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Anna Nicole Smith’s Outfit Auctioned

Written by PETA | May 19, 2010

In another chapter straight out of “Don’t Let Death Stop You From Rocking the World for Animals,” a gorgeous outfit belonging to late model and passionate animal defender Anna Nicole Smith is going to be auctioned next month, with proceeds benefitting PETA!

Which outfit, you may ask? None other than the one that graced Anna Nicole’s curves in this unforgettable PETA ad:


Anna Nicole Smith


Anna Nicole’s former partner, Larry Birkhead, is auctioning off much of Anna Nicole’s memorabilia—from a Mercedes-Benz to a Marilyn Monroe cookie jar to several of Anna Nicole’s own paintings—to benefit their daughter, Dannielynn, as well as the Anna Nicole and Daniel Wayne Smith Foundation, which helps underprivileged children. But Larry wanted to make sure that this one special item gave back to PETA, since Anna Nicole was involved in so many of PETA’s campaigns during her lifetime.

Even if Anna Nicole’s wardrobe is beyond our budget, we can still make her compassion our own by never buying products from companies that test on animals.

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post

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