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Another Birthday: The Olsen Twins

Written by PETA | June 13, 2007

Ashley_Olsen_fur.jpgWith all this happy talk about Pam and Ingrid’s birthday, I totally forgot to mention the fact that today is the very day, 21 years ago, that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were spawned. I figured that this would be an appropriate place for a tribute, so here goes:

Mary Kate and Ashley began their careers playing the nauseating baby on Full House and went on to be nauseating in their own right as the no-talent fur hags who are always ready to be the butt of a joke when the gossip press is looking for a punchline. In 2006, Ashley reached the pinnacle of her career by being singled out on PETA’s annual Worst Dressed List with the comment: “Wearing fur does add 20 pounds, but if Ashley wants to fill out her frame, we suggest using a fork instead.” Inspired by Ashley’s achievement and, as usual, completely failing to grasp the point, the twins are condemning a new generation of animals to death this year for their aptly titled fashion label, The Row. Now that the terrible twins have finally reached the legal drinking age, the world is waiting with bated breath to see what they’ll do next. Happy Birthday, the Olsen Twins. You guys really freak me out.

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  • dee says:

    i think maybe before you boohooo about how many animals are killed for fur you should look into how many animals are killed daily at SPCA bc no one adopted them within 3 days. why not use the fur instead of wasting it

  • Rosie Blue says:

    I am so sick of the animal fur protesters wasting countless of hours complaining and protesting against something which made us as human beings survive til this point in time. We have always eaten animals and always worn the skin of animals to survive. Why is it so wrong now? Why cant we live in a world where people are allowed to do whatever they want within the law without anyone complaining and protesting against it. I see many fur protesters wearing leather shoes how is that any different? Even broccoli screams when you rip it out of the ground. Do everyone a favour instead of protesting about something pointless please go ahead and donate your time building schools to poor kids in Africa or something.

  • linda bradley says:

    another hollywood piece or pieces of junk. god is hollywood ever dying or what?they need to remember they are not shirley temple or mickey rooney or other child actors with talent. i wish they would go away.

  • Rosie says:

    Personal attacks won’t get anyone to listen. Keep to the purpose of why we are here… the ethical treatment of animals… I like the comment… all animals. I assume you meant the human ones. Hopefully the twins new clothing line will fold because of NO BUYERS. People sell what the market calls for. Keep those letters going keep the issue in everyone’s faces…put your energy there!

  • Nicole says:

    what’s with PETA rippin’on everyone? my word. yeah these girls wear fur yeah that IS bad yes i would even say it is SICK but if we are going after celebs for being bad and wearing fur…then lets write about how bad drinking and doing cocaine is…but to say we “hate them” give me a break. get a life and put YOUR energy into more positive things…right? let us lead by example. Y go slummin? let us be what we say we are ETHICAL TO ANIMALS ALL ANIMALS.

  • cedy says:

    i actually hate the olson twins.

  • stickynobell says:

    I’m just a little person.Peta is huge.They should talk to the Olsens.I wish I could somehow contact them though.I don’t like the way they dress now.They look like hobos.They wear ugly fur.They don’t know how to shop for the right fur wether it’s fake or real.They need to improve their look by dressing nice and getting their hair done.If they’re going to continue the “fur” look they should wear the fake kind.

  • Molly says:

    Mary Kate and Ashley are lucky little ladies for being able to have so much money to put into ugly dead animal coats. But they should use that money to help support ending animal cruelty. They wouldn’t want someone to skin their puppy for a hand bag …would they???

  • Royda says:

    Way to go Jack! I don’t care about their stupid eating disorder and yes I have known people with bulimia anorexia. People I have loved. The difference between them and these two retarded morons is they didn’t wear clothing covered in the blood of poor innocent creatures.

  • C.C. says:

    I read recently where the Olsen twins are having a new clothing line. This one will be more expensive and feature leather and fur. Shame on them! With so much of Hollywood going furfree you would think they would follow. They already have a bizillion dollars now they have torture animals to get more money. It is a shame especially when they look like two bag ladies all the time. It is time to grow up girls!

  • Anonymous says:

    Doug I can assure you PETA does not joke around when it comes to animal abuse. This space acts as a voice for abused animals. The Olsen Twits are abusing animals and we need to put a stop to it.

  • Bronwen Loock says:

    Such a pitty there are two of these fur wearing savages. I can just picture the twin pictured above with a drible of blood on the corner of her mouth after she savagely attacked a beautiful innocent animal for its coat. Ugh these twins are low in my books. Stop abusing animals stop wearing fur Olsen TWITS.

  • kathy furlong says:

    do some thing wonderful on your birthday and tell the press you will no longer wear the fur of some poor helpless animal thanksnow make it happen be a trend setter ps go eat some vegan food

  • Marjorie Hass says:

    Please stop wearing dead animals and their coats. It is most cruel. Today with so many synthetic fabrics and faux furs it is most unnecessary.

  • stephanie says:

    fake fur is alot better some one please tell the olsen twins that

  • Nicky says:

    I feel sorry for the aged before their time Olsen twins and believe that they should be taken to a fur farm to watch the wretched lives and then brutal slaughter of terrified little animals. But do we want to promote “faux fur”? Are we not perpetuating a sick fashion?

  • Maria says:

    They are such selfish spoiled cruel kids who I hope will get mugged in my ‘hood someday…How heartless can anybody be how can a decent human being kill something for the sake of vanity and status? People like that are disgusting.

  • Karla says:

    It seems like Mary Kate and Ashley could use their appeal to the younger crowd by not wearing fur. Think of all the kidlets who think rabbit jackets and fur trimmed boots are cool because of them.

  • courtney says:

    wow. these girls need to grow up and learn a few things about fashion. 1 theres something called faux fur and 2 young women shouldn’t be walking around looking like hell its not beautiful and neither is real fur

  • Marmel, says:

    The word that they know as ‘fashion’ must be different to the one we have in our dictionary. WHEN DID WEARING AN ANIMAL BECOME FASHIONABLE?. well we don’t really wanna know but we hope it’s over soon. Happy birthday for both of them . And I leave a personal experience because I need to let some things out P One of our proffesors was wearing a fur coat last week and as my sister was looking at her with a face of repultion she asked mher what was wrong with her and when she told her that she hated the fur she kind of shake her arm with the fur coat on her face SHE WANTED TO PUNCH HER SO BAD but sheI don’t know howcontrol herself. GGRRR I hate her.

  • ABH says:

    They are both beautiful I hope they stop wearing fur.Wear fake fur babes it looks the same!

  • Matt Dyer says:

    I feel these girls symbol the poor morals today’s society has. fur is dead

  • K says:

    “21 years ago that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were spawned.”haha!

  • doug says:

    To Chris this campaign did not start on a blog. it has been going on for some time and i do a lot of protesting my friend. youa re preaching to the choir about animal abuse. there are better ways to handle the situation then using an eating disorder i guess you have never known anyone who has been affected by one???

  • SUNSHINE says:


  • Tammy says:

    Yeah the “freak me out” part is funny I agree. On a more serious note I just DO NOT UNDERSTAND the obsession with fur. Faux fur is just as beautiful and no beautiful innocent animal has suffered…I just dont’ get it. Can somebody explain to me WHY these people insist on wearing tortured animals?

  • Soli says:

    To the Olsen twins I say Happy 21st birthdaynow spend it reflecting on the fleeting TORTURED existence of the hundreds of animals who were miserably confined before being brutally killed for what you call fashion! To Jack LOVE this post! The word “nauseating” fills me with glee as does your parting mention that they freak you out!!!

  • Chris says:

    The day that PETA has enough time to respond to someone calling them about a joke in a blog that’s clearly intended to jab at animal abusers is the day I lose a lot of faith in PETA. Please Doug thicken your skin and quit wasting people’s time. Remember billions of animals live miserable lives and die miserable deaths in the U.S. each year. Facing that number and all of the money behind it becomes a little harder every time someone calls to pick a bone about something that ultimately has nothing to do with the goal. Don’t mean to be snarky just putting it out there for consideration.

  • doug says:

    i still dont think its right that the fact they might have an eating disorder is used to show that they wear fur coats. its wrong and sick but eating disorders are nothing to joke about. i called peta about this and did not get my question answered properly…. poor taste in my oppinnion

  • Kelley says:

    Yuck. Two ugly spolied little girls have turned into ugly spoiled young women. It is a shame they always look so old and used up in their photos. I would have thought they were 80 something years old judging by their fashion sense.

  • alpha dog says:

    happy birthday and a furfree future!