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Another Dead Orca at SeaWorld

Written by PETA | October 5, 2010

Another day, another death at SeaWorld. The latest casualty is a 25-year-old orca named Kalina who died yesterday at the theme park’s Orlando location, far short of most orcas’ expected 50- to 60-year life span. As usual, SeaWorld will likely try to keep this death on the down low.

Kalina spent two and a half decades in misery, never having the chance to choose a mate, live with her family, or roam the vast oceans.


Stig Nygaard/CC by 2.0


SeaWorld’s cheap tricks will continue to cost animals their lives as long as the public buys a ticket. Please tell SeaWorld’s owners that you’ll be staying far away. Also, check out PETA’s True Friends Memorial page set up for Kalina here.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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