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Another Casualty at Angel’s Gate

Written by PETA | February 16, 2012

PETA has learned that Casey, a young, paralyzed St. Bernard, died recently at Angel’s Gate, reportedly after suffering from a long-term urinary tract infection. Casey spent most of her short life at the mercy of Susan Marino—the founder and operator of the hellhole, which continues to keep hundreds of ailing and disabled animals in conditions that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. Marino faces criminal cruelty-to-animals and other charges; her next court date is March 20. We will be there.

Casey was among the animals whose systemic neglect we documented in our undercover investigation of the self-proclaimed “hospice and rehabilitation center.” Our investigator routinely found Casey covered with her own waste and confined to a filthy crib, often without access to water. Routinely spending hours caked with excrement scalded the paraplegic Casey’s skin around her hindquarters and genitals. We learned that in recent months, Casey was mostly kept on a mattress surrounded by baby gates, where she often lay in her own waste; that at some point, she had bloody urine; and that Marino often bemoaned Casey’s “stink.”

Casey as a pup, in September 2010.

Casey was not alone in her suffering. Several of the animals whose suffering we caught on video have since died, including Tucker, a sweet little beagle-hound mix with hydrocephalus who allegedly drowned a few weeks ago, evidently after being left unsupervised. Our investigation exposed the following:

  • Paralyzed animals had bleeding ulcers from being forced to drag themselves around.
  • Animals suffered from urine scald from being left in waste-filled diapers for up to two days.
  • Animals were left outside in freezing temperatures or confined to bathrooms and bathtubs.
  • Animals suffered from treatable conditions—including open wounds and infections so severe that one dog’s rotted jaw snapped in half—but were deprived of veterinary care.
  • Animals endured pain or seizures but were denied medications.
  • Dead animals’ bodies were left out for days among live animals.
  • Animals were fed rancid, raw meat and left without access to water.

The Delaware County, New York, District Attorney’s Office filed charges of cruelty to animals and criminal possession of a controlled substance against Marino, but hundreds of animals still remain in Marino’s custody.

How You Can Help These Animals

Please urge the New York Attorney General’s Office to dissolve Angel’s Gate as a nonprofit corporation and make sure that Marino’s victims are immediately seized and helped.

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  • lisa says:

    As regards to Loridonna Ebrahim post i doubt very much Casey’s death is going to save 100’s of lives why would it?? the animals are still there dieing nothing has changed and you seem to have alot of information about this place which noone has read on PETA, dont know about anyone else but ive not read on PETA that Sandy has recently had her legs amputated,you say the death of Casey has angered and disappointment towards the town of Delhi NY, has your town done anything to stop this? America are a disgrace to the rest of the world to let this carry on, quite frankly if i was an American i would be holding my head down in shame, your authorities DONT CARE New York Attorney DONT CARE officals DONT CARE, America has left these desperatly ill vulnerable animals to die

  • Loridonna Ebrahim says:

    The death of Casey has created anger and disappointment towards the town of Delhi, NY. 300 animals (if not more) are dying and suffering in various bldgs. throughout the Angel’s Gate property this very moment. Marino is the only one there to care for them? Marino has cut hours on her employees to save money for her legal defense fund; therefore, less care will be provided for the animals. The animals at Angel’s Gate cannot speak for themselves so we must speak for them. Marino cannot keep up with all the animals that die so she makes sure she uses repeat names in case someone calls inquiring about their Bentley, Daisy or Barney. Lacey, the beautiful chihuahua mix, is also dead. Lacey was recently featured on the Angel’s Gate facebook page as alive and healthy. These animals need to be removed immediately and get the help they so deserve. Animals have been found dead and frozen on her property that she forgot she had. I heard Daisy, a beautiful, stressed beagle fell out of a second story window on to tile flooring at Angel’s Gate. Where was the ‘so-called’ house supervisor? Wasn’t there anyone watching her? Who would leave a second story window (that sat low to the ground) open without a screen? This room is called “The Backroom”. “The Backroom” is a room hidden in the back full of cribs and very neglected animals that never see the light of day. They sleep in cribs full of feces and urine. Daisy survived the fall but had no vet-care. When Marino was informed she acted like it was no big deal. Casey does not deserve to be buried on Marino’s property. Marino is having a memorial for her on May 28 which would have been Casey’s 2nd birthday. I would not be surprised if she asks for donations in her memory! Casey deserves a burial and memorial away from the place she suffered and died at. Casey did not die in vain. Her death is going to save 100s of animals. Speaking for Casey, the animals still suffering at Angel’s Gate, and Casey’s bestfriend, Sandy, who recently had both her legs amputated (they got tired of bandaging her back legs and cleaning up blood), here is what (I) they want to say: PLEASE HELP US!!!!! WE WANT A SAFE AND SECURE HOME WHERE WE WILL BE LOVED AND CARED FOR. A HOME WHERE WE ARE NOT TREATED LIKE AN OBJECT BUT LIKE PART OF THE FAMILY.

  • Sam says:

    Jill: here in Iowa (home to he wretched puppy mills) a breeder can have their license pulled but can still keep the dogs! Can you believe that? The very animals they have been abusing are left in their care. This is something we are fighting to change right now.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    This may sound strange, but this situation with no-kill shelters taking in too many animals reminds me of something author Stephen King wrote in his book “Pet Semetary”: Sometimes people need to know that death is better.

  • Jill says:

    I dont understand why if they charged this woman with animal abuse why in the name of god would they not take the animals away from her? Thats like giving back a baby or child to the person who abused them. I dont get it… This is absured. I never heard of such a thing…