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Anna Wintour Voodoo Doll on Sale Now

Written by PETA | September 14, 2010

PETA would never advocate sticking pins into Vogue editor Anna Wintour (pies on, perhaps), but some people are suggesting that it would be the best use for the new Anna Wintour doll. Hmm, what do you think—is this one-of-a-kind creation the perfect voodoo doll, or could you put it to better use? Send us your ideas.

Posted by Paula Moore

P.S. Perhaps someone with deep pockets would like to buy the Wintour doll and donate it to PETA, so that we can put everyone’s creative ideas to the test. It’s for a good cause!

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  • Vic G. C. says:

    Have dudes dressed like skinned foxes in boxers reminds us of the old cartoons toss it around like a chew toy with their mouths to show Anna Wintour who’s boss.

  • Samantha says:

    Oh my..I do hope no parents buy this hideous doll for their kids…that would surely border on child cruelty..shudder.