sad reality is that WE are the true guinea pigs. So in other words animal testing is just another way for big corporation to try and make the consumer feel like the product is safe. when in reality, the tests are soooo flawed, and the product is pushed out anyway. So if your gonna do a research paper on anything, may I suggest the unjustifiable suffering of animals and the FRAUD put upon the unsuspecting public.

  • Jen says:

    I’m confused. Didn’t this same story come out months ago, and they said they would stop these experiments?

  • Liberty Warden says:

    Destruction of our tire mice friends must end!

  • Feet on the ground heads not in the clouds says:

    Ok I cam to this site looking for topic to write about for a term paper and I have one now thank to this. But just to let u all no that before u say it bad think about this…i mean I’m all for animal rights. but would u rather them test a drug that we have no idea what it will do to a real human being first. like maybe how about we test this ne pain killer that give ur sistor or mother brain cansor just cuz she was looking for a quick buck to help her back on her feet after getting layed off from cut back at work? oh how about we let these company test this new lips gloss on some poor girl that been made fun of all her life just so she can try it out thinking if it works it will help her fit in and find out it makes her lips spilt or swell up and the she’ll feel even worse on herself. The teasting there doing with this tea is to test to see if it can help us medically from the sounds of it. and idk about u all but i’d rather it be a rat that there testing all the sideaficets on then my brother or husband that end up using it when we dont no for sure what it does to a human. But just to show u all I don’t agree with all of it. Yes there is some animal testing that wrong but the ones they do to make sure it safe for humans I’d rather them keep doing.

  • Ana Juhel says:

    I do not understand that a simple tea must be tested on animals! Since it is for human consumption, the product should be tested on humans! The man loves science but by the way easier and more profitable, tested on animals! it is shameful and cowardly

  • Little Mimi says:

    If there is no need for cruelty than why do we have to do it. I have completely turned to not purchasing animal tested produts. Now I will at another to my list of what not to buy. What a shame that companies don’t understand that cruelty never sells.

  • aclineo says:

    this article just made me so mad because ya know if nestle was confronted with the question ‘do you test on animals’ they’d say no because technically, they hire another company to do their dirty work!

  • Selina Ortiz says:

    Please stop these unnecessary practices, why do not you try it on yourselves???

  • Rachel Davidson says:

    If Nestea tests on animals, does that mean the entire Nestle company tests on animals?

  • Gabriel C. says:

    I am urging you to stop and desist from this evil and atrocious practice!

  • Tom Hare says:

    I will not buy your product and will encourage others to do the same until this is stoped.

  • michele says:

    Thank you! Can you create a category for Tea in your Cruelty-Free Companies list, for a list of tea providers known not to test on animals. I realize that you normally don’t include food in that list, but this should be an exception as it is a real concern. Applause for all your great work.

  • judy says:

    please stop these cruel unnecessary experiments, it is not ok to do things to poor defensless animals no matter what they are and what you think the experiments could do for humans, there enough cruel things going on between humans, why bring these poor animals in for something they dont ask for and shouldnt be done, DONT YOU MAKR ENOUGH MONEY, shame on all of you, you should know better, i will stop using your products untill this stops, and anyone i know will follow me again, SHAME ON YOU, your evil.

  • Jazzy says:

    I never liked Nestea. Now I have a reason to HATE them. Does Peace Tea torture animals? 🙁

  • Darleen Mc Naul says:

    IS this really needed, to experiment on rats for Lipton tea? I don’t think so. I will never use your tea again and also advised my friends and co-workers to do the same.

  • BB says:

    Nestea: This is sad to hear. I won’t be buying your products until I hear that this animal cruelty has stopped.

  • Lisa Thomas says:

    For tea??? Come on!!!!!

  • Aieul says:

    Seriously???? You have lost another~ well 5 customers… testing on animals even if it is felt that they are inferior and needless is still WRONG. They are living creatures even if you fail to acknowledge this fact.